Scanning the QR code above will bring one to a website with more information on for helping improve high speed internet service. Image courtesy https://
Virtual instruction changing the landscape of education, reliable internet a sticking point

The state has an hour requirement for how many hours students have to be in school, and with Stanley- Boyd closed three days this year for weather, getting reliable internet can help everyone out. So how to help? We’re glad you asked.

Located at the website of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is a map on broadband internet access with several gaps in it. You and me, can help fill those.

To do so most conveniently, readers can download the FCC Speed Test App on their phone, available at the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for iPhone.

Once downloaded, the app will ask for your name and an email, taking your location for test accuracy purposes. Run the test and then if you think it’s wrong, you can submit a challenge, to be shared with the service provider if discrepancies converge on a given geographic area.

With high speed internet a must have for virtual instruction, filling the gaps can help keep summer vacation on schedule and instruction intact, should winter throw a few snow days in the mix, before it’s over.

January 18, 2023