Highway D will be repaved this year, seen here at the intersection with V south of Boyd. Photo by Kris Bremness.
Highway paving to be completed


by Kris Bremness

The question has been asked and now answered – County Highway D south of Boyd will be repaved yet this year.

According to Eric Goebel, County Patrol Superintendent of the Chippewa County Highway Department, grinding of the old blacktop on Highway D south of Boyd will start the week of September 19. The work will begin at the intersection of Highway D and Highway V (just

south of Edson) and continue south to the Eau Claire County line. It’s expected the grinding will take about a week to complete, then grading and shaping will take place. Depending on weather and any other unforeseen issues, paving should begin the last week of September. This is great news to all those motorists who travel south of Boyd on Highway D.

Earlier this year, numerous culverts were dug out and replaced and gravel was put over these areas. The County has worked hard to maintain the gravel patches but with all the rain that has come down, these areas tend to become a bit rough at times. Mr. Goeble stated that the last time Highway D was paved was back in the 1990’s, and that the road has actually held up fairly well based on its age.

While the work is being done, Highway D will be open but expect flaggers and temporary lane closures.

September 7, 2022