Second High Five Award Given To a Deserving Couple

In partnership between the Stanley Community Association and Martino’s Restaurant we have given out the September “High Five Award.” This award will be given out monthly to a member or members of the community that have gone above and beyond to serve others and the area around them. We wanted to mirror the important traits that National Honor Society highlighted on the benches around town. It is important not only to recognize the traits that make Stanley great but also the individuals that enhance our city; people should be celebrated for their contribution. The September High Five Award has been awarded to two members of the community who have gone above and beyond to help at community events, make improvements to the surrounding area and are an all around a wonderful couple. Their work has been noticed by members of the community and they have received this award with humbleness and gratitude; however they wish to remain anonymous and we are respecting their privacy. We are happy to award this month’s High Five Award to these two very deserving people. They are a shining example of the traits we are highlighting with this award; being supportive, trustworthy, nurturing, loyal and extraordinary in action. Thank you for taking the time to help make Stanley a great city! Members of the community are encouraged to nominate a fellow community member for next month's award by filling out a nom ination form available at our website www., visiting our Facebook page or pick up a nomination form at Martino’s Restaurant, Harris Family Chiropractic or Reclaimed Tavern. Winner receives the High Five Award certificate and a Martino's Restau rant gift card.

September 21, 2022