Tina Benson
S-B Oriole sports update

Benson, Brenner, and Felmlee named to 2022 All Conference Softball for Western Cloverbelt

Recently named to 2022 All Conference for the Western Cloverbelt were three softball players from Stanley-Boyd. More specifically they are Emily Brenner (2nd Team All "Con –

ference), Emme Felmlee (2nd Team All Con –

ference, and Tina Benson (Honorable Men – tion). Coach Tyler Wagner shared thoughts on each in light of the news.

Of Felmlee, Wagner said that, "Emme worked hard to develop her pitching skills and plate discipline. She was towards the top in batting average, and RBI's for our team. When not pitching, she played first base and had 0 errors on the season." Of Brenner, Wagner said, "Emily has been a staple at shortstop for us. She makes plays that only a handful of players in our conference can do. She lead the team in home runs, and was near the top for our team in batting average and RBI's as well as runs scored." Finally of Benson, Wagner shared that, "Tina played a solid centerfield, and put pres sure on other teams on the basepath. She led the team in stolen bases, and covered a lot of ground in the outfield for us." Congratulations to the All Conference play-


Emily Brenner

Emme Felmlee

June 22, 2022