Posted 6/16/21

The new Stanley Community Center made its debut at the Truck and Tractor Pull on Saturday, June 12. The building was very impressive to most of the visitors in attendance. I know the city crew, the …

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The new Stanley Community Center made its debut at the Truck and Tractor Pull on Saturday, June 12. The building was very impressive to most of the visitors in attendance. I know the city crew, the mayor, and some other council members worked hard to have it ready for the weekend. A salute goes out to all the folks who worked so hard to get the truck pull track and rodeo grounds ready for the two back to back weekends that bring so many people to our community. Reports I have heard indicate the crowd was the largest ever at a truck pull. Beautiful weather and a great event bring em out!

*** In my June 3 column, I reported that according to the Social Security Administration one third of 65 year old’s will hit age 90, and 1 in 7 will live beyond age 95. In case you didn’t notice this newspaper in recent weeks has had congratulatory messages from three families that have had their relative reach age 100.

Congratulations to these three lovely ladies, Florence Wald, Helen Pagel and Gina Buhr. Working at Victory Memorial Hospital must have had an effect on longevity, as Florence and Helen both worked at the local hospital for many years. Florence still lives alone, Helen recently moved to the Veteran’s Home in Chippewa Falls and Gina now lives at Chippewa Manor Apartments.

*** Lions Clubs International began in June 1917, when Melvin Jones, a young Chicago insurance agent, presented a group of separate business clubs the idea of consolidating their individual clubs into one strong influential club with the goal of helping the community and serving humanity. Wisconsin's first Lion Club was organized in Milwaukee in 1921, thus Wisconsin Lions are this year celebrating 100 years of “REACHING-TOUCHINGIMPROVING LIVES.” The Stanley Lions Club was formed in 1946 under the sponsorship of the Cornell Lions Club. The Stanley Lions have thus been serving our community for 75 years and will be holding a celebration of the anniversary later this year.

*** The United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley has announced that it plans to invest $1 million annually between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2025 in “programs that address mental health prevention and intervention, school readiness, employment skills and personal money management, as well as serving basic needs of food, shelter, (and) basic medical and dental care in Chippewa and Eau Claire counties. The funding will be available to programs, via grants, that focus their work in the stated intervention areas.

*** Did you know that according to, the average American spends $5,264 a year on owning a vehicle. The average monthly cost of owning a car in Wisconsin is $250 to $350 per month, while in neighboring Minnesota the cost is more than $500 per month. Minnesota, Michigan, Texas, Arizona, Utah, and Florida, area among the most expensive states in which to own a car. Michigan is the most costly at $775 per month.

*** ABATE is an organization of motorcyclists that promotes safety for motorcycle riders. I have mentioned before in this column, seeing large billboards pleading for drivers of other vehicles to drive safely and be alert when one encounters motorcyclists. Why is this important? Well, I recently came across an article that indicated that in 2018 (the most recent data available) motorcyclists killed in crashes numbered 4,985. That is why motorcyclist need to have people watch out for them. A few things we can all do is be especially alert on weekends when more cyclists are out, be alert at intersections, check your mirrors before changing lanes, and provide cyclists plenty of room to maneuver. The same safety tips apply to cyclists, in addition to not driving after drinking and that they wear proper clothing and safety equipment.

*** Volunteers Rock!! If you were in the vicinity of Chapman Park any night last week you would have seen a small army of volunteers getting everything ready for the 17th Annual Stanley Truck & Tractor Pull on Saturday, June 12, and the Rodeo to be held the following Friday and Saturday, June 18 and 19. The new Stanley Community Center building was turned over to the city on Wednesday, June 9. Wednesday evening the blacktopping patchwork began with that work on W. 8th Avenue, which was tore up when the water and sewer lines were enlarged last year.

*** With the extremely dry weather a ride around the community any evening saw many out watering their flowers. We need rain

very badly. So far, the lawns continue to grow and need mowing weekly. First crop hay is being harvested in the countryside and

the cut fields could sure use rain to give the second crop a good

start. *** Panda Gardens is back open. Some health issues closed them down for a period of time. Stanley area residents can again have their choice of Italian (Martino’s), Panda Gardens (Chinese), Cantina Margarita’s (Mexican) and of course American cruise at Kelly’s, Debbie’s on Broadway, the Bowling Alley, and Kutzee’s. And then there is always Stanley IGA, Kwik-Trip, McDonald’s and A& W for those who desire fast food. *** Also, a shout out goes to the summer city employees hired to mow all the parks and an assortment of other properties in the city that are taken care of to improve the aesthetics of the city. Our city was a showplace for the first of two big weekends of visitors

coming to Stanley for the Truck Pull and Rodeo. And our school properties couldn’t be better taken care of. The lawns are always groomed and in great shape. Thank you to those employees who keep things looking good.

*** Smile time. Never trust an electrician with no eyebrows. +++ Brain cells, hair cells, and skin cells – they all die constantly, but fat cells seem to have eternal life… +++ Tip of the day: Blow on the wine in your coffee mug – to convince the rest of the zoom meeting that it’s tea. +++ Attention! Don’t wear headphones while vacuuming! I've just finished the whole house and realized

the vacuum wasn’t even plugged in. +++ Pre-cooking tip: If you stir coconut oil into your kale, it makes it easier to scrape it in the trash. +++ Before 2020, we were pretty wild! Remember how we used to eat cake after someone had blown the candles out?

Crazy times! +++ Every woman’s dream is that a man will take her in his arms, throw her into bed and clean the house while she sleeps. +++ I put the thingamabob inside the whatchamacallit.

Turned the doohickey and the wuteveritis still doesn’t work. Any ideas? +++ Better to have loved and divorced …. than to be stuck with an idiot forever. +++ For an additional $4.95, we will provide a receipt that matches whatever you told your spouse you paid. +++ Life is messy. It isn’t a color within-the-lines. It’s a wild invitation full of uncertain outcomes.