10 Years Ago July ….

Posted 7/28/21

10 Years Ago July 28, 2011 Letters To The Editor Look at the historical ramifications' of' combining' libraries'also Something' missing' from' the' …

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10 Years Ago July ….


10 Years Ago

July 28, 2011

Letters To The Editor Look at the historical

ramifications' of' combining' libraries'also Something' missing' from' the' current' discussion' of' Stanley' library/school' com – bination'has'been'an'idea'of' preservation' and' apprecia – tion' of' architectural' values.' The'one'building'in'Stanley' to' be' listed' on' the' National' Register' of' Historic' Plac – es' is' the' Moon' Library.' That' fact,' the' only' city' structure' of' architectural' note' to' be' recognized' and' something' to' which' the' community' should' be'proud,'must'be'considered.' What'could'happen'should'the' venue'of'the'Moon'Library'be' changed?

Though' the' National' Reg – ister' has' no' control' over' the' type' of' renovation' work' to' be' done' to' a' registry' selec – tion,'they'do'reserve'the'right' to' remove' property' form' the' National'Register'should'they' feel' it' has' substantially' lost' those' physical' features' that' defined' its' original' character,' both'inside'and'out.

The' information' from' the' previous' issue' of' the' Repub – lican'mentioned'consideration' showing'a'somewhat'partisan' flavor' with' readers' inferring' that' a' decision' was' already' at'the'stage'of'"how'to'merge' and'not'if'it'should'happen,"'as' writer'Sharon'Roberge'stated.' Her'important'reasons'to'save' the' library' add' to' my' request' not' a' see' the' building' altered' from' its' original' intentions.' Last' week's' letter' by' Mayor' Jankoski' did' clarify' miscon – ceptions' as' to' the' real' status' of' possible' merger.' True,' all' of' the' revenue' options' are' painful;'however,'this'particu – lar'one'is'one'our'community' would'regret.

The' brass' inscription' above' the' library's' fireplace' proclaims'the'library'a'gift'to' the' people' of' Stanley,' a' gift' in'memory'of'one'of'the'most' important'founders'of'our'city.' People' making' decisions' to' change' that' status,' who' may' not' even' hold' library' cards' or' use' the' library,' should' be' aware' of' the' ramifications' entailed' with' a' decision' to' merge.

Library'patron'Fred'Evans 20 Years Ago

July 26, 2001 Edson' Men' Receive' Plaques'For'Pond'Restoration'


Stanley'Lions'to'Hold'27th' Annual'Watermelon'Festival Construction' On'Ace' Eth – anol' Plant' Begins' On' West'


Governor'Approves'Taylor' County'Bridge'Replacement Weavers' To' Host' Swedish' Student'For'This'School'Year Body'Found'At'Otter'Lake' Property' That' of' Minnesota' Man Identified' By' Tatoos' As' Bobby'Dee'Holder'of'St.'Paul 23 Years Ago December 18, 1997 …Present'at'the'(city'coun –

cil)'meeting'was'Dave'Jankos –


to rumors he’d heard that the

clock'tower'on'the'city'coun –

cil' building' (then' housed' ' at' 116' E.' Third' Avenue)' being'

moved' to' the' United' Build –

ing' Center' site' if' a' library' is' built' there.' Jankoski' said' he' feels' very' strongly' about' the' city' hall' building' and' the' D.' R.'Moon'building,'and'thinks' perhaps'that'such'a'move'(i..e.' the'library'or'the'city'hall'be –

ing' replaced' by' a' new' build –

ing)'might'be'better'left'up'to' the'populace'in'the'form'of'a' referendum.

No' actions' was' taken' when' the' meeting' came' out' of' closed' session' and' coun – cil' members' adjourned. (Background'note:'It'was'first' voted'in'1997'to'abandon'the' D.'R.'Moon'Library'and'build' a' new' city' hall' with' attached' library' on' North' Broadway.' That'new'City'Hall'is'now'at' 353' South' Broadway' in' the' old'Forward'Bank'facility'and' awaiting' a' police' addition,' while' the' 1901' Moon' library' has'an'empty'land'parcel'just' to'its'west'awaiting'a'possible' addition'of'its'own.'A'prior'de – sign'initiative'that'was'stalled,' is' currently' on' display' at' the' library'at'154'East'Fourth'Av –


30 Years Ago July 25, 1991

Lion's' Annual' Watermel –

on'Fest'Kicks'Off'Sunday'At' Chapman The' Stanley' Lion's' Club' 17th'Annual'Watermelon'Fes – tival'will'kick'off'on'Sunday,' July'28th'at'Chapman'Park.


Criminal'Damage'from'in –

tentionally' cut' brake' line' on' car.

Hit' and' run' with' snapped' off' utility' pole' at' Maple' and' Franklin.

Three' young' kids' aged' 11' and' 12' found' rolling' large' rocks'down'onto'the'highway' at' the' 29' overpass.' Children' spoken' to' and' letters' sent' to' parents.

Accident' with' major' dam – age' at' 200' block' of' South' Broadway.

Man' reported' vandals' spray' painting' items' in' his' garage' with' five' gallons' of' hydraulic' fluid' on' floor' and' potential'arson'attempt.

Missing' dog' found' tied' to' trailer' in' Johnson's' Trailer' Court.'Dog'returned'to'owner' and' charges' "may' be' pend –

ing." Noise' after' closing' report – ed' from' in' front' of' Rich' and' Bunny's'Tavern.'Officers'will' be'monitoring'the'situation.

Accident' in' the' 300' block' of' South' Franklin.' Resident' charged' with' unsafe' backing' from'driveway.

Stanley' Police' assisted' Chippewa'County'with'an'ar – rest'for'DWI'at'Broadway'and' First.

Accident' in' 300' block' of' South' Broadway' with' one' driver' cited' for' driving' after' suspension' and' the' other' for' following'too'close.


40 Years Ago July 23, 1981

Lion's' Watermelon' Fes –

tival' Set' for' July' 25-26' At' Chapman'Park Free' Watermelon,' Rope' Pull,' Softball,' Flea' Market' Among'Festivities The'Stanley'Lions'Seventh' Annual' Watermelon' Festi – val'is'slated'for'this'Saturday' and'Sunday'at'Chapman'Park.' Festival' highlights' include' a' kid's'rope'pull,'a'flea'market,' softball,'and'of'course,'water –


Saturday's' events' will' be – gin'at'noon'with'the'start'of'a' mixed'couples'softball'tourna –

ment.' Food' and' beer' conces –

sions'will'continue'throughout' the'day,'as'well'as'softball.

On'Sunday,'free'watermel – on'will'be'available'beginning' at'11'a.m.'The'kid's'rope'pull' will'begin'at'1'p.m.,'with'reg – istration' at' noon.' Free' kid's' games'will'start'at'2:30'p.m.,' and'the'seed'spitting'contest'is' at'3:30'p.m.

The'day'will'wind'up'with' a'prize'drawing'at'4'p.m.,'and' the'softball'tournament'cham – pionship' game' at' 6' p.m.' The' food' and' beer' concessions' will' be' open' all' day' Sunday' also.

A'flea'market'will'be'set'up' in'the'park'on'Sunday.''Tables' are'free'for'all'sellers.

LIVE'& 'LEARN By' Lisa' Disterhoft-Meyer,' Reporter' –' Local' Correspon – dent Not'a'Pretty'Story I'm' not' one' to' get' on' a' soapbox.'As'they'say,'he'who' stands' on' a' soapbox' usually' gets'it'kicked'out'from'under' him.

But' I' have' a' not' so' pretty' story'to'tell,'and'the'story'does' have' a' moral,' just' like' the' ones'when'you'were'younger.

Once' upon' a' time,' about' forty' years' ago,' a' woman' named' Charlotte' was' going' to'nursing'school.'Trying'cig – arettes' was' the' "in"' thing' to' do.' She' was' just' out' of' high' school,'young'and'full'of'life.' So'she'decided'to'join'the'oth – er'kids,'and'try'them.

She' liked' them.' All' the' other'girls'were'smoking'too.' And'so,'her'habit'was'born.

As'she'grew'older,'she'kept' smoking.' She' knew' better.' She'could'feel'the'mucous'in' her'lungs,'her'tendency'to'get' winded'fast.'But'she'knew'she' could'quit'anytime.

She' was' married,' and' her' children'grew.'She'had'coffee' and' cigarette' breaks' with' the' neighbor' ladies.' She' started' having'coughing'spells'in'the' early' morning,' her' lungs' try – ing'to'expel'all'she'had'taken' into'them.

Her' kids' married,' and' all' left'the'nest.'And'one'day,'she' was' rushed' to' the' hospital.' She' had' pneumonia,' which' had'settled'in'on'top'of'all'the' destruction' she' had' been' do –

ing'to'her'lungs.'And'the'doc –



Today,' Charlotte' is' lying' in'a'hospital'bed'for'the'third' time' since' January.' She' can't' smoke,' because' she's' got' a' tube'down'her'throat'to'inflate' her' lungs' and' fill' them' with' oxygen.' She' might' have' that' tube' pulled' today' or' tomor – row,' if' she' can' breathe' well' enough'to'get'oxygen'into'her' lungs.

After'that,'she'll'be'on'ox – ygen' for' a' month.' Then,' she' might'be'able'to'go'home.

That's'what'happens'when' you're' addicted' to' cigarettes.' It'sounds'like'a'statistic,'right?' It' doesn't' when' it's' your' mother.

This'is'why'I'threw'my'cig – arettes'away'a'year'ago.'And,' if'this'story'entices'you'to'do' the'same,'it'll'be'worth'the'ef –


50 Years Ago July 29, 1971

Fire'on'Park'at'Seventh'Av –

enue,' family' to' be' housed' in' Pastor'and'Mrs.'Cook's'house' after' returning' from' visiting' relatives.' Cause' believed' to' be'overheated'or'shorted'com –

bination' refrigerator-freez –

er,' with' doors' blown' off' and' contents'scattered,'plus'a'hole' burned'in'floor'beneath'it.

FARM'SAFETY'WEEK Protect' Yourself,' work' safely… July'25-31 DON'T' CULTIVATE'AC – CIDENTS!

Most' farm' accidents' can' be' avoided' by' checking' ma – chinery'and'farm'grounds'for' potential' safety' hazards.' Use' patience' and' care' while' op –

erating' farm' equipment.' Ev –

ery' year' needless' and' costly' accidents' occur' on' farms' at' an' alarming' rate.'You' can' do' your'part'this'year'to'help'keep' these' statistics' down…Keep' safety'in'mind'at'all'times!

National' Farm' Safety' Week'July'25'–'31 Check'your'farm'for'safety' now…

Servicemen's'News Sp-4' Steve' Mohr,' son' of' Mr.' and' Mrs.' Wilfred' Mohr,' Stanley,'has'arrived'in'Dachau,' Germany,'and'is'serving'with' the' field' artillery' unit' there.' His'address'is… 53 Years Ago July 27, 1967 (found'by'entering'1967'in' place' of' 1961at' Badgerlink.' photo'by'Daniels'Studio) Engagements Marlene' Ernst' to' Stark' John'Maynard'of'Rochester Sandra'McIlquham'to'John' Rassbach.

Weddings Papierniak-Jankoski' Wed – ding ON' SATURDAY,' JULY' 8th,' Barbara' Gail' Papierniak' and'Charles'Edward'Jankoski' were' united' in' the' Sacrament' of' Holy' Matrimony' at' St.' Hedwig's'Chapel,'Thorp.

Father' Edward' Mase –

liewicz' performed' the' Nupi –

tal'High'Mass.'Parents'of'the' couple' are' Mr.' and' Mrs.' Ted' Paperiniak' of' Thorp' and' Mr.' and' Mrs.' Clayborne' Jankos – ki' of' Stanley.' Miss' Jerilyn' Papierniak' of' Minneapolis' was'her'sister's'made'of'hon – or,' and' Miss' Joan' Woloqick' of' Wausaud,' a' cousin' of' the' bride,'was'the'bridesmaid.

Serving' as' best' man' was' David' Jankoski,' the' groom's' brother,' while' John' Logan,' Stanley,'a'friend'of'the'groom,' was'the'groomsman.'The'ush – ers' were' Jon' Papierniak,' the' bride's' brother,' and' Roger' Mathison,'Stanley,'a'friend'of' the'couple.'Miss'Susan'Wolo – qick,' Boyd,' a' cousin' of' the' bride,'was'the'soloist.

For' her' wedding,' the' bridge' chose' a' floor' length' cage' of' sheer' organza' over' a' crepe' sheath,' fashioned' with' long'tapering'sleeves'and'high' scoop' neckline.' Daisy' chains' and' appliques' of' Venice' lace' decked' the' slim' silhouette,' highlighting' the' removable' train.' A' garland' of' daisies' framed'her'face,'securing'her' short' bouffant' veil.' She' car – ried' a' bouquet' of' glamelias' and'ivy.

THE' BRIDESMAIDS' wore' light' green' floor' length' sleeveless' dresses' of' dotted' swiss' styled' as' semi' cages.' Their headpieces were clus-

ters' of' fresh' daily' mums,'

which also comporomised


A'dinner'and'reception'for' 225' guests' was' held' at' St.' Hedwig's'Parish'Hall.

After' a' wedding' trip' around' Lake' Michigan,' Mr.' and' Mrs.' Jankoski' are' resid – ing' at…St.' Paul.' Charles' is' a' graduate' student' in' Business' Administration' at' the' U.' of' Minn.,' and' Gail' is' employed' as' a' cytotechnologist' at' St.' Mary's'hospital,'Minneapolis.

70 Years Ago July 26, 1951 LET'S'MAKE'THIS'YEAR' A'NEW'BEGINNING-FOR' THE' CITY'S' LIBRARY The' more' young' people' you' have' enjoying' the' benefits' of' a' good' library,' and' the' good' books' to' be' found' there,' the' less' complaints' you'll' have' of' vandalism' and' rowdyism.' Furthermore,' an' interest' in' books,' encouraged' by' an' at – tractive' and' cheerful' library,' will' mean' better' men' and' women'in'the'future.

Stanley's' library' has' a' ba – sically' inviting' appearance.' Few' cities' our' size' can' point' with' such' justifiable' pride' to' their'library'as'can'we.

If' only' we' can' make' the' best'of'what'we'have;'if'only' we'can'capitalize'on'the'asset' already'ours,'by'new'lighting' and' interior' painting,' by' in – stilling'an'atmosphere'of'cheer' and' comfort' in' the' now-drab' place.

The' investment' will' be' small,'the'benefits'great.'Let's' make'this'year'–'the'library's' golden' anniversary' year' –' a' new'beginning'for'the'institu – tion' by' brightening' it' up' and' then'publicizing'the'improve – ments' to' encourage' the' use' and' appreciation' of' our' fine' library.

(Full'S.T.E.A.M'ahead!) 120 Years Ago July 27, 1901 SCHOOL'POPULATION School' (scool)' census' completed last week shows a

substantial' increase' in' the' ju –


More' School' Room' a' Ne – cessity' of' the' Near' Future.' The'Census'by'Wards.

First' Ward' 222,' second' Ward,' 187,' Third' Ward,' 169,' Fourth'Ward,' 184.' Total' 782.' Above' is' the' result' of' the' search' for' children' of' school' age' i.e.*' between' the' ages' of' four' and' twenty,' prosecuted' last' week' by' Rev.' Paul' Hull' who'was'chosen'by'the'board' to'take'the'census.

This' indicates' a' steady' growth' in' the' school' popu – lation' and' another' year' will' show' probably' more' than' a' thousand' children' of' school' age'(almost'half'the'town).All' this'means'that'Stanley'people' should' be' devising' ways' and' means' to' meet' the' increasing' demands' upon' our' school' fa – cilities.'In'another'year'or'two' at'most'we'will'be'face'to'face' with'the'proposition'to'build'a' new'central'school'building.

*i.e.' =' "in' exemplum"' =' "for'example" Also 120 Years Ago THE MIRROR Put out by the inmates of the Stillwater Prison Stillwater, Minnesota Motto: “It is never too late to mend” July 25, 1901 Heliograms By'Jan'O'Rurick Those' who' reach' the' goal' of'their'ambition'seldom'have' anything' left' when' they' get' there.

Don't' be' too' profuse' in' making'promises'and'you'will' have'fewer'lies'to'account'for.

Carrie' Nation' is' not' the' only' one' making' it' hot' for' Kansas.

News'Within'the'Walls During'the'past'week'there' have' been' four' discharges' and'one'arrival'at'this'institu – tion.' The' discharges' are' Sam' Shackle,'Adolf' Schultz,' H.' J.' Husten' and' L.' Foucie.' James' Knapp,' Crow' Wing' County,' was'the'arrival.

The' population' numbers' 534;'384'in'the'first'grade,'173' in' the' second' and' 13' in' the' third.

121 Years Ago July 28, 1900 THE'CORNERSTONE.

of' The' New' Eidsvold' Lu –

theran'Church'to'be'Laid'To –


President'Hoyme,'the'Head' of'this'Church'in'America'will' Conduct'the'Ceremonies.

(photo' of' Pastor' John' Granskau).