A broad overview of revenues and expenses for budget year 2022-23.
Budget details show police, fire, public works expenses

Another year, another budget.

Approved Monday Nov. 21, the City of Stanley budget for the coming year includes many items. With a proposed tax levy still to be approved of $6.96 per $1,000 for that portion of the city in Chippewa County and $5.52 for that portion in Clark County, here’s a rundown on what the budget for next year contains.

In the first place, a shift in debt service. “It’ll be on the 2022 property taxes for levy rate,” city clerk Nicole Thiel confirmed Nov. 28. Prior to approval Ward 2 alderman Jason Meyer had registered opposition to moving the debt service, and at the Monday approval he had a statement.

“I’d like to make a statement on that before we continue,” Meyer said. With valuation down some $200,000 from the previous year and assessed taxes up $217,000, Meyer said the taxpayers would bear the burden. Meyer’s earlier opposition at council meetings was met with the need to move debt service as a procedural and accounting issue.

The objection made, it was on to other budget matters.

Starting on the “big picture” macro scale, the just approved budget calls for $869, 765 in taxes, of which $679,765 are to be raised by property tax levy. The difference is set to be made up with mobile home parking fees ($3,500), payments in lieu of taxes ($14,500), and taxes from municipal owned utilities ($172,000).

Also called for in the just approved budget is $1,215,871 in intergovernmental revenues, defined as revenue between governments and including $1,002, 871 in shared taxes from the state, $7,000 in two percent fire dues, $170,000 in state aid for local streets, $6,000 in state aid for municipal recycling, and $30,000 in other state payments.

With licenses and permits raising $28,830 and “fines, forfeitures, and penalties” set at a prospective $15,500, the rest of the budget has five figure sums. Included in the revenue end are $77,600 in public charges for services, $64,000 in intergovernmental charges for services, and $84,505 in miscellaneous general revenue, the last a drop of 39 percent from the year previous, when it was $138,854.

Taken on the expenditure side of things, the City of Stanley budget for 2022-23 calls for $735,192 in general government expenses, $692,748 in public safety, $332,800 in public works, $17,250 in health and human services, $95,800 in culture, recreation, and education, $10,850 in conservation and development, $1453,371 in outlay and other public services, $227,060 in debt service, and $101,000 in “other financing.”

Total revenues and expenditures are down some nine percent from last year.

As to a closer inspection, the budget includes the following, starting with the fire department:

• $30,000 in Fire/EMS wages and salaries

• $20,000 in fire department wages and salaries • $16,000 in department utility billings

• $12,000 in fire building repair and maintenance • $12,000 for vehicle parts and maintenance • $10,000 in uniform allowance

• $8,000 for general operations

•$8,000 for Fire/EMS general operations

• $5,000 in equipment purchases

• $5,000 in wages and salary for fire inspector • $4,000 for repair and purchase of department radio

• $4,000 for Fire/EMS education expense

• $4,000 for Fire/EMS uniform allowance

• $3,000 for equipment repairs

• $2,000 for fire department education expense • $2,000 for department transportation

• $1,000 each for tools, office supplies, and equipment purchase and repair

• $750 for janitorial supplies

• $400 for fire inspector office supplies, and $60 for fire inspector membership and DU. As to the Stanley Police Department, the expense budget runs as follows:

• $408,054 in department wages and salaries • $12,354 in K9 donations for K9 wages, representing officer training day wages, fundraiser expenses, and other K9-related items

• $11,000 for department transportation

• $8,000 for equipment purchases

• $5,800 in office contracts

• $5,000 for general operations

• $ 4,000 for department education expenses • $4,000 for vehicle parts and maintenance

• $4,000 for CVR Plate Ren/Reg (DOT related) • $3,600 in uniform allowance

• $3,500 for utility billings

• $3,000 for radio repair and purchase

• $2,000 each for office supplies and contracted employ

• $1,800 for K9 General operations

• $1,500 for K9 vehicle maintenance

• $900 for equipment purchase

• $800 for K9 food expenses

• $500 each for K9 certifications and vet inspections

• $500 for meal expense, and

• $200 for police department membership and dues For public works, the rundown is as follows, in the fifteen largest expense sums:

• $56,000 in street machinery outlay

• $38,000 for recycling – contracted employees • $37,371 in shop outlay

• $33,000 in wages and salaries for snow and ice removal

• $30,000 for street lighting

• $23,000 in general parks operation

• $20,000 each for street machinery parts and maintenance as well as general operations for snow and ice removal

• $17,000 in bulk diesel fuel and oils

• $16,500 for street machinery wages and salary

• $16,000 each for general street repair as well as street signs and markings

• $13,000 in utility billings

• $12,000 in recycling – wages and salaries, and

• $8,800 in general operators for snow and ice removal – other

November 30, 2022