HomePlace Happenings

As you may remember some of our residents planted seedlings this spring our sunflowers thrived they were planted outside for us to watch them grow big and tall, well the bunnies de cided that our sunflower heads would make a good meal so they ate most of them our planters aren’t so beautiful anymore they are sheered right ou the RCAR ladies watch the bunnies every morning eat our plants that we cared for them for months and now they are gone.

Better luck next year!

We had three birthdays this last week First Jackie celebrated her 81st, then Barb and then Delores turned 76 we cel- ebrated with cake and balloons, happy birthday ladies!

Everyone at the Homeplace was treat- ed to hot fudge, caramel and strawberry sundaes we all loved the sundaes they were donated to us by St. Croix Hospice, Thank you! They were delicious!

We had a small turnout for bingo this week but still had a lot of fun when Joann came in she usually sits by the RCAC ladies. I asked why she wasn’t sitting in her normal spot she said she hadn’t been very lucky lately and was trying something new after the third game she changed her mind and went back to her normal spot after that she won 5 games she was so happy it made her day so Joann won 4 regular games and the blackout, Carol 2, Denny 2, John 1 Esther 2 and Lucille won 1 plus the blackout.

August 3, 2022