A Look Back

30 years ago

September 10, 1992

Feingold Wins Over Mudslingers In U.S. Senate Race After what had become a particularly nasty campaign this fall, area and local voters had a chance to tell politicians what they thought of it all at the polls Tuesday, where Feingold overwhelmingly defeated his opponents Moody and Checota, the main players in the mudslinging.

Back at Stanley: Danny Bunnell granted conditional use permit for business at 305 South Broadway.

Three foreign exchange students attend Stanley-Boyd: Jens Kielman of Germany, along with Katrin Olmedo and Jorge Ruiz of Spain.

40 years ago

September 16, 1982 Coronation and Snake Dance To Be Held Sunday Night Coronation ceremonies, a yelling competition, and a snake dance Sunday night will kickoff Stanley-Boyd High School’s 1982 homecoming festivities. The week will climax with the Oriole gridmen taking on Cadott at home Friday, Sept. 24 at 8 p.m.

The homecoming king and queen will be crowned at 8 p.m. Sunday at Fandry Park. Couples on the court include Joe Lisiecki and Jolie Hat- field, Tim Pomietlo and Dawn Spaeth, Tom Pomietlo and Jill Scholze, Jeff Smasal and Pam Foster, and Mike Seichter and Becky Westaby.

Fall Women’s Rally Set for Wed. At Maple Grove Church.

ON Wednesday, Sept. 2 the annual fall Women’s Rally wil be held at the Maple Grove Church of the Brethren.

This year’s special speaker will be Mrs. Hallie Nordhagen of Whitehall, administrator of the Trempeleau County Health Care Center. She will talk on the theme “One Day at a Time”,” stressing the use of good mental health in getting through the day. She will speak at 1:30 p.m.

The four Wisconsin Brethren Church ladies will meet in the forenoon for a business meeting and program, have a noon meal and then hear Mrs. Nordhagen in the afternoon. Everyone is invited to attend, especially the 1:30 p.m. session.

Teachers, Board Continue Contract Negotiations Members of the Stanley- Boyd Education Association and the Board of Education continue talks towards a contract for the teachers for the 1982-83 school year.

Work is still continuing on contract language, with salary negotiations to come later. The groups have scheduled several more meetings for further work.

Open Door to Sponsor Film Sunday at Our Savior’s “The Living Word,” a new film produced by World Wide Pictures, will be presented by the Open Door at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, 4th and Emery, Stanley, on Sunday, Sept. 19 at 8 p.m. The showing is free and open to the public.

Also in the news: Lena Abrahamson joined the VMH staff as a Physical Therapist 50 years ago August 17, 1972 Stanley-Boyd Area Schools To Open Wednesday, August 23 Eight New Teachers Now at Stanley-Boyd Schools When the Stanley-Boyd Area Schools open on Wednesday, August 23 there will be eight new teachers, and one teacher returning from two years leave of absence because of military service. These new teachers are replacing three teachers who retired and five teachers who took positions in other schools.

At the high school Richard Olson will teach business courses and be ninth grade basketball coach. Richard Loken is the new instrumental music instructor. Mr. Loken just completed three years withy the army band and he has teaching experience in Minnesota. Mr. Leonard Burnfield is returning from two years in the army to teach science. Mr. Burfield taught at Stanley-Boyd High School during the 1969-70 school year.

At the Dodge Building, Craig Kuntz will teach 7th and 8th grade math and coach junior high basketball. Mr. Kuntz lettered in football at WSU of Superior. There will be two new fifth grade teach ers—John Westman from WSU of Superior and Vickie Branville from WSU of Eau Claire. Clarice Jessick from Weyerhauser will teach 4th grade.

At the Lincoln Building there will be two new teachers. Nancy Kramer, a Lakeland College graduate, will teach second grade, and Jane Palisch who took her training at Mount Scenario will teach third grade.

A program leading to individualized reading instruction will be started in grades four, five, and six. This will be the second year for this program at the Lincoln Building. At the high school an elective exploratory course for freshmen has been added. The course lasts for a year with the boys taking woodworking, metals and drawing, business, and vocational occupational information. The freshmen girls will study cooking, sewing, business, and vocational occupations. Tutorial English has been added for ninth and tenth grade students who have experienced difficulty in English classes.

News of our Servicemen James Girard has returned to McCoy AFB at Orlando, Florida after spending a week at the home of his parents.

New Business Opens. Although the front of the building is not completed, the inside in another new business that has ben opened. “Beauty Land” opened its door Wednesday and will be offering hair styling for both men and women. “Beauty Land” is owned and operated by Fran Schneicer and Corrine Zaborowski. See their ad elsewhere in this paper for hours and specials.

60 years ago September 20. 1962 Boyd Wisconsin decides to update its sewer lines, with work carried out on Patten Street, according to village president Norb Scheuer.

Meanwhile at Stanley, homecoming is scheduled to take place on Tuesday October 5 at Stanley Boyd.

Superintendent Lincoln Halverson says that students will be allowed to have a homecoming, “but will not have a snake dance or bon- fire," The 1962 homecom – ing will be the first in many years, with a king, queen, and court chosen to reign over the festivities.

As to new teachers, there are many, including Edwin I. Walker (Social Science and History), Leslie Jergenson (Biology), and Nancy Knitter (Vocal Instructor), and Marion Thornton (Typing, beginning and advanced Shorthand, and business English).

Meanwhile, reports are to the effect that “many folks believe high school students should have the opportunity to study Latin,” with Stanley-Boyd students able to choose this option after many years hiatus to meet language requirements, “and for general cultural value.” Due to open in October will be Vatican II, which stated in part that, “the use of the Latin Language is to be preserved in the Latin rites,” while major social upheavals was just over the horizon.

Dated for Thursday in place of Friday! 70 years ago September 11, 1952 At Boyd: Henry William Klug, 33, dies as a result of a fall from the Boyd Mills, where he was employed. He leaves to mourn his mother Ida, one brother, Sylvester, of Eau Claire; and three sisters, Mrs. Joseph Pfeiffer of Cadode; Sister Mary Hiltrudis, Ottawa Illinois, and Mrs. Milton Vanna of Aurora Illinois. Funeral held Saturday from St. Joseph’s church at Boyd with interment in church cemetery.

Anton Veeser of Edson Center dies, having been born February 3, 1886. Funeral is at St. Anne’s with interment in St. Mary’s Cemetery.

Polio Victim Recovers C. Swatzina, age 12, is among those from Chippewa County who have recovered from polio. Joseph McCarthy, meanwhile, wins a “smashing” primary victor, defeating challenger, Leonard F. Schmitt, of Merril.

Stanley Fall Festival Has Many Feature Attractions There were a few threatening drops of rain Friday evening, and more threatening drops Sunday afternoon, but the Commercial Club must have put an invisible “Big Top” over Stanley that held out against the elements. Anyway, not enough moisture got through to keep the crowds from continuing their festivities.

Groups of active young folks, with a few adults counselors, began the Fall Festival in earnest Thursday afternoon and evening, as they proceed- ed to decorate and fill booths and to bring in their exhibits. Booths were decorated by three 4-H clubs, one woman’s club, one rural school, the Lincoln school and a number of high school departments. Several commercial booths filled the remaining space. The Eidsvold School themed their booth “Sail With Us Through the Year” and centered the booth with a large poster showing the Ship of Knowledge. The Lincoln School, using autumn leaves and coloring, displayed the school children’s handiwork and class work underway the title of :Fall Festivities.”

80 years ago September 18, 1942 THE FALL FESTIVAL DRAW BIG CROWD Interesting Display of Exhibits and thrilling Contests. Large Crowd Attends.

Milk Prices Now Rising Wisconsin milk prices have passed the summer low point. An increase of seven cents on the average occurred from July to August, according to the Crop Reporting Service of the Wisconsin and United States Departments of Agriculture.

“Facts for Farmers” There is much in the history of World War I to warn farmers against going into debt on the assumption that high wartime prices will last.

At Boston: William P. McKenzie, former head of the Christian Science church, dies September 8.

Out West: Army deserter admits to killing of two Tomah women, arrested at California 90 years ago Septemer 9, 1932 Bruce Barton writes of “The Master Executive” The Voice of Authority Success is always exciting; we never grow tired of asking what and how. What, then, were the principal elements of Jesus’ power over men? How was it that the boy from a country village became the greatest leader?* *This was asked around the time when battles were playing out in nationwide seminaries over natural versus supernatural claims on the Bible, known to history as the Liberal-Fundamentalist controversy. The writer proposes Jesus as a man of great charisma. BOYD Locals School began in the public schools Tuesday morning. A short session for enrollment was held Monday. The following staff of teachers are in charge: Oliver Youngregn, principal, mathematics, and science Marie Reummele, commercial Clarice Olson, English and History Dora Olson, upper grades Revenants Golden, lower grades.

The parochial school began Thursday, September 1st, with a record enrollment.

Dated for Friday in place of Saturday!

100 years ago September 22, 1922 National news: President vetoes the soldier’s bonus bill Congress failed to provide the money. Ordinary Revenues Would Not Meet Cost.

President Harding returns the soldier’s bonus bid to congress on Tuesday without his approval. He gave as his reasons: 1 – Congress failed to provide ways and means of raising money to pay the bonus.

2 – The bonus would mean increased taxation which is unthinkable at this time.

3 – That the legislation would win out everything thus far accomplished to reduce government expenditures.

4 – That the payment of the bonus without specific provi sion for raising the money is a perversion of public funds.

5 – That it would increase the national debt by one-sixth and the amount would be distributed among less that 5,00,000 of the 111,000,000 people in the country and would probably destroy the nation’s credit.

He also criticizes the credit certificate plan outlined in the bill as one that would eventually prove more or less humiliating to the servicemen.

The President has made the goat in the bonus legislation. He willingly assumed the role to protect some of the senators who voted for it for purely political reasons, knowing full well that the government could not meet the obligation at this time.

110 years ago September 21, 1912 National news: THE JOBS STILL IN DEMAND Sunday Postoffice Closing Has the Support of the Public says our Washington Correspondent (United States Press Association) FormerRepresentative Bowers of Mississippi, who asserts that he “retired voluntarily,” a statement one sees frequently in the political news nowadays, since this is a graceful way to quit, has given an interview to a Washington correspondent.

“Because I could not make ends meet on the salary of a member of Congress, I quit,” says Mr. Bowers. "I figured out, and found I was no longer getting any returns from my law practice. I had a family growing up, and found it necessary to make more money, so I went back to law, and I am mighty glad of it.”

Back at Wisconsin: Grand Opening Wednesday, Sept. 25, 1912 Stanley, Wis. in the former Fair Store Bldg.

Scheier Bros. Will meet the public face to face We will carry a line of first class Clothing, Shoes, Furnishings, from teh best makes in the country at popular prices.

Scheier Bros. Will always meet you Face to Face with popular prices 120 years ago September 20, 1902 Abroad: LIEUT. PEARY FAILS TO REACH POLE; ARRIVES AT SYDNEY (Novia Scotia) Arctic Explorer Tells Thrilling Story of His Adventures in the Far North—Says He Has Made Most Important Discovery THREAT BY RUSSIA Czar’s Minister Says that Unlawful killing of seals must stop.


Three Gunboats to Capture Fishing Vessels Which May Be Found Off Coast of Siberia. At Home: PASTORS SHIFTED. One-third of the Churches in Wisconsin M. E. Conference to Have New Ministers.

Ashland District (with Stanley) not listed Historic Galloway House at Eau Claire to be remodeled and partly rebuilt by Hoeppner and Bartlett.

Call for County Convention. Where they Met!

Colburn: Gus Gilbert School House Edson: Nesius Hall Village of Boyd – Village Hall Village of Cadott – Town Hall.

City of Stanley: First Ward: Scandinavian Hall Second Ward: City Hall Third Ward: Schultz Hall Fourth Ward: City Hall Church News St. Mary’s Church Catholic service each alternate Sunday, at 8 a.m., 10:00 a.m., and 4:00 p.m.

Rev. F. A. Byrne, Rector

September 21, 2022