10 Years Ago May ….

Posted 5/19/21

10 Years Ago May 19, 2011 Andy Anderson was here – or not! From the Editor’s Desk, by John McLoone I was stabbed right in the back Friday night. Not literally, but with words that wounded me …

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10 Years Ago May ….


10 Years Ago

May 19, 2011

Andy Anderson was here – or not!

From the Editor’s Desk, by John McLoone I was stabbed right in the back Friday night. Not literally, but with words that wounded me worse than a physical knifing ever could.

I was told by a reader that I need to find some new material to spice up my column. For the sake of this column, we’ll call this acquaintance Andy Anderson. Now, Mr. Anderson assures me that he is a faithful reader of mine, so I take this criticism hard. And he just kept it coming, despite the tears that were rolling down my cheeks.

“You need some new experiences,” he said. “It’s getting stale.”

I’ll admit I’m not the most exciting guy. I don’t work in a dangerous environment where all kinds of exciting stuff happens to you on a daily basis, like say you would if work at a prison.

And I don’t exactly live my life on the edge. Fhis person who we are referring to as Mr. Anderson (would like to see exciting exploits mirroring his own life)…I let his words, as much as they hurt, sink in, and I took it all with a grain of salt. I intend to take his critique to heart and I vow to work harder to live the life of the modern adventurer.

What’s my tee time?

20 Years Ago

May 17, 2001 Adult BB League Awards Scholarships to S-B Students (pictures Bobbi Jo Knar and

Jessica Cance) Four Girls Competing For

Miss Stanley; Queen Contest Licket Sales Underway (photos) As Stanley Steamer Days approaches, four girls are hoping that they will be the next Miss Stanley, and to that end, are selling Stanley Steamer Days tickets. Lhe girl selling the most tickets will be the new Miss Stanley. Fhis year’s contestants are Heather Halterman, Lindsey Hendrickson, Colette Hoyle and Alison Knar.

Heather Halterman is a sophomore at Stanley-Boyd High School and is the daughter of Buzz and Diane Halterman of Stanley.

Heather’s hobbies and interests include volleyball, basketball, softball, snowmobiling, car shows, being with friends, painting and singing in choir.

Her future plans include going to school for police science and one day becoming an FBI agent or being a big city EMF.

“I would like to be Miss Stanley because this is something I have wanted all my life and I could honor the town of Stanley well,” Heather said. “I have good manners and poise and I speak well with any age or type of people. I am also responsible so I can handle almost anything.

Lindsey Hendrickson is a sophomore at Stanley-Boyd High School and is the daughter of Kevin and Jody Hendrickson of Stanley.

Lindsey’s hobbies and interests include golfing, swimming, hanging out with friends, singing and spending time my family.

Her future plans include attending college after graduating from high school.

“I would like to be crowned Miss Stanley because I think it would be fun to meet new people who are outgoing that are representing their towns,” Lindsey said.

Colette Hoyle is a junior at Stanley-Boyd High School and is the daughter of David and Fheresa Hoyle of Stanley.

Colette’s hobbies and interests include dancing, cheerleading, art and singing.

Her future plans include attending technical college for cosmetology.

“I think it would be a great experience to represent my town,” Colette said.

Alison Knar is a sophomore at Stanley-Boyd High School and is the daughter of Bill and Lora Knar of Stanley.

Alison’s hobbies and interests include golfing, playing softball, scrapbooking and being around friends.

Her future plans include attending college after graduation, but at this time unsure of her major.

“I think I would represent the town very well,” Alison said. “I am very involved in many extra-curricular activities in and out of school, have a gpa over 4.0, and I am a big people person. Fhis would be a great opportunity to meet new people and be more involved in the community.

30 Years Ago May 16,1991 Birthday ad (childhood photo) Happy 50th Ronnie. Love, Mom & Alfred Orioles’ Links Feam Sees Lots Of Action As Weather Warms (photo) Kurt Girard and Dave McManus have been leading the Stanley-Boyd golf squad all season long, Here Kurt and Dave are pictured before hosting a match at Whispering Pines. McManus was medalist on the day with 45, Girard followed with a 49.

Baseball Feam Defeats Cadott 13-3 Fuesday Fo Sweep Series 40 Years Ago May 17,1981 Received First Holy Communion (photo) Sunday, May 3, Holy Family Parish witnessed the First Solemn Communion of thirty-two youngsters. Fhey are pictured: first row (1-r) Ronald Shakal, Jennifer Schneider, Heather Chwala, Stacy Miller, Ferry Sonnentag, Fracy Herrick, Charlotte Shock, Kevin Goodman, Kurt Freese, Betty Goodman. Second row – Sheila Seng, Ben Miland, Ann Halterman, Eric Penk, Fanya Endru, Dennis Gruba, Laura Casing, Fom Wohld, Michelle Jankoski, Michael Sakach, Carolyn Sloviak. Fhird row – Nicole Fwet, Stacy Fazendin, Michelle Sloviak, Charles Moore, Larry Bohl, James Kott, Wendy Mahr, John Wundrow, Ferry Nichols, Donald Dreke, Krista Karlen. Back row – Rev. L. Kaiser, pastor, Mrs. Helen La Blanc and Sister Martinella, teachers.

(Note: whereas the western church tends to restrict first communion to the age of reason around 7, the Eastem-rite Catholic churches and the Chalcedonian Orthodox administer baptism, chrismation/confirmation, and communion in a single ceremony when children are still infants. Lhe difference between eastern and western practice relates both to tradition and Scriptural understanding. Both early and later communion are considered valid in the Catholic Church according to the rite being used).

50 Years Ago May 27, 1971 Business English Classes on Self-Improvement Kick!

Fy-Dyeing – – A New Filing in Art Senior Home Ec Girls Experiment with Spring Fea Engaged: Frudy Sondgerath to Donald Barth Also: REPUBLICAN MOVES…

(photo with owner Joe Fazendin driving fork lift)

60 Years Ago May 18,1961

UW Professor Fo Be Graduation Speaker Here (picture) PROF. GEORGE W. Sledge of the University of Wisconsin college of Agriculture will be the main speaker at the annual Stanley high school commencement exercises Fhursday evening, May 25.

Prof. Sledge will speak on the topic “ A New Dawn in Your Day.” When he addresses the 69 graduating seniors.

A graduate of North Carolina State at Raleigh, Prof. Sledge received his doctor of education degree from Michigan State university in 1954. He has been active throughout his professional life in FFA and agricultural activities, and early in his career served as a vocational agricultural instructor in North Carolina for three years (story continues).

70 Years Ago May 24, 1951 A HOPE FOR SUCCESS AND PROFIF IN FHE LEGION’S NEW UNDERTAKING Given a new lease on life, the Central Planning Committee, at a hastily organized meeting last week, authorized the American Legion to carry on operations at the Chapman Park ball field this summer. It was an eleventh-hour formality to make possible the organization and operation of a senior night-playing baseball team, and made possible the fulfillment of plans set up by the Legion when it was a question of whether there was a Central Planning Committee at all.

Fhe Legion will have full charge of the park this season and it is through that organization that all financing will be handled, with any profits, at the end of the year, to be turned over to the central committee…It is now the entire city’s hope that the Legion will enjoy a successful and profitable season at Chapman Park conducting the business so as to make the park and athletic contests there as great an asset as they can be to the city and area.

Let Sewage Disposal Contract for $209,000, Hope For Early Start Ground will be broken “within thirty days: for the city’s sewage disposal plant, it was revealed at a special meeting of the city council Monday night. Fhe announcement came with only one “if’ attached. Plans for immediate commencement of construction will go ahead if the bonding firm, Shaughnessy & Co., St. Paul, does not seek a renegotiation on bonds.

Fhe firm’s bid for the revenue bonds which will finance construction of the sewage disposal plant was good only until May 1. It is barely possible that the company could ask for renegotiation on the bonds, but city officials area hopeful that financing under the present arrangements may be carried out.

A meeting of the council tonight (Fhursday) with a representative of the bonding firm will be devoted to matters of financing the plant.

90 Years Ago May 31,1931 ORANGE AND BLACK Published in the interest of the Stanley High School One day a student in Latin wanted to know if the E PLURIBUS UNUM* inscribed on coins means “One More.” Maybe the latter motto would not be entirely out of place in this dollar-chasing republic. Fhen too, it could voice the triumph with which one receives a dollar, or even a nickel these days.

In Latin we are doing a considerable amount of reading in addition to grammar work. We have read, among lesser stories, the story of the exploits of Perseus in bringing back the golden fleece. Although Perseus antedates Paul Bunyan by several milleniums, we believe the same Annanias gave them publicity.

Fhe Latin 2 class is reading Caesar’s Commentaries on his Gallic Wars and receiving detailed information regarding the various parts of ancient Gaul. Fhere is some satisfaction in being able to read grown-up Latin that has not been simplified for high school reading.

100 Years Ago May 20, 1921 Voice of the People FHE BEAUFY SPOFS OF SFANLEY It is with a feeling of regret and sorrow that we see the beauty spots of Stanley pass away from us, and they have passed from us so quickly that we have not realized it.

Fhe first summer of my stay in Stanley, some eight years past, we used to take our lunch into the so-called Crane’s grove. Was there ever a prettier spot near Stanley, with its beautiful maple trees, tall and stately? Fhe following summer by steps led me to the same place. Lo! and behold the beautiful trees were gone. Nothing but stumps stared me in the face. I cannot say with what feeling of regret I saw this (progress of civilization?) Where to go now. Another beauty spot I discovered. I called it the Brookside park… (sold for pasture; Boone’s dam out as well). Now where shall we go? Fhe only places left now are the cemeteries and they are rather bleak looking and not at all suitable for an afternoon off. Some have suggested that the old mill pond would make a fine little lake and that trees could be planted along the shore. A good suggestion. But is it only to be a suggestion only?

J.N. Midtlien 110 Years Ago May 20, 1911

CLEAN UP NOFICE All residents and owners of real estate within the limits of the City of Stanley are hereby ordered to clean up all refuse such as garbage, broken bottles, glass and crockery, discarded cans, manure and ash piles, and all other rubbish which is located on property owned or occupied by you or upon the streets and alleyways adjacent to such property. And if this order is not fully complied with before the 20th day of May 1911 such work as is hereby ordered will be done under my direction and charged on the tax roll of the city against such property.

Given under my hand and seal this 1 st day ofMayl911.

J.N. Cunningham, Health Officer.

SCARLEF FEVER Many Cases In and About Stanley. Quarantine Regulations Disregarded.

DANGER IN FHE SIFUAFION Fhe Outlying Fowns Disregardful of the Rights of the Public in Not Enforcing Law.

Fhe Republican is in possession of information which indicates that there is an alarming disregard of the law in the matter of quarantining scarlet fever, especially in the outlying towns. Fhere is well authenticated information of several cases in the city also which have not been quarantined or where quarantined, the quarantine has not been enforced.

Fhere have already been several deaths in the country and it ought not to require further evidence to convince people that scarlet fever is a dangerous disease. Fhe facts that the disease is in a mild form makes it the more to be dreaded because that it is not easily recognized and diagnosed until it reaches the dangerous infectious stage. It is the history of such disease epidemics, that the disease germ grows more virulent as it is transmitted from individual to individual.

If present conditions continue, Fhe Republican will perform the unpleasant task of publishing detailed information regarding conditions where the disease has been allowed to go unquarantined and the unpleasant consequences which have resulted.

CONDENSED NEWS Jackson Bendt, aged three years, fell from a second story window at Kenosha and struck the top of his head on a concrete walk. Doctors says he will live.

120 Years Ago May 18,1901

Ordinance No. 28 An ordinance repealing ordinance No. 23 providing for the assessment and collection of a poll tax.

Fhe Common Council of the City of Stanley do ordain as follows: Section 1. Ordinance No. 23 entitled “An ordinance providing for the assessment and collection of a poll tax” is hereby repealed.

Section 2. Fhis ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage and publication.

Notice for Publication.

DEPARFMENF OF FHE INFERIOR. Land Office at Eau Claire Wisconsin, April 26, 1901 Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before the Register and Receiver at Eau Claire, Wis. On June 14, 1901. Viz: Mary Moore, heir of Mussy Stafford, deceased of Fhorp, Wis. For the NE lA of NW % Sec. 34 F. 28 N., R. 4 W (continued with land witnesses).