FROM THE CORNER Booth and Beyond

Are you ready for football? The season is getting closer as recently the Workout Room at the Stanley-Boyd Community Pool and Fitness Center is having more young men, in the ear- ly morning, pumping iron, stretching, twisting, jumping, etc. It will soon be game time. In case you missed any previous an nouncement here is the 2022 Football Schedule for the Orioles. August 19 – Cadott at Stanley-Boyd; August 26 – Stanley-Boyd at Marathon; September 2 – Stanley-Boyd at Durand; September 9 – Fall Creek at Stanley-Boyd; September 16 – Stanley-Boyd at Mondovi; September 23 – Osseo-Fairchild – at Stanley-Boyd; September 30 – Neillsville-Granton at Stanley-Boyd; October 7 – Stanley-Boyd at Regis (Carson Park); October 14 – Elk Mound at Stanley-Boyd. *** Speaking of football did you know that two Gilman football players were on the Small Schools All Star Team, that played in the 2022 Wisconsin Football Coaches Association All-Star Game held on July 16, at Titan Stadium at UW-Oshkosh. The two, Ju- lian Krizan and Bryson Keepers helped the North Team win by a score of 23-6.

*** It has been announced that Dollar General will be building a store in Gilman. The location of the 10,600 square foot store is Highway 64 east. The Gilman location, and the recently announced plans for a Dollar General at Lake Holcombe, are both part of plans by the corporation to open 1,110 new stores in 2022. If all goes as planned, the Gilman Store will be open by Thanks – giving. Communities targeted for these stores are often where residents have to drive pretty far to get to their favorite grocery store. In general, most communities within a 50 mile radius of Stanley, now have, or will have before the end of 2022, a Dollar General, or their competitor Family Dollar. * I am told that the Dollar General in Cadott is going to be adding produce to their sales stock. Adding some meat and produce at Dollar General Stores is a fairly new concept for the chain. Dollar General has been experimenting with these additions in some markets and have even opened several stores featuring meat and produce. These stores have been called Dollar General Markets and also feature what they are calling a "pOp shelf" in the store. These “pOp shelf’s, feature seasonal items, beauty products, home dé cor and arts and crafts. While an average Dollar General is 7,400 square feet, a Dollar General Market is around 16,000 square feet. * Dollar General has a large imprint in the United States. As of April 29, 2022, they operate 18,356 stores in 47 states. * The Ben Franklin Stores, which were patronized during my youth are gone, but it sure seems like Dollar General and Family Dollar stores have taken their place. *** This recently arrived from one of my wife’s friends. I at tempted to find it on the Internet in order to give credit where credit is due. What I found was it has been credited to more than one person. Anyhow, I wanted to share it with those who haven’t seen it, as it is thought provoking and will enable you to reminiscence a bit!. The title is, “Why We Are A Generation That Will Never Come Back." A generation that walked to school and then walked back. A generation that did home work alone to get outside asap to play. A generation that spent all their free time outside with their friends. A generation that played hide and seek after dark. A generation that made mud cakes and pies. A gener – ation that collected, washed and returned empty coke bottles to the local grocery store for a refund. A generation that made paper toys. A generation that bought vinyl records and played them on a record player. A generation that put photos and clippings in albums or scrapbooks. A generation that played board games and cards on rainy days. A generation whose TV went ou the air at midnight after playing the National Anthem. A generation that had parents who were there. A generation who laughed under the covers in bed so parents didn’t know you were still awake. A generation that is passing and unfortunately it will never return! And, most of us loved growing up when we did. We didn’t have that much but what we had we appreciated. *** This is from the Bloomer Advance's "Blooms" in Bloomer column. I got a chuckle reading it and hope you do too. It also seems appropriate with the hot weather we have been experiencing. "You know it's hot outside when … The temperature drops below 95 and you feel a little chilly. * You discover it only takes two fingers to steer your car. * The potatoes cook underground, so all you have to do is pull one out and add butter. * Farmers are feeding their chickens crushed ice to keep them from laying boiled eggs. * You realize that asphalt has a liquid state. * The cows are giving evaporated milk. * Your biggest bicycle wreck fear is, “What if I get knocked out and end up lying on the pave ment and cook to death?" * All the corn on the stalks started popping and flying through the air. The cows thought it was snowing. They all froze to death." *** Have you noticed the beautiful bed of flowers below the Welcome To Chapman Park sign? A thank you to Trulena-Nelson Schneider for the work she does in planting and making sure they look beautiful throughout the summer. *** Customers of Waste Management in Stanley, have received notice that they are withdrawing from providing residential gar bage service in Stanley, euective August 1. I am told they hav e had about 90 customers remaining in Stanley. GFL Environmental has been great since taking over for Express Disposal. *** Smile time. One day St. Peter saw a street gang walking up to the Pearly Gates. St. Peter ran to God and said, "God, there are some low-life street gang members at the Pearly Gates. What do I do?" God replied, "Just do what you normally do. Redirect them." St. Peter rushes back to carry out the order, but suddenly ran back to God shouting, "They're gone!" God asked, "The street gang?" St. Peter replied, "No, the Pearly Gates!" +++ I never actually lose weigh anymore. Apparently, I just loan it out and it comes back with interest. And lately, I have been getting great rates of return. +++ One day an engineer dies. He built lots of things. When he went to heaven he met God. God says, “Go to hell, you're not on my list." So when arriving at hell he lets the devil know who he is and the devil says, "Hey, come on in." In hell the engineer built airplanes, buildings, cars, etc. God sees this and says, “Hey, devil, you know that engineer guy. He needs to come back to heaven." The devil says, "Are you crazy. I'm not gonna let you have him." To which God says, "If you don't let me have him, I'll sue you." The devil says, "You can't sue! You don't have any lawyers up there!"


August 3, 2022