Donors Needed For Stanley-Boyd Community Red Cross Blood Drive

Still procrastinating about making that blood drive appointment? There still is an urgent need for blood donors so make your appointment now! Slots are filling fast, so make that appointment now!

Have you ever been deferred due to low hemoglobin? Here is some useful information to help. If a low hemoglobin is due to low iron, you may replenish the supply by increasing your intake of high iron foods or supplements. Also, iron is often included in multiple vitamin tablets.

By changing your diet to include more high-iron foods and avoiding substances that reduce iron absorption, and avoiding tea, couee, and other caueinated beverages with meals, you can improve your iron level, thereby improving your hemoglobin.

You can improve your iron level, thereby improving your he- moglobin. Eat foods rich in iron, such as red meat, fish, poultry, which contain heme iron and is more easily absorbed. Fruits, vegetables, dried beans, nuts, and grain products contain nonheme iron. When you eat the two together, the non-heme iron is more easily absorbed. Try drinking orange juice with iron rich meals.

Donors can make an appointment on line, by calling Donella Christianson at 715-644-3638, or calling the Red Cross at 1-800-733-2767. Patients are depending on you for the blood and components they need to continue to live. Remember, by donating blood, you could help up to three people with your one donation.

Donella's personal goal is to fill all 72 appointment slots and have a few donors willing to be on call in case of cancellations. Let’s all work together and reach this goal.

Other upcoming Stanley-Boyd Community Red Cross blood drives are Friday, October 14, and Friday, December 23. Both of these drives are already on-line. If you would like an appointment for either or both of these drives, you may call Donella or the Red Cross, or go on-line.

The need is constant, the gratification is instant. Make an ap pointment now to donate blood.

July 27, 2022