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Cadott Village Board announces referendum for street maintenance


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Courier Sentinel

At a January 9 special meeting, the Cadott Village Board approved holding a $125,000 referendum, that if it wins the support of village residents, would help with the cost of street maintenance. The tax impact on a $125,000 increase in the village budget is $8.93 per thousand dollars of assessed property value. That means a property with a $100,000 value would see a $147 increase on their tax bill. The increase would be a 19.8 percent increase to the levy. The vote on the referendum will take place at the April election. This will be a reoccurring levy, meaning the increase does not go away after one year. * At the same special meeting, the Cadott Village Board also approved pursing a grant being offered through BIL program funding. The 80/20 funded grant is for $379,588 and would be used for street improvements on Tower Drive, Dina Court and Lavorata Road. The village will be responsible for $180,000. +++ The Lake Holcombe School weight room project received a $5,000 donation from the Cumberland Federal Bank, which has a branch in Ladysmith.

The Thorp Courier

The Clark County Chapter of Whitetails Unlimited-Loyal presented a check to the Thorp Archery Club for another set of 3D and Block targets. The new targets are timely as they will be used at the January 28 Thorp Cardinal Shootout Tournament. In turn, the Thorp Archery Club recently made a donation to the Thorp FFA towards the purchase of a milk vending machine for the school. +++ From Thorp’s 2022 Year In Review: One of the biggest 2022 events in Thorp was the 90th Anniversary of the founding of the Thorp Lions Club, that was held on Saturday, May 14. The celebration included the presentation of the prestigious Lion Recognition Medal to Thorp’s own, Past District Governor Bernie Stuttgen. (However, Lion Bernie’s real claim to fame is starting and his subsequent dedication to the Lions statewide collection of deer hides. The income from that project goes to supporting the Lions Camp at Rosholt, which serves persons with challenges.) +++ From Memory Lane 125 Years Ago (1898) The new bell recently placed in the tower of St Hedwig’s Polish Catholic Church, two mile east of the village, is good as it can be and is easily heard in the village.

Bloomer Advance

Wisconsin roads take a lot of stress when you consider the environmental changes that happen through four seasons. Plus the wear and tear from daily commuting, plowing snow and heavy loads. In March of 2021, the Chippewa County Highway Department was forced to close CTH F (from STH 64 to CTH M) due to damage from unknown heavy loads being transported during the annual Spring road ban period. The financial impact to the County taxpayers for the damages to this seven mile stretch of pavement exceeded $1.7 million. This damage was 100% preventable. As a result of this damage milk haulers are now required to purchase $100 permits for each of their haul trucks. The $100 fee charge was adopted by the county board to cover the cost related to issuing the permit. The fee cost has no impact on the major costs incurred when damage is done to a road — its the county taxpayers who will continue to pay for that damage.

O-W Enterprise A new support group is now meeting at the Community Alliance Church in Withee. They will meet every Wednesday at 7:30 am. The group will be using materials from Life Recovery Groups, which is described as a Biblical Approach to the 12 steps, but is more than just for those struggling with alcohol. The group includes those struggling with alcohol, drug addiction, food, depression, anxiety, grief, or anything affecting your mental health. +++ The governing bodies of Owen and Withee met on January 3, to discuss how Owen can help Withee due to the tragic and unexpected death of Troy Hatlestad, their Director of Public Works.


The city of Colby has declined the offer of Clark County to review and approve Certified Survey Maps, done by the city prior to their submission. The offer was based on the number of mistakes, related to the process, that are made or found. The city’s turn down was based on seeing the need for another approval as slowing down the process. +++ The Sentinel & Rural News

Owen voters are going to have three candidates to choose from when it comes to selecting a mayor. Former Mayor Tim Swiggum and Scott Jalling will have their names on the ballot after filing for the office before the deadline. Current Mayor Charlie Milliren will be a write-in candidate as he did not file his papers before the deadline. He reported that he was one hour late. +++ With the sudden death of Withee Public Works Director Troy Hatlestad, Owen has reached out and is providing help where needed, along with a retired resident, until they can hire a replacement or combine services. In Mayor Milliren opinion, this is an excellent opportunity for Owen and Withee to combine their Public Works Departments.

The Clark County Press

A major change has come to downtown Neillsville. Simply Creative is now open in a newly renovated historic building. Simply Creative is the home to all things handmade and DIY (do-it-yourself). All the items came from the hands of four artists. +++ A new city of Neillsvile and Clark County contract for public transportation has been agreed upon. Of the local cost share, the city will pay 69% and the county will pay 31%. The shared ride taxi service was awarded to Abby Vans Inc. of Neillsvillle. Neillsville has been providing taxi service to its residents since 1998.

January 18, 2023