Booth and Beyond

Posted 12/29/21

FROM THE CORNER What a wonderful December 23 edition of this newspaper. It certainly captured the essence of the havoc the tornado caused in our community, the Stanley Strong attitude of the victims, …

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Booth and Beyond



What a wonderful December 23 edition of this newspaper. It certainly captured the essence of the havoc the tornado caused in our community, the Stanley Strong attitude of the victims, the great local and area responsiveness to a community in need and the generosity of people from near and far, in the time of need. I would like to second the opinion of Editor John McLoone, who last week complimented reporter Joe Back, in his “My View” column, on the reporting Joe did in that edition. It is indeed a historical piece of work on the first EF2 tornado to ever hit the City of Stanley. Joe is a man of few spoken words when you try to talk to him, but his writing in the December 23 edition proves he doesn’t lack the skill in chronicling an event of this magnitude for posterity. We have had several tornadoes go south of Stanley, during my 79 years of memory, but never one that hit Stanley directly. *** During the tornado and its aftermath, the work of the Stanley Police and Fire Departments was indeed commendable and all the support they received from area emergency services is also commendable. There is indeed a bond that exists between individuals in these professions that extends beyond borders. Their pledge “To Serve” was indeed evident during the crisis our community experienced. *** I want to conclude my comments on the tornado by giving a personal thank you to the Huron Tavern and Shady Nook Resort for the hot coffee and food provided our household on Thursday and Friday. Thursday night, a knock on our door brought us a hot dish and Friday volunteers came with hot coffee in the morning, a chicken dinner for lunch and a ham dinner for supper. How nice to have a hot meal in our own home by candlelight, when you’re without electricity. And they profusely refused my attempts to provide some monetary payment for their service. *** Congratulations to Stanley native Jen (Haas) Barney, who on Sunday evening December 19, was named a three-time Food Network champion. You will recall from a previous article in this column that Jen lives at rural Stoddard and has been in the bakery business since 2015. Until April 2020, when she opened her Meringue Bakery and Cafe at 313 Main Street in the heart of downtown La Crosse, she operated out of her home. As one of three members of Team Dough Angels they finished first in the third season of the Food Networks “Holiday Wars.” The contest was filmed in Park City, Utah and was shown in eight episodes during November and December. The competition began with nine teams, with one being eliminated each week. The “Holiday Wars” championship win awarded her team with a $25,000 grand prize. Barney’s previous wins in Food Network competitions came in 2017 when she won “Season 4 Holiday Baking Championship” and in 2018 when she and a teammate won the Food Networks “Season 5 Holiday Baking Championship Homecoming Special” contest. As I have also mentioned previously in this column, we have visited her business and enjoyed some of her bakery products during a pre-pandemic visit to La Crosse in 2019. It’s well worth your effort to make this a destination stop when your visiting La Crosse. *** I read with horror a December 8 story, of a four year old child from Bowler, WI, being attacked by a family pit bull, the mother going to the rescue and her being brutally attacked by the dog and her death following. I may be biased, but I fail to understand why a family with small children would select a pit bull as the family pet. There are just to many stories of this bred of dog attacking people. There are communities that ban this bred of dog. *** It is nice to see that this year we have Christmas decorations on the light poles south of the Highway 29 bridge, to the city limits. In the past only one decoration had been placed in that area of the city. Good job, whoever saw to this happening. *** Did you have a good Christmas? I hope so, as Christmas should be a time for memories. Do you remember your all time favorite gift? Your favorite family gathering? Perhaps memories are quit different depending on one’s age. When did you loose your Santa Claus belief? What was your favorite Christmas church service? What were your favorite school or church Christmas programs? Take a little time and reflect back and see if you can answer these questions? *** Congratulations to Jim Ericksen on his being selected to fill out Tom Thornton’s position on the Chippewa County Board of Supervisors. He will serve out the remaining three months of Thornton’s term necessitated by Thornton’s passing. Ericksen and former Stanley Fire Chief Ron Zais were interviewed for the position by County Board Chairman Dean Gullickson, Board Member Glen Sikorski and County Administrator Randy Scholz. Ericksen has also taken out papers to fill the newly created Coun ty Board seat to represent Stanley and will stand for election in April. Jim is well known in the community after owning Ericksen’s True-Value Hardware Store for 32 years, he has served on the Library Board and is the treasurer of the Stanley Area Historical Society. His great uncle Ed Roe, of Stanley fame, served on the Chippewa County Board for years and as its chairman for seven years. *** Happy New Year! If you’re going out, be safe and use good judgment. We want you to continue reading The Stanley Republican. Here are a few New Years wishes: That the victims of the tornado stay strong. That the money donated by so many is distributed fairly, perhaps helping pay insurance deductibles for the victims of this tragedy. *** Smile time. Ever notice how many towns are named after their water tower? +++ It’s weird being the same age as old peo- ple. +++ The five stages of a woman's life: 1.) To grow up. 2.) To fill out. 3.) To slim down. 4.) To hold it in. 5.) To hell with it. +++ A grandmother is giving directions to her grown grandson, who is coming to visit with his wife. “You come to the front door, I am apartment 14T. There is a big panel at the door. With your elbow push button 14 T. I will buzz you in. Come inside, the elevator is on the right. Get in, and with your elbow hit 14. When you get out, I am on the left. With your elbow, hit my doorbell.” “Grandma, that sounds easy, but why am I hitting all the buttons with my elbow?” “You’re coming empty handed?” +++ I used to have a handle on things, then it broke. +++ Patient 1: Why did you run away from the operation table? Patient 2: “The nurse kept saying “Don’t get nervous.” “Be strong.” “This is only a small operation.” things like that. Patient 1: “So what was wrong in that? Why were you so afraid?” Patient 2: “She was talking to the surgeon!”