Denise Robinson with a 13 3/4 oz. Bluegillfor first place.Stanley Sportsman Club Facebook photo.
Stanley Sportsman’s Club Sponsors Successful Otter Lake Fishing Contest

Although the weather was wet and rainy, a number of brave souls took on the challenge of participating in the Annual Stanley Sportsman’s Club Benefit Fishing Contest held at Otter Lake this past Saturday morning. Despite weather conditions, all five fish categories were filled and cash prizes were awarded.

First prize in the Bluegill category went to Denise Robinson with a 13 3/4 oz. Bluegill, followed with one by Lon Hampton for 12 1/2 oz. Jennifer Charipar took third with an 11 oz. Bluegill.

For the category of Crappie, Ryan Kern took first place with an 11 1/2 oz. fish, while Roger Charipar and Bob Gruenwald both came in with a 10 7/8 oz. fish. The tie was broken with time of catch, with Charipar taking second and Gruenwald third.

As for Bass, Dan Ferris took first place with a 2 lb. 15 oz. fish, while Kevin Charipar took second with 2 lb. 9 7/8 oz. Shawn Pololok took third with 2 lb. 9 oz. for the Bass Category.

For Walleye, Jennifer Charipar Brought in a 2 lb. 10 7/8 oz. fish, while Eric Jessick took second with 2 lb. 8 1/8 oz. Rich Rosemeyer took third with 2 lb. 2 5/8 oz.

Closing out the fish prizes, Dennis Ferris brought in an 8 lb. 5 3/8 oz. Northern, while Jeff Thompson brought in a 2 lb. 8 3/8 oz. catch. Chris Gates took third with a 2 lb. 4 3/8 oz. fish.

As to the Cash winners, Nichole Winchell of Medford took the gun with scope, while Roy Bergholz won $1,000 in the cash raffle. Pete Smoczyk took $500, while Gene Greene won $400. Barry Schuebel won $30, while Renee Tetzlaff won $200. Bob Resseman won $100, with 10 winners of the $50 cash prize, as follows: Cookies Bar-Holcome; Debra Nemitz; Mike Nicolai; Kelly Jonas; Austin Pogodzinski; Dave Hunt; Nichole Winchell; Tina Okerglicki; Aimee Fredrick; and Dave Jankoski. Dan Ferris won the 50-50 raffle.

The Sportsmans Club uses the proceeds from the Otter Lake Benefit and other contests to invest money back into area lakes and parks.

Eric Jessick with a 2 lb., 8 1/8 oz. walleye.Stanley Sportsman Club Facebook photo.

Kaydence Ferris shows ou the $370 won by hergranpda Dan Ferris in the50/50 rawe. Ferris made a $30 total investment,part at the start and part just before numbers were drawn. The winning num -ber was 2337898. Photo by Joseph Back.

June 15, 2022