Posted 12/22/21

A LOOK Back FROM THE FILES OF THE STANLEY REPUBLICAN COMPILED BY JOSEPH BACK 10 Years Ago December 15, 2011 Henke, challenger take out papers Council member seeks mayor post in city The April …

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10 Years Ago December 15, 2011

Henke, challenger take out papers Council member seeks mayor post in city The April election is once again approaching, with many potential candidates taking out papers for once of 16 seats on the Chippewa County Board.

The County Board election in April 2012 will be quite different than past years, after a referendum that passed in November 2010 downsized the board from 29 to 15 members. Chippewa County had to refigure district maps for many areas and due to that, many current supervisors live in districts with other incumbents.

Incumbent Anson Albara- to of Cadott has filed all of his papers to run in District 8, which includes Boyd, Cadott, and the towns of Digel and Edson. Incumbent Dick Shock of Boyd has registered as a candidate in District 8, but has not yet filed papers. Other districts with the current incumbents living there include: District 5: City of Stanley and most of the town of Delmar. Dale Johnson and Henry Shakal.

In local elections the City of Stanley has a few candi- dates who have already filed. Those are: Municipal Judge – Russell Judnic 1st Ward – Duane Booth (not yet returned his papers).

2nd Ward – Howard Duckett (not yet returned his papers) 3rd Ward – Carl Edwardson 4-7th Wards – Norm Christianson Mayor – Mike Henke, Andrew Mertens (Mertens has not yet returned his papers).

Current Mayor David Jan- koski has filed a non-candida cy form. The candidates have until January 2, 2012 to file papers.

The Stanley-Boyd School Board has two seats up for election. Area 1, which Lyle Schwartz now oversees, and Area 4, held by Richard Vircks. As of print date, no one has taken out candidacy papers. The school board candidates have until January 3, 2012 to file papers. Official Proceedings of the Village of Boyd Budget Workshop Special Board Meeting – Wednesday, November 9, 2011 President SEtzer called the special board meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Roll Call: Setzer, Schara, Spaeth, Zwielhofer, McQuillan were present. Helgerson and Isensee were absent.

Agenda: Motion by Spaeth seconded by Schara to approve agenda as presented. Motion carried.

2012 Budget Review: Clerk reported budget is off by $5900,00, expenses over revenues. Setzer requested Rules, Ordinance & Build- ing committee review the first $500 for fire calls. Numerous accounts were adjusted to balance the proposed budget.

Budget Hearing: Budget Hearing set for Monday, December 12, 2011 at 6:15 p.m., preceding the board meeting.

Motion by McQuillan, seconded by Zwielhofer to adjourn meeting. Adjourned at 7:00 p.m.

Randy Setzer, Village President Obituaries: Elaine Anna (Samuelson) Smiley, age 68. Page 2.

Debra Ann (Shilts) Wachsmuth, age 53. Page 2.

20 Years Ago December 20, 2001 What Christmas means to me.

Is when I celebrate Jesus’ birthday. Christmas is my favorite day. Jesus is your Saviour. He died for you. He was born in a manger. And that the first Christmas ever. Merry Christmas!

Megan Swanson, Grade 3 Faith Christmas Academy It’s all about Jesus’ birth. When Jesus was born one King brought frankincense, once King brought myrrh, one king brought gold and Jeuss brought the hope of the world.

Mary did not know Jesus could heal the sick or walk on water, or make the blind see.

Jesus is the King he has all wisdom, he’s our Lord God, and He will save you. It’s very simple. Just say “Lord I’m sorry forgive me for I have sinned against you. Lord please come into my heart. I love you in Jesus’ name Amen. Well I hope I inspired you with my story and if you don’t know the Lord as your Saviout say the prayer. God loves you this Christmas!

Grace Mellor, Grade 4 Faith Christian Academy Christmas Giving 2001 I would give my old teddy bear to my mom because it’s really old and special to her.

Samantha Awoboda, Grade 1 Mrs. Palas’ Class Stanley Elementary I would give a 4-wheeler to my brother, because then he would be nice to me.

Grade 1 Mrs. Palas’ Class Stanley Elementary Christmas Giving If you could give a present to anyone, who would it be to and why would you give it to them?

I would give money to the poor, because food and clothing is what they need.

Garrett Wald, Grade 1 Mrs. Grodon’s Class Stanley Elementary I would give food to the poor, because I want the world to be safe.

Tasha Schneider, Grade 1 Mrs. Gordon’s Class Stanley Elementary I would give my wallet to my brother Mikey, because I have two and Mikey doesn’t have any.

Tommy Mason, Grade 1 Mrs. Gordon’s Class Stanley Elementary I would give a snowflake to my dad, because I know how to make them good.

Jonah Gilingham, Grade 1 Mrs. Gordon’s Class Stanley Elementary All I want for Christmas is my two top teeth and games.

Austin Nelson, Grade 1 Ms. Scharf’s Class Stanley Elementary All I want for Christmas is my two bottom teeth and crayons, markers, and a green and purple chair.

Kayla Milas, G All I want for Christmas is my two bottom teeth and a snowboard and a CD player.

Dan Halterman, Grade 1 Ms. Scharf’s Class Stanley Elementary When I Think of Christmas When I think of Christmas I think of Jesus. Jesus is the number 1 reason for the season. There would be no Christmas without Christ. Christmas is not about fancy gifts. Jesus didn’t get a nice place to stay when he was born. Jeuss only got three gift frankincense gold, and myrrh. So this year don’t complain that you didn’t get what you wanted. Know that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Maranda Mahr, Grade 6 Boyd-Stanley Catholic Schools St. Joseph School The September 11th attacks changed everyone’s life. Christmas will be different for every family even the families in Afghanistan. Everyone will probably be home with their family this Christmas. They know that if they were in those planes or buildings they would be here today to be with their families this Christmas. You see people on TV showing pictures of their loved ones just hoping for a miracle to bring them back. Children’s parents were in those planes and buildings. Children ask “Is my daddy or Mommy going to be back for Christmas?” That’s why Christmas is going to be different this year. Holly Mertens, Grade 6 Boyd-Stanley Catholic Schools St. Joseph School Letter to Santa Dear Santa, I miss you a lot. I’ve been a little naughty.

Grade 2, Mrs. Buchholz’s Class Stanley Elementary

30 Years Ago December 12 ,1991

Stanley Sno Chargers erect bridge over the Wolf River off West First Avenue after decision by railroad makes the bridge necessary Obituaries: Sharon Savina (born 1947), Lester Rademaker (born 1908), Margaret Chwala (born 1950), Martin Kroeplin (born 1954), Marcella Luzinski (born 1934) WANTED: Will shovel snow. Reasonable rates. Call 644-****. Ask for Travis.

HELP WANTED: Part time cook. Inquire at Zastrow Care Center, 3531 Elder Driver, Gilman. See Margaret Lange, DM.

LIVESTOCK & PETS. For Sale: Large Holstein spinging heifers, vaccinated sand stanchion trained. Call 667-****.

NOTICE: Need a Christmas gift or personal items? Call me, the Avon Lady, Lois Hall, 644-**** or 667-****. I will deliver.

Human behavior as chronicled in the police report: EMS assistance call; disorderly conduct, battery, and furnishing intoxicants to underage people; Parking complaints behind bars on Broadway 40 Years Ago December 10, 1981 Parenthood Preparation Class Planned, To Begin Jan. 11 Jessica Lynn Logan baptized at Holy Family FFAAlumni To Sign Charter At Christmas Party 50 Years Ago December 9, 1971 Oriole Basketball Squad Ends 23 Game Losing Streak Joy reigned in Stanley and Boyd Friday night for all the basketball fans as the Stanley- Boyd squad ended a 23 game losing streak with a 6557 conference win over the Cadott Hornets.

It had been a long, dry spell for the Orioles, who last won a game in the 1969-70 season . On February 24., 1970 they defeated the Colby Hornets in a non-conference game by a 69-60 score and since then have been completely frustrated in their quest for a win. Ironically, their next win was also at the expense of a squad nicknamed “Hornets.”

Coach Larry Norrell said he was extremely impressed by the ay the boys came back in the second and third quarters and by their attitude.

60 Years Ago December 14, 1961 FURNACE SMOKES, FIREMEN CALLED A burned-out furnace motor, which caused the house to fill with smoke, resulted in a call to Stanley firemen from the Ed Fandry home on Gilman Street about 10 o clock Thursday night.

There were no flames, but some smoke damage resulted, the Republican is told.

Cadott Garage Loses Corner to Runaway Truck A CADOTT service station garage was missing one corner early Tuesday morning after being rammed by a runaway truck.

Karlen’s 66 Service, operated by former Stanleyite Clyde Karlen, was struck when a truck parked at a nearby restaurant started rolling down the grade and hit the corner of the building while the truck driver was having a cup of coffee,.

The driver, Robert M. of Monticello, MN, apparently heard the crash and went out to investigate, reported “no damage” and left.

WITH THE cooperation of the county sheriff and traffic department, the truck driver was located at Green Bay.

Damage to the southeast corner of the building was estimated at about $2000.

70 Years Ago December 6, 1951 Son of Former City Residents Featured Larry Notman is the subject t of a feature story in The Capital Times, Madison daily newspaper. The November 30 story tells of Notman’s work as publisher of a hobby magazine, “United Hobbies,” which now has a circulation over 3,000.

Notman is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Notman of Oshkosh, former Stanley residents, and the grandson of Mrs. L. R. Parrish.

The story tells of his interest in journalism beginning when he was nine years old, when his grandfather, the late L. R. Parrish, gave him a toy printing press. He is a student at the University School of Journalism and attended Oshkosh State College two years. He was editor of the campus newspaper at Oshkosh state college. He is studying community or country journalism.

Week’s Weather Pretty Rotten, Citizens Agree Nobody—but nobody— had a cheery word about the weather in these parts the latter part of last week or the first days of this week. There just wasn’t anything cheery about it.

Dank, rolling fog followed into this area the middle of last week a wave of warm weather and until Monday afternoon there was no sunshine to gladden hearts, no snow to brighten a thoroughly dirty and damp countryside, no frost to freeze up the muck that mired trucks and cars and busses on unpaved country roads.

Thickly overcast skies showed no break; dense evening fogs even got to hanging around all day; light mists made worse impossible road conditions.

City school busses bogged down, as did numerous cars and milk trucks attempting to pass over frost-free dirt roads. Even city motorists ex- perienced difficulty with their cars in dirt driveways and on “boulevards.” Fog made driving hazardous and contributed to several minor accidents. In some area, black-top roads were reported going through their “spring heave” – a few months early. Some cities’ streets were not immune to this either, as alternate freezings and thawings took hold.

Altogether, it was very un-winterlike weather.

On Monday afternoon the sun broke through momentarily as a wind rushed the clouds northward—only to be covered up again by a new overcoat which persisted through a night of high winds, gusting up to 40 miles an hour on occasions, drying out the area.

Tuesday dawned mostly cloudy, but fair weather forecasts turned out right, as the sunshine and blue skies returned, along with a somewhat chiller, but still above seasonal temperature.

Obit: Elizabeth Smith, age 95 of Thorp. Funeral at St. Bernard’s church.

80 Years Ago December 19, 1941 Harry, 21-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kramer of this city (Chippewa Falls), was killed in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Sunday, Dec. 7, according to a telegram received by his parents from the Navy Department. This is believed to be the first war casualty among men from Chippewa County.

Twenty-three young men from Chippewa County, have enlisted during the week. Those from outside the city include Freeman Springer of Stanley.

Thorp Pioneer Dies Sam Christenson, pioneer resident of Thorp, died at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Chippewa Falls, last Sunday. He was born in 1870 at Odensburg, Wis. And had been a resident of Thorp for 40 years, having a wide acquaintance among the people of this region and was beloved and respected by everybody. The funeral was conducted at Thorp, Tuesday.

90 Years Ago December 11, 1931 Chic Sale, Author of “The Specialist,” IS NOW IN TALKIES Charles (Chic) Sale, America’s foremost rural character actor, who is featured as the Grand Army veteran, the man who knew Lincoln, with Walter Huston and others in “The Star Witness,” the Warner Bros. picture plays at the Star Theater for three nights beginning Tuesday, was born in Huron, South Dakota, a few more than thirty years ago. His father was a practicing dentist.

CITY DADS FIX TAX RATE AT THREE AND FOURTH PER CENT Adopt Budget at Tuesday Evening Session of Approximately 67 Thousand Dollars At a session of the City Council on Tuesday evening the City Council adopted the budget on which to make the tax assessments for the year now drawing to a close. The amount of the city’s needs was found to be $66,994.59. The tax rate was fized at 3 ¼ per cent., one fourth per cent lower than during the past two years. While there may have been nothing in the needs of the city to justify such a re- duction, the city officials felt that a measure of economy was expected of the officials at this time and the reduction was made. The estimated expenses of the city for the coming year are as follows: County Taxes…$ 16,469.66 Appropriation for School…$19,000 Appropriation for Library…$ 2,500 Appropriation for Hospital…$ 750 Appropriation for Band…$850 Appropriation for Auditorium Bonds…$3,000 Appropriation for Sewer Bonds…$2,000 Appropriation for Sewer Overdraft…$300 Appropriation for Bank Refund…$1,000 Grace P. Moore Claim…$608.40 Interest on Street Lighting Bonds…$350 Interest on Auditorium Bonds…$1,350 Interest on Sewer Bonds…$120 Interest on Loans…$600 General City Government…$ 3,900 Protection to Person and Property…$2,850 Street Lighting…$3,350 Roadways, Streets, and Alleys….$ 2,500 Street and Highway Supervision…$ 1,500 Fire Truck…$1,841 Street Machinery and Tools…$500 Bridges…$200 Street Cleaning…$500 Garbage Collection…$150 Curbs and Gutters…$50 Crosswalks…$50 Snow and Ice Removal…$ 200 Weed Cutting…$25 City Parks and Cemetery…$ 500 Total…$66,994.59 Moved by Thomas and seconded by Horgen that the tax rate be fixed at 3 ¼ % on the equalized valuation of the city, for the year 1931. Carried on roll call. On motion of Fijalkiewicz and seconded by Schultz the budget for 1932 was adopted as read. Carried.

The estimated income of the city for the coming year is as follows: From Tax Roll, val- uation $1,673,200 @ 3 ¼ %…$54,379.00 From Income Tax…$1,900 From Auto Tax…$2,950 From Special City Taxes…$ 1,100 From Insurance Taxes…$ 300 From Telephone Taxes…$ 470 From State Aid for Streets….$1,370 From Police Court Fines…$200 From Sale of Cemetery Lots…$275 From Special License…$ 200 From Income from Auditorium and City Hall…$2,000 Total: $12,615.59 Tas roll: $54, 379.00 TOTAL: $66,994.59 100 Years Ago December 16, 1921 BUCKHORN’S CROSSING Locals Born to Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Foster on December 6, a baby girl.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Gilreath on December 10, a baby girl.

James Emery was a business caller at Stanley Thursday.

Wm. Warner was a Gilman caller Wednesday.

Howard Hendricks of Cadott is a Buckhorn’s visitor this week.

We hear the farmers of Hannibal and Buckhorns are going to build a cheese factory at Hannibal in the near future.

Claire Warner of Jump River seems to have a lot of business around Buckhorns on Sunday.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jed Royce on December 12, a baby boy.

110 Years Ago December 9, 1911 BUCKHORN’S CROSSING Locals (more evidence of location) The Frenchman worked for H. Carey three days and was fired as a result of his not being able to speak English.

The Warner school has received numerous supplies during the last week.

Sliding down hill has become quite an amusement in the neighborhood.

120 Years Ago December 21, 1901 (Part 2 of the library dedication) Following the exercises, an informal reception was held at the Library where wives of the members of the library board and their friends served Russian Tea.

Words are inadequate to reproduce the expression of admiration and commendations which were uttered at the reception. Secretary Hutchins declared that for a building of its size, it had no equal in the state and that the selection of books was the best he had ever seen. Stout pronounced the building and equipment superior to anything he had seen in a city of its size and that the building was superior in every way to the famous Tainter Memorial Library at Menomonie. Hundreds of Stanley people were formally presented Hundreds of Stanley to Mrs. Moon expressed their gratitude in terms that greatly pleased the generous lady.

The visitors returned to their homes on the evening train voicing the opinion that Stanley is one of the most favored spots in the universe.

Real Estate Transfers: Warranty Deed.—Ole H. Ledum and wife to Sallie F. Moon part of SE 1/4 of SW 1/4, 25-29-5 W. Elsewhere: Naval officer loses his commission for deserting bride at altar, based on letter shown to war secretary. Woman in seclusion.