HOMEPLACE Happenings

With summer here we try to get our residents outside for some sun and fresh air now that the muggy air is gone for a day or two they will get out on the patio under a tree and amongst our planters with our beautiful flowers and some times a snack when I take Kathy and Betty outside we stop at our general store for snacks Kathy really enjoy picking out a snack and pop and she really enjoys the hot temps. Me not so much! The thing I love most is the joy it brings our residents and those smiling faces.

Our activity this week is making lady bugs and bumble bees out of empty toilet paper rolls they are adorable, Kathy, Betty and Yvonne watched me make theirs, not everyone can make one for themselves or they chose not to do the activity we always make extras so everyone can enjoy the craft and a big thanks to Lou Monica’s sister she collected and donated an entire bag full of the toilet paper rolls, it had to take her a while so we really appreciate the donation thanks for thinking of us.

Bingo this week was rather fast 2 games were won with 4 corners ,we still play 8 games plus the blackout game, the crazy lucky bingo ladies were at it again they all won with Lucille 1, Joann 1, Esther 1 and June with 1 regular and the blackout Carol 1, John 1 and Monica 1. After bingo we crafted lady bugs and bumble bees with Monica, Esther, Lucille, Joann and June they thought they were cute they really enjoy themselves those ladies have fun no matter what I have in store for them.

July 27, 2022