The sign for closed session Monday Jan. 16 had tape on the face side, an effect of being affixed to the inside of the transparent glass council room doors. Attendees had a choice of the heated indoor hallway or outside, so long as they weren’t in the chamber for closed session. Photo by Joseph Back.
City meets in closed session on employee retention

Takes no action on closed session employee item at Monday meeting

Meeting Monday, Jan. 16 in the city hall council chambers at 353 South Broadway, the city blew through its agenda in under an hour, including a closed session which saw public attendees directed to either a heated indoor hallway or else outside.

As to the closed session itself, the agenda invoked Section 19.85 (1) (c) of state law to discuss employee retention.

When things reconvened several minutes later, no action was taken on the matter, with no further specifics being given on the matter.

Prior to closed session, meanwhile, there was the monthly library report, with the news that the D. R. Moon Memorial Library had seen a total of 35,859 circulations in 2022, to be elaborated on in the February library report.

As to other library news, director Elizabeth Miniatt reported that while several closures had taken place in the last few weeks at the library due to weather, it no longer charged late fees, meaning that library users needn’t worry about getting that overdue book, DVD, or magazine in when the weather tanks.

Instead, stay home, and stay safe.

Check back next week for more city council updates.

January 18, 2023