10 Years Ago July 21, ….

Posted 7/21/21

10 Years Ago July 21, 2011 Police reports Reported attempt made by man to steal a packet of cigarettes. Remark made that children were with man. The man did not leave the store without paying after …

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10 Years Ago July 21, ….


10 Years Ago July 21, 2011

Police reports Reported attempt made by man to steal a packet of cigarettes. Remark made that children were with man. The man did not leave the store without paying after the employee confronted him.

Woman pushes shopping cart into vehicle at Family Dollar.'Officer'notes'that'this'

is a civil matter.

Two BMWs breaking the speed laws were reported traveling from Thorp westbound on 29. Vehicles not located. Incident report passed on to Cadott police department.

An 18-year-old driver was cited for violation of license restrictions as she had an instructional permit and no licensed driver seated next to her. Also cited for curfew violation.

Officers' notified' by' Chip pewa County of possibly intoxicated driver in silver vehicle on 29. Information later passed on to Clark County.

A 20-year-old woman was issued a citation for operating a motor vehicle without insurance.

Caller stated that he was working when two people came in and asked if the man was working, saying they were going'to'beat'him'up.'Officers'

then went to suspect’s homes, but did not make contact.

Parking lot confrontation reported by woman over man with suspended license in mutual friend’s car. Man stated he had permission to be in the vehicle so long as he didn’t drive it.

Man' reported' fight' with'

his ex-girlfriend over property dispute that became a pushing match.

A 45-year-old Cadott woman was cited for traveling 35 mph in a 25 mph zone.

Anonymous complaint received of man yelling profanities at children in 200 block of Franklin Street. No such man was'located'by'officers.

20 Years Ago July 19, 2001

A Hornet in the Bee’s Nest By David Boyea Well it’s July, and that means football is just around the corner. Soon we will be able to see pre-season football, and then complain about how long it is taking for the real NFL season to start.

There is something special about this season. This will be the last season that the NFL will be comprised of two divisions consisting of three divisions each. And after the 2001 NFL Season is over, there will no longer be an NFC Central Division, or AFC Central Division.

I’m sure most of you out there don’t care about the AFC Central, but the NFC Central is the Green Bay Packer’s Division. What will become of the Packers?

If you don’t already know, the NFL will once again expand at the end of the 2001 season. Entering the league will be the new Houston Texans, bringing the total number of NFL teams to 32. At that time, the NFL will realign, going to four divisions per conference. The conference divisions will be named east, north, south, and west.

This has been needed for some time… Ele’s Flowers To Open Tuesday, July 24, At Reit’s Location (photo) Sara Henzl has purchased' the' floral' business'

from Reit’s Floral and Greenhouse. The new name will be

Ele's' Flowers,' and' will' offi cially open on Tuesday, July 24. Ele’s Flowers will be located in the present Reit’s building until the end of August. With the completion of Reit’s new building on Urquhart Road, Ele’s Flowers will be relocated along with Reit’s Garden Center.

30 Years Ago July 18, 1991 South Worden News By Mrs. Don Miller Mr. and Mrs. Gene Johnson attended the funeral services for Gene’s aunt Hazel (Robinson) Seibarth in Walworth last Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Henderson and Chuck and Deb Winger, Joey, Josh, and Jennie enjoyed a camping and sight-seeing trip from last Wednesday until Saturday. Wednesday they camped at Rocky Arbor State Park and went to see Story Book Gardens and the Indian Pow Wow at Wisconsin Dells. On Thursday they took the upper and lower boat rides at the Dells and then went to Wyalusing State Park near Prairie du Chien to spend the night. Friday they visited the Kickapoo Caverns at Wauzeka and then went on to Merrick State Park to spend the night. On Saturday they visited Laura Ingall’s home in Pepin before returning home.

Pat and Orville Manier and Wilfred Mohr visited at the home of Terri and Randy Acker on Monday evening and helped Terri celebrate her birthday.

40 Years Ago July 16, 1981 Wedding: Karen Jacobson to Dean Spaeth on June 20 at Sacred Heart in Edson Area Jehovah’s Witnesses To Attend Convention More than 100 district conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses will be held throughout the United States during June, July and August, according to a spokesman for the group.

Alfred Molle, a minister of the Withee congregation, said that more than one million delegates are anticipated at these “Kingdom Loyalty” District Conventions that will be held in 67 Cities across the country.' Seventy-five' from'

the local group will be among them.

(According to the “About Us” section at JW.org, Jehovah’s Witnesses preach Jesus as the “Son of God,” by which they mean a teaching similar to that of Arius of Alexan- dria,'in'which'Jesus'is'the'first'

created being. Father Arius appealed to John 14:28 and Proverbs 8 while his orthodox adversaries Bishop Alexander and the young deacon Athanasius appealed in part of John 10:30, the Council of Nicaea upholding the latter.

In line with upholding Je- sus'to'be'the'first'created'be ing as opposed to Almighty God made man, meanwhile, Witnesses further decline “to venerate the cross or any other images” made of matter. Regarding hell they teach an ‘annihilationist’ view as per their official'website.'According'to'

this view, the wicked “cease to exist” at death).

50 Years Ago July 22, 1971

Engaged… (photo) Linda Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Dayton H. Hunt wish to announce the engagement of their daughter Linda Marie to Donald Ray Hakes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hakes.

Linda attended the Eau Claire District One Technical Institute which she completed in June, 1971.

Donald served two years in the United States Army. He completed a year’s tour of duty in Vietnam in January, 1971. He is presently engaged in farming.

Both are graduates of the Stanley-Boyd High School.

An October 2nd wedding is being planned.

Engaged… (photo) Deborah Cesafsky Mr. and Mrs. Anton Cesafsky announce the engagement of their daughter, Deborah, to Michael Driessen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Driessen.

The future bride and groom are both 1968 graduates of the Stanley-Boyd High School. They are presently seniors at Stout State University, Menomonie.

An August 14 wedding will be held at the Holy Family South Church.

60 Years Ago July 20, 1961 Thorp Voters Nix School Bond Proposal Voters in the Thorp school district turned thumbs down on an $878,000 bond issue for school building, at a special election Friday.

The bond issue would have provided money for a new four-year high school building and equipment.

Interest in the Clark county city ran high, with some 800 voters turning out to defeat the proposed bond issue, 507 to 293.

Crowded conditions in the present school facilities brought about the special election. The district has been forced to transport some students to rural school buildings, where many of the classes are held.

Voters in the district, which includes the city of Thorp, and towns of Butler, Hixton, Mead, Reseburg, Thorp, Withee and Worden, approved a site for a new school in the south side of the city in May. But apparently some dissension still exists and was re- flected'in'Friday's'voting.

School Moving Starts; Equipment Coming Moving Day came – at long last – for the Stanley high school yesterday, when the first'loads'of'equipment'were'

moved form the old to the new building.

Equipment to be moved includes books, science equipment, typewriters, and some furniture.

Most of the furniture at the new high school will be new. The school board’s purchasing committee Tuesday ordered new student and teacher's' desks,' files,' art' and'

drafting desks, and bookkeeping desks.

Bleachers for the new gymnasium are expected to come in today, along with the big folding door which will divide'the'gym'floor'into'two'

sections for physical education purposes.

With the gym divided, boys’ and girls’ phy ed classes can be held simultaneously.

Student lockers are expected to be delivered about August 1, according to Supt. Lincoln Halverson.

The new building has not been formally accepted yet, the Republican has been told, but' school' and' city' officials'

have the architect’s OK to start moving in.

70 Years Ago July 19, 1951 Math G. Lauer Dies At His Home Here On Sunday Math G. Lauer, wellknown town of Delmar and Stanley resident, died at his home Sunday July 15, at 6:15 p.m. Family and friends were aware that death was imminent for Mr. Lauer suffered several months, of a lingering illness.

Born in Grenrod, Rhineland, Germany, March 18, 1883, he came to the United States at the age of three. The family settled in the town of Delmar and he lived there all his life, except for the last three years, since he retired and has lived at 847 N. Franklin St.

He was married to Clara Wiensch of Rosellville at St. Anne’s Church in 1907.

Mr. Lauer was one of the highly respected men of the Delmar community, where his ambition and integrity were well-known.

He was a devout member of St. Anne’s Church.

Surviving are his widow and eight children: Mrs. Adolph (Bertha) Eckert, Wilmington, Calif.; Norbert at home; Mrs. Claybourne (Loretta) Jankoski, Stanley; Mrs. Leonard (Eleanore) Roehling; Chippewa Falls; Joseph, Detroit; Mrs. Herman (Lillian) Seidling, Boyd; Mrs. Robert (Elaine) Northrup, and Earl, Chippewa Falls; also 10 grandchildren and one sister, Mrs. Michael (Lucy) Mc-Gann, Hollandale, two brothers, John of Stanley and Jake of Bellingham, Wash.

Father Edwin Knauf offered the funeral mass at St. Anne’s church, Wednesday morning. Burial was in St. Mary’s cemetery.

Six nephews acted as pallbearers.

To Preach Last Sermon Sunday (Photo cutout of Rev. J. N. Midtlien).

The Reverend J. N. Midtlien will preach his farewell sermon to the congregation he has served for 38 years, Our Savior’s Lutheran, on Sunday at the ten o’clock service. Reverend Midtlien, who is deeply moved by the thought of a farewell sermon, says he will take his sermon theme from Philippians, the first' chapter,' "Thank' God' for'

remembrance of you.”

120 Years Ago July 20, 1901

FIRE DEPARTMENT One is organized in Stanley by special enactment of the Council.

To be Under the Control of the Mayor and Council. A Rigid System of Discipline.

Elsewhere we publish the ordinance No. 26 passed by the council at its last meeting and approved by the Mayor. The ordinance is similar to that in force in other cities, provided with a volunteer service.

It provides that the members shall be recommended to the council by a Chief who has been appointed by the Mayor and approved by the council. The chief’s recommendation are subject to the same approval. The members are to receive $24 per year each for their services. They are to be fourteen in number, which number we consider unnecessarily large. They are required to present themselves twice each month at stated times for practice.'Absence' from' a' fire'

shall subject a member to a


The' fire' department…

means business for all who identify with it. While the work is not arduous or irksome, those who attend to it in the proper spirit will earn $24 per year.

(Five section ordinance approved July 16, 1901 and assigned by Mayor L.I. Roe listed in next column over).

Also 120 Years Ago THE MIRROR Put out by the inmates of the Stillwater Prison Stillwater, Minnesota Motto: “It is never too late to mend” July 18, 1901 NEWS WITHIN THE WALLS Some one played a practical joke on the waiters in the lower dining room Sunday afternoon, by turning on the steam radiators full blast. The men worked for an hour or more in the heat before the cause was discovered.

This is the time of the year when prison life is hardest to bear; when the never ceasing discipline becomes irksome, and when the daily court call averages pretty high. It is dif- ficult'to'keep'oneself'up'to'the'

scratch when the mercury is in the 90’s, for heat relaxes and tries the temper of even steel rails. It is in the hot season that men, ordinarily scrupulous regarding their record, get down in the mouth and ask themselves if it is worth while to try to keep free from black marks in the book of the deputy warden. To these men this opinion on the subject is addressed.

Putting the moral aspect of the subject entirely to one side for the time being, we believe it is eminently worth while for a prisoner—particularly a long-term man—to have a good record. It certainly makes life more pleasant for him while he is here, and we believe that it is considered after his release. This has just been illustrated in a striking manner: When the Younger brothers (from the Jesse James' gang' at' Northfield)'

were sent to prison the entire state of Minnesota was actively incensed against them, and there can be no doubt that their release was due absolutely to their having kept a clean record during their imprisonment. By implicit obedience they' won' the' confidence' of' the'officials'and'in'the'course' of' time' that' confidence' was' transmitted'to'influential'men' throughout the state, who in turn commenced to work for the release of the prisoners (continued discourse)… 129 Years Ago THE DAILY INDPENDENT May 7, 1892 REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS Recorded' in' the' Office' of'

the Register of Deeds Francis Boyd, and wife to Louis Kopp, lots 2 and 3, block 14, village of Boyd, $60.

Chippewa Logging company to Albert Calkins, forty acres of land, town of Bloomer, $120.

PERSONAL MENTION B. E. Taylor, of Stanley, spent yesterday in the city.

November 1891

MAKE UPAND MARRY Two Young…After Much Love, Much Law and Much Gossip, Join Hands for the Future.—Their Daughter Will Reside with Them.

Special to the Independent. (Scandal leading to a happy ending, with a young girl ultimately gaining her parents, who end up getting married. This used to be a not uncommon occurrence).

October 14, 1891

BOYD BUDGETS The Boyd band will give a ball on next Friday evening.

Joseph Riplinger, aged 11 years, died Thursday of typhoid fever.

Miss Sophie Cummings, of Stanley, spent a few days here visiting friends.


District Attorney Bowe yesterday procured an order from Circuit Judge R. D. Marshall incorporating the village of Boyd, in the town of Edson. An election will be held within sixty'days'to'elect'village'offi cers. The INDPEPENDENT wishes the new municipality success.

September 17th, 1891

Notice to Builders and Contractors Notice is hereby given that the building committee of Boyd’s Catholic church will receive sealed bids for building a church at Boyd, Wis., until Sept. 21, 1891, at 6 p.m. Plans' and' specifications' can'

be seen at Kleiner’s furniture store. The committee will reserve right to reject any or all bids.

Mat. Sahr, Frank Kleiner, Peter Badem, Robert Ritsluf, John Bartlim, Jos. Mahal, committee. 11d.

Compiled by Joseph Back