Revaluation coming to Thorp

Posted 9/29/21

New employee, changed interior among visit highlights by Joseph Back “It all depends on the cost of money,' Thorp town assessor Michael Barna explained of a coming prop erty revaluation to the …

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Revaluation coming to Thorp


New employee, changed interior among visit highlights

by Joseph Back

“It all depends on the cost of money,' Thorp town assessor Michael Barna explained of a coming prop erty revaluation to the Thorp town board at its Sep tember meeting. Meeting prior to adjournment, the town board covered many different topics, including the hire of a replacement for departing town roads man Loren Gukvnski. recent sale of Express Disposal, property valuations for taxation purposes, and a pre buy LP bid.

'No sense in making him wait til midnight.' Chairman Louis Andruszkiewicz said of a brief adjournment of the regular meeting to receive an update from the town assessor, followed with reconvening the regular meeting. So what might be on the books shortly for Town of Thorp residents?

'It all depends on the cost of money,' tow n assessor Barna said of a property revaluation coming to Thorp


I horp town officials and the public listen to assessor Michael Barna recenth as he explains the details of an upcoming revaluation for property in the I own of Thorp. Past town chair Ron W undraw is below the Hag at left. Seated around the table from left to right, meanwhile, arc treasurer Rita Dcrks, < lerk Arlene Kodl, Chairman Louis Andrus/kicwicz, Supers isor Jack Leja, Supervisor Andy Slow ink. and ness part-time hire Jerry Nowobielski. who will replace departing roads man I.oren (iulcvnski. Photo by Joseph Rack soon. With agricultural land value tied to things like corn and other prices and thus fixed at a rise or fall of three percent, residential housing was and is different.

“It depends on market value,” Barna said of those who might happen to own non-agricultural land in Thorp. With interest rates down somewhat from the 1970s, Barna had a market-driven observation to make.

“Banks are in there to make money, they’re not there to please you,” he said of the practice of charging a certain percentage of money (i.e. “interest”) to borrow the same. Pending a complete assessment roll the, the Town of Thorp’s open book will be Tuesday, October 19, 2021 from 5p.m. to 7p.m., while its Board of Review will be Tuesday, November 2, 2021 from 8p.m. to 10p.m.

First up after calling the regular town meeting back to order was a new hire. Roads man Loren Gulcynski has left for employment to the south in Willard, while Edson worker Jerry Nowobielski was hired part-time by the town, to start as soon as able after the town meeting.

Meanwhile and also reported at the September meeting for Thorp was that Express Disposal had been sold to GFL.

“Will Express still run the plant?” Chairman Andruszkiewicz wondered aloud of the change made official as of August 1 affecting Tieman Avenue and local customers. The website for GFL Environmental at answered some questions readers might be asking just now.

First, Express customers can count on service scheduling, prices, contracts and partnerships all remaining “business usual.”

Second, while things will remain “business as usual” for the present, the trucks will be getting a new logo and paint switch to go with the change. Employees will get new uniforms, and customer invoices will have “GFL branding.”

Third, although the name and look will change, customers “can rely on (GFL) to continue delivering the safe, high-quality local service” they’ve come to know and expect from Express. Customers can continue to contact their local branch, and the new website is gflenv. com.

“If you need support, service information, or any other details about GFL, this is where you’ll find them.,” the website states.

Finally, the new owner of Express faciliteies states that “as a GFL customer, you’ll have access to our online customer portal, MyAccount, where you can easily manage your services, billing, payment preferences and more from one central source. More information and step-by-step setup guidelines can be found on our website at and you’ll be able to link your account with your new account number which will appear on your first GFL invoice.”

Welcome to the future with GFL Environmental, now taking over for Express Disposal for local trash and recycling issues.