The following real estate transfers were recently filed with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue:



Adam Trenda, Chippewa Falls, to Michelle R. Strand, Chippewa Falls, June 3, 615 North Emery Street, $130,000 WALSDORF REVOCABLE TRUST DATED NOVEMBER 15, 1999, Woodbury Minnesota, to Nicole Fitzsimmons, Stanley, June 2, 643 Madison Street, $198,000 Riley and Michelle Hallin, Thorp, to Jens Hendrickson, Stanley, June 2, 511 Emery Street, $165,000 Glenn A. and Ratchaneekorn Bitticks, Eau Claire, to Dorie Elmer, Stanley, June 1, 342 Garfield Street, $125,000 David S. Lato, Augusta, to Christopher Ramirez Martinez, Stanley, May 31, 314 East Maple Street, $175,000 Thorp

Kayla M. Edwards, Thorp, to Jason A. Aken, Thorp, June 9, 208 E. Rusch Street, $138,000



Justin D. and Charlotte Endru, Stanley, to Rebecca Wathke, Boyd, June 1, 139 N.

Reynolds Street, $150,000


Gilman Cheese Corporation, Gilman, to FIP Master Funding IX, LLC, Phoenix Arizona, June 6, 265 E McSloy Street, $5,397,842 Lublin

Judith A. Abramowicz, Lublin, to Keith Abramowicz, Hudson, June 6, N1234 Church Street, $40,000



John A. and Susan I. Glick, Gilman, to Roy A. and Jill S. Labar, Hixton, May 31, entire parcel on Elder Drive, $5,500 Thomas L. Treuert, Gun Barrel City Texas, to Lyndon and Melody Schmidt, Boyceville, May 31, entire parcel on Miller Avenue, $13,500 Thomas M. Victory, Gilman, to Tristan D. Swartz, Gilman, May 27, W15361 Highway 64, $70,000 Colburn

Roberto Casing, Stanley, to THE ROBERTO AND MYRNA CASING REVOCABLE TRUST, June 2, entire parcel on 156th Avenue, $426,800 Delmar





Enos E. and Clara D. Schwartz, Thorp, to Austin Jacob and Kelsey Marie Tollefson, Thorp, June 1, entire parcel on Burma Drive, $160,000 Thorp

Dairyland Construction LLC, Thorp, to Fellenz Excavating LLC, Boyd, May 31, W11379 County Highway X, $320,000 Jeuery A. Bourget, Stanley, to JEFFERY A. BOURGET AND DARLENE A. BOURGET IRREVOCABLE TRUST DATED 07/02/2012, Stanley, May 26, entire parcel on Bridge Road, $8,200 Wilson

Linda M. Geist, Boyd, to Rebecca L. and Kyle E. Webster, Gilman, May 31, entire parcel on County Line Road, June 1, $86,000 Worden

Jonas B. and Louella B. Martin, Stanley, to Kenneth W. and Nancy Fay Martin, Stanley, May 31, W11395 County Highway N, $516,000 Paul Mertens, Thorp, to Lester N. and Alta Z. Sensenig, Thorp, May 31, entire parcel on Broek Road, $416,000

June 15, 2022