The City of Stanley discussed thoughts on a fire merger with Boyd and Thorp at its Monday, Jan. 3 Committee of the Whole meeting prior to council. Two council members were ultimately appointed to represent the city on a possible exploration committee between the communities. Photo by Joseph Back.
Stanley votes to reach out on fire merger

Council representatives appointed for prospective board

Official word is still out as to just what Boyd and Thorp might think on a fire merger, but the City of Stanley has voted to reach out in the interest of further discussion, appointing two city representatives for a prospective joint exploration committee to explore the idea at its Monday, Jan. 3 Council meeting.

Those representatives should such a committee form would be city council members Holly Kitchell and Mark Fitzsimmons.

The Village of Boyd, while not taking official action at its board meeting on Monday, Jan. 10, nonetheless voiced warmth to the idea, with fairness and equity considered to be key factors in any potential merger, considered to be years out if it in fact happens.

“It was a long discussion, very healthy discussion in my opinion,” village trustee Dale Isaacs shared, present at the fire meeting in Thorp. “Some very good points brought up. I don’t know if it’s going to happen anytime soon.” While no decision was made, the prospect of it coming up on the fire board agenda at Boyd-Edson-Delmar, is likely.

As to Stanley, a lively discussion was held at the Committee of the Whole meeting prior to Jan. 3 Council. Among those chiming in was Stanley Fire Chief Korey Hagenson, who voiced his preference to start out small, and work from there.

“Let’s start out with the little things and go from there,” he said of his opinion on things. With Stanley mayor Al Haas recommending two representatives from Stanley as opposed to a larger delegation, city clerk Nicole Thiel also voiced her thoughts.

“I think there should be one from finance and one from police and fire,” she said of where the City should come from on the matter. With the recommendation made and seconded to move the matter forward to council, Fitzsimmons and Kitchell were appointed as representatives for Stanley on any joint exploration committee. Still, nothing was certain.

“It might turn out they don’t want to do it,” Fitzsimmons acknowledged of the other potential partners to a future merger.

January 11, 2023