Trinity Vineyard holds Back to School Giveaway

ChurcheventonHighwayXsees games, hot dogs, and karaoke

By Joseph Back

Holding its annual Back to School Giveaway on Friday July 22, Trinity Vineyard Church on Highway X shared games, food, a water slide, bouncy house and more.

Formerly known as Trinity Christian Fellowship before joining the Vineyard movement of John Wimber several years back, Trinity ouered those who showed a good time, giving away backpacks and other needed school supplies to kids and their parents. Church members wore shirts with the phrase ‘Got Jesus?’ on them as they hosted the event.

Also at the July 22 Giveaway, meanwhile, were the Gideons International, best known as the people who put Bibles in hotel rooms. Turns out there’s now an app for that, with some 1,300+ languages and dialects, per the word of Gideon representatives on site.

In case you missed the Giveaway, Trinity member Don Hakes said they’ll be at Watermelon Fest along with the Boyd Corn Feed to give backpacks away. All one has to do, is register on site at each event.

Speaking of which, the otherwise unrelated Watermelon Fest put on by the Lions Club is coming up this Sunday July 31 at Chapman Park in Stanley. With 47 years of seed spitt-n fun al- ready on the books, this year will be the service organization's 48th annual event. See you there?

Dan Hickman (right) and Todd Kohlkepp of the Gideons at Trinity Vineyard Church Friday. Founded in 1899 at Janesville, Wisconsin, the Gideons now offer a Bible app. Photo by Joseph Back.

Included in the Back to School Giveaway at Trinity were backpacks like these, shown by Christyane Lamastra. Photo by Joseph Back.

Sharon Novitski staffs the registration booth at the recent Back to School Giveaway hosted by Trinity. Photo by Joseph Back.

July 27, 2022