Posted 9/15/21

A LOOK Back FROM THE FILES OF THE STANLEY REPUBLICAN COMPILED BY JOSEPH BACK 10 Years Ago March 30, 2011 Coach Lee LaFlamme inducted into the Wisconsin Football Coaches hall of Fame. Family photo. …

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10 Years Ago March 30, 2011

Coach Lee LaFlamme inducted into the Wisconsin Football Coaches hall of Fame. Family photo.

Who was running in local elections: Town of Delmar: Dave Peterson unopposed for chairman; Stanley Ward 3 Alderman Mike Henke; Ward 4 no candidate but one write-in “who will accept” if written in.

Village of Boyd: Randy Setzer unopposed for village president “All polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.”

Peter Pan hits Stanley- Boyd!

Students featured in photos include Michael Ericksen as Gentleman Starkey, Courtney Mahr as Tiger Lily, and Phil Bown-Brazell as Smee. Neil Hebert as Peter Pan and Erin Supple as Wendy.

20 Years Ago September 27, 2001

S-B Students Learn From Muslim (photo) Dr. Ali Abootalebi, a political science professor at the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire, was at Stanley- Body School on Friday, Sept. 21, to talk about the Islamic religion and culture. Invited by S-BMS Counselor Nate Solie, Dr. Ali wanted to show the assembled middle school and some high school students a Muslim, which he is, in an attempt to curtail the potential anti-Islamnic sentiment in the United States following the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11.

Gov. Moving State Government To Wausau and Steven’s Point Gov. Scott McCallum announced today that he will bring government closer to the people by moving state government to the cities of Wausau and Steven’s Point from Oct. 28-30.

Is This The Wrong Time To Question Foreign Policy?

By Jacob G. Hornberger Although it is considered by many to be beyond the pale of proper discourse to discuss whether U.S. foreign policy may have contributed to the current crisis, the American people ignore this possibility at their peril.

After all, if U.S. foreign policy is giving rise to terrorism against the American people, what good is it going to do to smash current terrorists if they’re simply going to be replaced by new ones?

Consider the U.S. government’s 30-year ward on drugs…Recall the government’s attitude after Timothy McVeigh’s attack on the federal building in Oklahoma City. Any inquiry as to why McVeigh committed the bombing (in retaliation for what the government had done at Waco), would be immediately met with: “You’re defending or justifying what McVeigh did!” But if the government commits another Waco, how can we rest assured that we won’t encounter another McVeigh?

There are those who claim that now is not the time to question foreign policy. Why not? Is it the duty of the citizen to blindly follow his government into war, no questions asked? Or is it to arrive at an independent determination as to whether his government is pursuing a wise, prudent, and moral course of action, especially if he and his loved ones have a big personal stake in the outcome?

Page 4 Football player photos: Senior Jason Thompson; senior Brian Wirth; junior Justin Seichter; junior Tom Smith, Junior Darrin Eslinger (more on Badgerlink Wisconsin).

Weddings: Tanya and Leonard Mapes; Heather Weyenberg to Jeremy Vait

30 Years Ago September 5, 1991

Elderly Housing Project Takes Shape On City’s North Side (photo) This housing complex on Stanley’s north side is in the process of framing up, when this picture was taken Friday afternoon.

Reorganized D. R. Moon Library Plans Open House Sept. 10th The D. R. Moon Memorial Library will be holding an open house on Tuesday, September 10, from 3:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. The library staff will be present to answer questions concerning the recent changes in library service.

Recently the library reorganized its services because of space problems. Children’s library service has been relocated to the lower level, providing a special place just for kids. Various changes were also made in adult library services.

Everyone is invited to visit the library and become acquainted with the services and materials the library provides to Stanley and the surrounding community.

40 Years Ago September 10, 1981

Open Door Sponsoring New Film Featuring Joni Eareckson To Be Shown At Our Saviour’s Sunday, September 13 at 8 P.M.

“Reflections of His Love,” a new film highlighting the life of Joni Eareckson, will be shown on Sunday night, Sept. 13 at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church and sponsored by the Open Door Committee. The color feature, produced by World Wide Pictures, the film ministry of the Billy Graham Association, will be shown at 8 P.M.

Miss Eareckson is the star of a recent theatrical motion picture, “Joni,” which relates the story of her diving accident as a young girl, which left her paralyzed from the neck down. It chronicles her struggles to piece together her life and her faith in God, in spite of the devastating circumstances.

50 Years Ago September 16, 1971

Keith Plombon To Join In Family Mortuary Business The announcement was made this week that Keith Plombon of Menasha will join his father and brother, Severyn and William Plombon in the mortuary business known as Plombon’s Funeral Service, here in the near future.

School Board Hears Problems Concerning Overcrowded Classrooms Three of the classrooms in the Stanley-Boyd school system are overcrowded, Superintendent Kermit Miller told members of the school board at their regular meeting Tuesday evening.

There are 35 students in Grade One in Boyd and 37 students in each of the two seventh grade classes in the Dodge School.

No solutions to the problems were forthcoming although there was the general feeling that the situation was unhealthy and needed to be remedied. Possible solutions include busing students and transfers.

Orioles To Play First Home Football Game Of Season Friday Against Loyal Orioles Take First Conf. Win; Defeat Neillsville 19-7 The Stanley-Boyd Orioles got off to a good start in the Cloverbelt 1971 conference race with a 19-7 decision over the Neillsville Warriors Friday night at Neillsville.

The game was deadlocked 7-7 at halftime. But in the second half, the Orange and Black lost little time in scoring the go ahead touchdown, adding an insurance TD in the fourth quarter for the conference victory.

Coach Gene Hatfield told The Republican that offensively, quarterback Roger Zais played his best game to date. Zais had five completions in ten pass attempts, three of which were for touchdowns. He also kicked the Oriole extra point.

Randy LaGrander also had a very good night, picking up 96 yards rushing. LaGrander also averaged 38 yards on three punts.

60 Years Ago September 14, 1961

THEY COME TO SCHOOL Stanley senior high opens to first new students (photo) OLD GLORY was raised for the first time at the new Stanley Senior High School Monday morning, in an impressive ceremony. Sgt. Clarence Fitzsimmons of the Stanley National Guard is shown raising the flag, which was presented to the school by William Ecker and Ole Reppe (backs to camera) on behalf of the Stanley Veterans of Foreign Wars Post. S/Sgt. Harold Isenberger and Pfc. Eugene Syles of the Guard also participated in the flag-raising. Several numbers by the high school band and remarks by Supt. Lincoln Halverson and board of education members Lloyd Berseth completed the program.—Staff photo.

Extra Drills, Weapons, Men for Nat’l Guard FOUR NATIONAL Guard divisions were given orders for increased training last Wednesday, the possible prelude to a call-up alert.

The four divisions are Wisconsin’s 32nd Infantry, the 49th Armored from Texas, the 28th Infantry from Pennsylvania and the 26th Infantry from Massachusetts.

Stanley Battery A of the 121st Field Artillery battalion is part of the 32nd division, and will be affected by the Pentagon’s “ready” order. But as of yesterday, not official orders had been transmitted to the local unit.

(Epiphany Lutheran starts a new church addition to add space) WILSON COMMUNITY News By Mrs. Peter Swatzina Patty D’Lamatter had the misfortune to fall from a tree at her home on Friday and she was rushed to Marshfield by ambulance for x-rays and observation. We are happy to report no serious injury. She did bite a hole in her tongue and knock a tooth out. You’re are a lucky little girl Pat, not many people could fall 25 feet and not even break a bone.

JUST BROWSING AROUND the Stanley Library “PLAY BALL” is the theme of the sports book table at the public library. If you’d like to check a few facts before World Series time, you will find Baseball Digest a handy reference.

70 Years Ago September 13, 1951

Anthony Horns Observe Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Horn are homefolks; even a very special day like their golden wedding anniversary doesn’t mean a splurge to them. They didn’t want a fuss, in fact they thought the anniversary would be a day of great significance to them only. But their two children, Robert of Green Bay and Marcellaine, Mrs. Lud Gisvold, of Stanley, thought differently. They realized such an anniversary demanded special observance, and so, keeping with their parent’s unspoken desires, a perfect day of happiness was planned (continues) Mrs. John Knar First Blood Bank Donor In Stanley Victory Memorial Hospital’s Board of Directors and staff issued the following statement last week for publication: The Board of Directors and hospital staff would like publicly to express their appreciation to Mrs. John Knar of Stanley as the first blood donor in the Walking Blood Bank.

Mrs. Knar, always active in community projects, has again demonstrated her sincere and unselfish interest in her fellow citizens. It is our hope that many others will follow Mrs. Knar’s splendid example.

In the event there are individuals who have not as yet joined the hospital blood bank who desire to do so, they may contact Mrs. Thompson at Victory Memorial Hospital any afternoon from Monday through Friday.

80 Years Ago September 5, 1941

TEACHER ARRIVES AT SCHOOL BY AIR PLANE Gilman Postmaster Beats Flood. Send Mail To Jump River by Plane On Monday.

Miss Marjorie M. Slota, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Slota of Gilman, did not disappoint her pupils on the first day of school, wven though all avenues of approach to her school were made impassible on account of the Jump River flood. Miss Slota arrived at her school in a private plane, piloted by Robert Jahnke of Cadott, which in fact was her first airplane ride. She remarked upon arrival at the school: “I was thrilling to be punctual in spite of tremendous obstacles, by arriving on schedule.”

B.L. Slota, Postmaster at Gilman, upon investigation, found all roads impassible for mail service to Jump River, Monday, which is ordinarily served by Star Route carrier, chartered a private plane and delivered a pouch of first class mail at the Jump River office, thereby upholding the motto that “U.S. mail must go through.”

Application for a marriage license has been made by Arthur Zimmerman and Clara Kastel, both of Boyd.

Flivvering with Harry Sights and Sounds Recorded by Our Reporter on His Visits to the Farm Homes in the Stanley Country (By Harry Manley) And now the boys return to school, like unbroken colts, and get good marks in school direct from the teacher if they don’t behave.

The government statisticians say that the decline in horse—or the race for new tractors and mules has released, enough land to feed 84 million people. Perhaps the farmers will keep 84 million more cows to support the tractors.

The government urges farmers to increase their flocks, herds and droves. So let our motto grow more Hide, Hair, Hoof, Horn and Hock—a la 4H Club motto.

It has been suggested that the hired man’s alarm clock ring a bell and also have a little valve that will release the smell of bacon and eggs cooking. That attachment alone will make an inventor wealthy.

POPULAR CHIPPEWA PRIEST OF ST. CHARLES DIES Two People Killed Near Bloomer in Motor Accidents, News From Court House.

Chippewa Falls, Wis., Sept. 3—Rt. Rev. Msgr. John L. Kaiser, pastor of St. Charles church since 1920, died at the hospital last Saturday, following a stroke which he had suffered a few days previously. His funeral was conducted on Wednesday. He was one of the best known best beloved clergymen in this region. He was born in Germany 67 years ago and came to this country in 1890 and had held pastorates at Marshfield and St. Mary’s Ridge.

120 Years Ago September 7, 1901

SCHOOL FUND OF STATE Counties Poor in Wealth but Rich in Children Get Benefit DISTRIBUTION IS MADE Discoveries Made by State Tax Commission—Forty-one Counties Share Benefits Madison, Wis., Sept. 4.— [Special.]—One advantage which citizens with large families of children confer upon their counties, if not upon themselves, in a monetary way, has been discovered by the state tax commission. In the distribution of the state school fund, the basis adopted by the state law is the number of children of school age in each county. In the collection of the 1-mill tax for school purposes, however, the basis of assessment is the property valuation. As a result the wealthy county with comparatively few children pays more for school taxes then it receives from the apportionment of the school fund, while on the other hand the country which is poor in wealth but rich in children gets the benefit.