Dan and Vickie Dohms, owners of WhispyT Kreations, with their granddaughter. Now at the old Plombon’s Furniture store, WhispyT will soon move to the westernmost side of the former Don Smiths on Fourth Avenue. Photo by Joseph Back.
Clothing store at Fourth and Broadway in Stanley offers unique apparel, chance to create


WhispyTKreations specializes in t-shirt and logo design, includes interactive area

by Joseph Back

Have important needs but don’t wanna travel far? If that’s you, we might suggest WhispyTKreations in Stanley Wisconsin.

This Unique Shop is an owner based family business ran by Vickie Dohms her husband Dan, her sons Branden and Troy and help from Nana (Jewell Wettstein ) as well as her granddaughter Anya. She says she opened her business with the focus on making it a strong platform for herself and a Legacy for her children and grandchildren and for generations to come.

Currently at the corner of Fourth and Broadway, (314 North Broadway Street Stanley Wisconsin) the company specializes in custom TShirt design, Logos, and Unique merchandise and apparel.

A very interesting piece to her shop is her “Interactive Area” where she offers monthly signups for customers and the community to unite and have FUN making same day projects they can take home and share with family and friends.

A minimal fee is attached per project for supplies. Call 715-644-4888 to sign up if interested.

Currently at the Plombon Furniture Store, I sat down with Vickie to find out more about what WhispyTKreations is all about.

“The LOTUS in my logo represents rebirth and new beginnings”. The flower works its way through dark waters to emerge into sunlight.

She further went on to say the business name dates back to her childhood. She explains when she was a little girl she used to sit underneath a tree at her grandma and grandpa’s house, adding that “Whispy” was a willow with wind tossed branches. She further explained the “T” in WhispyTKreations stands for CUSTOM TSHIRTS while the “K” in Kreations is a nod to the creative side.

A self-proclaimed 70’s child Dohms said that this explains the colors for the business logo including blue, teal green, and purple.

When Dohms found out about Shopko closing shortly after moving in, she wanted to make a change to accommodate as much as she could to the clothing piece that was missing, and to support the community with affordable quality clothing and apparel.

WhispyTKreations is open as follows:

• Tuesday to Thursday from 10am-4pm

• Saturdays from 10am-3pm To explain her otherwise strange business hours would be to clarify that she also works with the VA on a split shift starting at 5am- 9am to service connect Veterans once discharged from service duty.

She then drives 45 minutes to her shop in Stanley. She says “Stanley feels like home to me”.

Given this reality Dohms said those interested in making contact outside official business hours can call 715-644-4888 or get in touch on her Facebook Business page at WhispyTKreations.

Lastly she said “I like to stay engaged with the community and am so blessed for all the support and relationships I have made and look forward to making many more.”

Now located at Fourth and Broadway, the store will soon be moving a short distance away, top the westernmost side of the former Don Smiths, located on Fourth Avenue as one makes their way out to Chapman Park

The inside of WhispyT Kreations includes an assortment of goods, along with an interactive space. Photo by Joseph Back.

September 21, 2022