Adabelle Tomkowiak I think ….

Posted 12/22/21

Adabelle Tomkowiak I think Santa should wear a reected suit .The reason why is because he doesn’t get run over by reindeer. His shoes should be reected because he needs to be able to see the …

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Adabelle Tomkowiak I think ….


Adabelle Tomkowiak I think Santa should wear a reected suit .The reason why is because he doesn’t get run over by reindeer.

His shoes should be reected because he needs to be able to see the chimney so he can run to the reindeers faster. His belt will be black so Santa can’t be fully seen by the children. San- ta's sleigh should be reected so people can see it and say “Is that famous Santa Claus?”

Kennedy Witt Santa’s new suit is going to be teel with reindeer horns and his pants are going to be black.

His hat is going to be red with a cotton ball on top of his hat. His belt color is brown with polka dots that are the color red. With green hair that’s two inches thick. I want my Santa to look like this because these are my favorite colors.

Bradley Flashinski Santa is wearing an orange suit. His hair is gray. His glass- es are blue with owers. Santa's pants are yellow with polka dots.

Santa’s boots are going to be red with ice cream. Santa’s belt is going to be a rainbow. And he likes it. Santa’s hat is going to pink.

And he has a matching cat to go with his suit.Santa has a matching reindeer to go with his suit. All of Santa’s suits are the same.

Abbigale Kramar Santa’s new suit is going to be pink. And when I say pink, EVERYTHING IS PINK. Santa is dying his hair pink. He will have chocolate ice cream cones sticking out of his pink hat. Santa is wearing a pink mermaid suit. He is doing this because he loves mermaids, just like me. Lastly, he will have pink boots with 100% pink buckles. Bracha Heineman Santa should wear green with a black belt with blue pants that are red and striped green. He will have white bouts and a rainbow hat. That’s Santa’s new suit with blue buttons. He will have reindeer ears with a red bag and a red slay. He should wear a new suit because he wears a red suit every Christmas Day and his red suit is old. Mason Clement

Mrs. Burns’s 4th grade

Christmas Memories and Traditions The Christmas Tradition By Kaylee Krizan DING DONG! We arrived at grandma's house. We are the rst ones to arrive. Time to eat cookies and sing songs. Finally, my cousins arrived. Me and my little cousin Ellie play and color. Her older brothers Colton and Brice decide to play too. Then Cindy calls us for dinner. We pray and bless our food. We have biscuits and gravy. Then we sing Christmas songs, and then open gifts.

There are lots of presents for everyone. When it’s not our turn to open we go upstairs and sneak a cookie or two. At night all the parents leave, and all the kids stay. Me and some of my cousins like to stay up late, but grandma will not let us. But I always bring my phone along, so we quietly play some games, and watch tv..

In the morning We eat cereal, and then my grandma makes a new batch of biscuits and gravy. At noon all the parents pick up their kids, and head home.

Merry Christmas by: Avrin Frederick Two traditions that my family have are decorating my Christmas tree and looking at lights at Irvine Park. A memory I have is when I got an army uniform that I really liked. When I got home, I was way more happy to see my mom, dad, sister and brother. My friend got something he really wanted which made me very happy. I’m really glad that I’m at Stanley-Boyd school this year. Christmas will be great. Thanks for reading!

Grandma Wilbers Christmas Party By: Maci Geissler My Christmas tradition is going to my grandma’s party. It is always a week away from Christmas on a Saturday. Once my family got there, we walked through the doors and all you could hear was laughter and screaming. A little after we got there it was time to eat. Once almost all the kids were done eating we would try to sneak into the kitchen. Then all of a sudden Santa would come in. He would sit in his chair and we would sit on the oor around him. After that he would call the names out one by one until all the kids were called. Last year there was the GRINCH and he gave out chocolate coals.

Getting the Christmas Tree Liam Hoel My favorite Christmas tradition is when we went to get my family Christmas tree. I remember when we were on our way to pick the Christmas tree up we were listening to Christmas songs and singing away.

When we got there me and my brother were messing around and my brother pushed me in the freezing uffy snow and we saw a cute Charlie Brown Christmas tree. And we saw the perfect Christmas tree and we cut it down. My dad dragged it by the root. When we were going to leave we saw our cousins and we said hello. And I remember one year we went to some place and it had an army of Christmas trees but I was like 3 and I was just playing around in the snow as everyone was looking for a christmas tree even though I was following them and my mom was walking with me and we saw so many trees but it was fun and I enjoyed it.

Owen’s Christmas Memory By: Owen T. Clow At the beginning of this memory was at night and my brother quietly opened the door and started poking me and he said “Owen Owen” and I was moaning and said “what “ and he said “Santa came! Let’s go see the presents and he left footprints!”

We went into the living room and there were footprints and I was thinking wow and then I told him, “Can I go to bed now?” And he said, “No to me because we have a rule that says that the whole family has to be in the living room to open presents and I looked at the plate and the plate had cookie crumbs on it and then we started watching tv and in the morning we opened presents.

Christmas tree By: Molly M. Mertens Every year after Halloween my family puts up the Christmas tree. It’s always after Halloween and never before. It’s my favorite thing to do after Halloween. First my parents (usually my mom) put up the Christmas tree. Then we put up the ornaments. We start off with the big ornaments, then the small ornaments, then the heavy ornaments. I usually complain and say “There are too many ornaments!”

Lastly we do the candy canes!

We hang them all up. hen we take one each. Then my mom wraps the presents and puts them under the tree if they’re too big.

My Cousin and My Tradition By: Lewis Lukes Our tradition is playing Big- foot in the yard. How to play: You nd a spot 60 feet away from a corner of a house to be the tee.

You play in the dark. You have two people by the one corner of the house and they can run out at any time. If they tag you, you’re on the other team. It’s really fun.

You should try the game. Christmas By: MARSHALL ANDERSON We always decorate the tree and watch Christmas movies together. We do everything together. No matter what, we’re there together forever and ever.

We started watching a movie called Robin Robin and it was decent, now we’re decorating the tree. It turns out awesome. Now onto the lights it turns out decent.

EVERYTHING is awesome. Here we are celebrating Christmas. It’s an awesome Christmas. This is the best day of my life: the re cracking, the sound of the snow hitting the window, the sound of cars driving by and the look of the tree. The pines falling and the wind blowing. Family to watch over us together. And Christmas spirit.

Christmas Day By: Montana Stefanakos I remember it like it was yesterday. On Christmas day we were at my nana’s and papa’s trailer. After we got there we watched a Christmas movie and went to sleep. When we woke up it was time to open presents and me and my twin sister got a troll doll from the troll movie. It was my favorite toy ever. My favorite color was pink. My twin sister’s favorite color was purple. We got pink and purple trolls but I got purple which is my sister’s favorite color and she got pink. Then it was time to go home so we went outside and that’s when I slipped on ice and hurt my arm. We went in the car and drove home. We got to the house and we went to bed.

The Holiday Traditions By: Claire Stuttgen I like to do holiday traditions for Christmas like doing some games, the food, the toys, the presents, the candies, the treats, and so on, but the thing I really like the most is coloring books and barbies, legos, stuff animals, winter socks, the snowmans, the stockings, the mistletoes, the cookies, the books, and the skies.

My Favorite Tradition By: Lane Jessick My favorite Christmas tradition is hiding the pickle in the Christmas tree. One person counts and the other one hides the pickle. Then the other person looks for the pickle.

Christmas Vaca By: Edlyn Wundrow My favorite Christmas memory was when my cousins and I played a game that we cut a couple of orange pieces of string and hid them. When it was my turn to hide them I hid one on my orange robe and they could not nd it un til we went swimming. After that we went back to our room and we played another game that my grandma made up. Little toys all wrapped up in plastic wrap and who could unwrap it the fastest and I won a stuffed animal, a notebook, and some candy. And that was my favorite Christmas memory because I got to play with my cousins and spend time with my family.

Christmas Rabbit By Dylan Zais Every year we shoot a rabbit from the small game season and save it until December. Then we cook the rabbit, sit around, talk to family and enjoy winter weather.

Once the rabbit is done cooking we feast on the rabbit and once we are done eating we go outside.

We play in the snow, go sledding and go snowshoeing.

Mrs. Guse, 4th Grade Jesse – One of my favorite Christmas traditions is making chocolate chip cookies with my mom. This is my favorite because I get to spend time with my family. Another one of my favorite Christmas traditions is decorating a tree. We put pictures of me from when I was born on the tree along with other ornaments.

We also put colored lights up, and we decorate the plants we have inside our house with Christmas lights.

Evelyn – We have our Treffert side of the family celebrate at the new ballet studio, which we moved from Grandma and grandpa’s house because their house was getting too small for our family.

After we had food we did present trading. We do secret Santa every year. Afterwards, my cousin Jane and I made a routine for everyone to watch. After dessert, Jane and I played with her Polly Pocket she got from Grandma.

Later we had to help clean up so it would go faster. After we got everything in the correct cars, then we went to Grandma’s to play some more.

Harley – On Christmas we go to my grandparents. When we get there we eat turkey and ham. It is good and delicious to eat. Then we open presents while watching a football game. Lastly, we talk and watch TV, and then we make sugar cookies. Finally, we go home and open presents with our parents.

Destiny – My favorite tradition is that we go to my grandparent’s house for Christmas and we bake sugar cookies that are shaped like Santa, presents, trees, stars, and ornaments. Sometimes they are a little messed up but that’s okay. After we bake sugar cookies we eat dinner. We have tur- key, mashed potatoes, stufng, corn, and dinner rolls. After we’re done with dinner we eat the sugar cookies for dessert, and the sugar cookies tasted like a sugary soft treat. Then we open our presents, and after that we go home and we watch a Christmas movie, eat popcorn, and then go to bed.

Olivia – Every single year me and my family always bake sugar cookies. We always use Reese’s inside the dough. We put the sugar cookies in the oven and after about 10 minutes we take them out. We let the sugar cookies stay out for a while so they can cool down. After we pour the milk and dip our cookies in the milk.

Lily – One of my favorite family traditions is decorating our tree and house for Christmas. First, we put the multi-colored lights on the tree. Then we put on the special ornaments. After me, my sister, and my dad go on the roof to put the outside lights on the house. It is so high up there but sometimes we get to see birds up close. Then we put the snowake by the porch. Then we put the projector pointing to the wall with blue snowakes. Finally we put the angels on the trees.

Brantley – My cousins and I go to my Grandpa’s and Grandma’s house to make cookies. We put frosting on different sizes of cookies. They are shaped like Santa, Christmas trees, angels, and probably more that I can’t remember. Some of them are different sizes of cookies. We make lots of them so almost everyone gets some cookies.

Owen – Before Christmas we decorate the tree, but we decorate it in different colors. We also decorate our house, and all of our