Posted 8/18/21

A LOOK Back FROM THE FILES OF THE STANLEY REPUBLICAN COMPILED BY JOSEPH BACK Stanley Look Backs for August 19, 2021 30 Years Ago August 15, 1991 Fire Department Responds To Four Calls During Past …

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Stanley Look Backs for August 19, 2021

30 Years Ago August 15, 1991

Fire Department Responds To Four Calls During Past Week The Stanley Fire Department has a busy afternoon, Sunday, Aug. 11th, responding to three calls within a few hours. Monday afternoon they were called out again.

The first call on Sunday

came in at 1:15 p.m. from the Grant Street Apartments where a subject was experiencing medical problems. The B-E-D Ambulance and Stanley Police assisted. Firemen were on the scene for a half hour.

The second call was received at 1:25 p.m. Vehicles driven by Dave Acker, Jr. and Bill Patten were involved in an accident on County NN, south of STH 29 in the Township of Edson. Firemen were on the scene for 1 ½ hours. The State Patrol and B-E-D Ambulance assisted. Minor injuries were reported in the incident.

Contest outcome at Fall Festival: Chelsey Brown is crowned the new Miss Stanley.

40 Years Ago August 13, 1981 Zip Plus 4: No Worry For the Average Mailer Zip Plus 4 has arrived in Stanley, but most postal service patrons needn’t get concerned according to postmaster Don Gillette.

Zip Plus 4 slips with the additional 4 digit routing number were sent to boxholders and business customers Tuesday. The first two digits of the addi tional four numbers break the city down into four sectors, divided by Broadway and 4th Ave. The last two numbers designate the side of the street and block the mail goes to.

The Zip Plus 4 codes are read by an optical scanner machine, which can only read numbers printed by a special computer. The machine cannot read Zip Plus 4 codes written in handwriting or typewritten.

Historical Newspaper Photos And Articles Available For Owners People who loaned their photos and articles for use in the Centennial historical newspaper will be able to pick their pictures up beginning Monday, August 17th.

The photos and articles will be available at Knar Ford Sales.

Front page obit: Thomas Naus, 26, of Boyd, dies in car crash at Wilson.

50 Years Ago August 19, 1971 Sister Carol Zais Takes Final Vows At Milwaukee Sister Carol Jean Zais, S. D. S., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Math Zais, Rt. 2, Boyd, took her final vows as a mem ber of the Sisters of the Divine Savior on Sunday, August 8th.

Along with two other nuns, Sister Carol Jean pronounced her vows during an eleven a.m. Mass at the American headquarters of the Sisters of the Divine Savior in Milwaukee. Members of her immediate family were present for the ceremony and witnessed her public pledge of service. The taking of final vows is the last

in a series of stages of involvement in a religious Order, and

insures definitive membership

in that groups.

Sister Carol graduated from Sacred Heart Grade School, Edson, in 1958. After attending Divine Savior High School in 1962, she entered the convent in 1962.

Sister Carol Jean earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Marquette University in 1968. At present, she teaches second grade at St. Pius X grade school, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

SCOOTING AROUND STANLEY WITH JOE (Fazendin) Parents are reminded that this coming Saturday will be the last day that a lifeguard will be on duty at the Chapman Park beach. After that, you will be swimming at your own risk. ** Next Wednesday another school year begins. What can one say but to remind drivers to use extreme care when driving. Many of the smaller youngsters and as I saw last year, a great number of the older ones walk out into the streets and look after they reach the other side. So, let’s all be cautious.

60 Years Ago August 17, 1961

STANLEY AREA SCHOOLS TO OPEN TUESDAY, SEPT. 5 AT 8:25 The Stanley area Schools this year will include the following City, Village, and Rural Schools Lincoln School—Kindergarten, grades 1 and 4.

Junior High School (old high school building), grades 5 and 8.

Boyd School—Kindergarten, grades 1 through 8.

Huron School— Grades 1 through 8. New High School—grades 9 through 12.

Electives of Yestyear!

Agriculture; Home Economics; Industrial Arts; Citizenship; Speech; Music (Band and Vocal”; Driver Education; Typing; Algebra I; Algebra (Advanced); 10th grade Geometry (for those who have completed Algebra); German I; Office Practice; Typing I;

Art; Bookkeeping; Shorthand (1 yr. typing required); German II (Correspondence); Physics; Trigonometry (Solid Geometry); Senior Science; Chemistry (Advanced); 12th Grade English; Social Problems; and Shorthand (Advanced).

70 Years Ago August 16, 1951 Walter Brovald Speaks in ‘Your Editor Gets Behind the 8-Ball’ I’m not a whiz-bang at history, but if there’s any senator that’s ever lived who has done a wholesale job of tearing this country and its freedoms down, piece by piece, than Joe McCarthy, I just haven’t heard of him. McCarthy’s shown us how easy it is for a Hitler to succeed, how easy it is for one man, taking undue advantage of freedoms that are his, to nullify those freedoms to a truly dangerous point. What the rest of the world—never truly convinced of the durability of our democracy—must think of the kind of justice our Senator Joe McCarthy is meting out right now! ***** I purposely used the expression “our senator” just now because he is ours—he belongs to the people of the State of Wisconsin, and I don’t blame you for shuddering at seeing that fact in black and white. Wisconsin has always been a progressive state, and by virtue of old Bob LaFollette, has had a particularly hallowed place in the United States Senate. But listen to the cries of Senator Lehman (N.Y.), Benton (Conn.), et al, on the senate floor, fed up,

asking that something be done with McCarthy. Read the nation’s great newspapers, the news magazines—how they ride him and ridicule him. ***** All of this, however, is what Joe McCarthy wants, I think. This hullabaloo, this playing the role of underdog, this opportunity to claim that he stands alone in a world of Red (communist) sin and subterfuge. He got an ego the size of the Pentagon. ***** I’m a Republican, sure. I would like to see the Democratic administration (of Harry Truman) riddled of all its Communistic elements, sure. I grant that whitewashes and cover-ups make the job tough. But Republican or no, I still believe there’s a way to get the job done without wild name-calling and vile smearing tactics that make a farce of our senate, nation, our state. If there isn’t room in this democracy of ours for a sane way of meeting and defeating our enemies, then we had best turn the whole thing, lock, stock, and barrel, over to the Joe McCarthy’s of the world…It’s either McCarthyism from here to eternity—or it’s the demonstration, by the voters of this nation, of real faith in America and its principles. ***** Back to the local scene for a postscript to that “vacation column” which appeared in last week’s issue of the Republican. The day after I wrote that glowing account of our cottage by the lake, the sloshing of the waves, the cool evening breezes, the wife and I went swimming and then sunbathing on the beach. The result: one of the prettiest, blisterest, itchiest sunburns that ever scorched a Brovald back. Brother, a thing like that should not happen even to Joe McCarthy! For the balance of the vacation our cottage was filled with aroma of ointments

and lotion, the wastebasket

filled with gauze dressings

and peeled skin…Despite all, however, the vacation was grand; I got a lot of rest, anyway.

(Note: Brovald had previously expressed that McCarthy’s many charges, “if true,” deserved to be looked into).

80 Years Ago August 15. 1941 HOTEL BAR COPS CITY SOFT BALL CHAMPIONSHIP Defeat Long Stores Two Out of Three Games in Play-Off To Clinch the Title.

JOBS ARE PLENTIFUL ON NATION’S FARMS People who refuse to accept employment on farms will be denied assistance form the county relief funds by many counties in the state. At present there is a great shortage of labor on the farms while many people are unemployed.

Dwight D. Lockerby, former Eau Claire mayor, dies by suicide with firearm after

being in poor health.

Hoisery mills in Philadelphia have been closed because of a shortage of silk, due to lack of shipments from Japan.

Farm employment in the U.S. reached an all time high in June with 38,790,000, an increase of 480,000 from May.

D. RHEELS NAMED STANLEY HIGH ATHLETIC DIRECTOR The Board of Educaiton last week announced the appointment of Dale Rheels as Athletic Director of Stanley High school to replace C. LaDusire, who resigned last spring. It was formerly announced that “Blackie” O’Brien of Chippewa Falls had been signed, but he chose instead a job with a commercial firm.

Mr. Rheels had an impressive record at Platteville Normal, where he was captain of both foot ball and basket ball teams. He served as assistant coach at Beloit and then took over the coaching duties at Withee High school, where he turned out some good teams.

SIMENSONS HAVE FAMILY REUNION AT IRVINE PARK Large Attendance At Delightful Gathering. To Make It An Annual Affair.

A family reunion of Simensons was held Sunday at Irvine Park, Chippewa Falls. It was the first ever held and

a large crowd attended. It was decided to make it an annual affair, and hereafter the get-together will be held on the third Sunday in August.


An Appreciative Audience Listens to a Musical Treat Rendered by Local Talent.