A conceptual drawing showing the new site for Lube Suppliers on Stanley’s south end, in the old Gordy’s Market building. Image courtesy Lube Suppliers.
Lube Suppliers expanding into new location

Growth driving move, anticipated open on South Broadway in April 2023

A Stanley business currently in the West Industrial Park will soon be moving to a new location on South Broadway, with a tentative opening date of April 2023.

Lube Suppliers, currently located at 308 Development Drive in Stanley, will soon be moving into the old Gordy’s Market building. Lube Suppliers owner Steve Millen shared more on why the move is necessary, how it came about, and what to look for as things progress towards the opening on South Broadway.

“Every year we’ve struggled to fit more and more products in our existing location,” Millen said. “It became increasingly apparent that we would have to either expand or move and that building has been at the top of our list since Gordy’s left.”

Recently vacated by Byron Seeds after that business built a new building north of Thorp, Millen knew it was time to act on the matter.

“The new location is about four times bigger than our current location and this will allow us to expand our product offerings as well as better showcase the products we already offer,” he said.

Listed among those products are locally built Trophy Trailers, along with lawnmowers and other power equipment, as an example. Tentative floor plans at the new store would see some products parked outside and others in, while an ATV/UTV parts center could be located towards the back. Also in store would be extra shelving, engines, and a new machine assembly room. Also in store, could be jobs.

“It is likely that we’ll be adding some staff so this move will probably create more local jobs,” Millen said. With more to come as the months count down to April, the building on South Broadway will provide a larger, more convenient location for residents to shop Lube Suppliers!

January 4, 2023