Booth and Beyond

Posted 3/16/22

FROM THE CORNER Spring is just around the corner. Or, so we hope! Here are a few thoughts on how we can get ready. A long winter and COVID 19 has many of us weary and wanting to break out of the …

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Booth and Beyond



Spring is just around the corner. Or, so we hope! Here are a few thoughts on how we can get ready. A long winter and COVID 19 has many of us weary and wanting to break out of the depressing times that seem to be upon us. 1.) Watch something funny on TV – some old programs that made you laugh. They did it once they can do it again. 2.) Zoom call your family and friends that you have not seen in a long time. 3.) Take a walk – but be careful of the ice that may still not have melted. 4.) Rejoin your friends and groups that you belong to. 5.) We are looking out our patio doors watching as the sun rolls back the snow on our garden site. Plan what you’re planting this year and your garden lay out. If you don't garden, plan the flowers you will be planting in your yard, in your deck vessels, or wherever you plant them. 6.) Get exercise daily. Join the Stanley-Boyd Community Pool and Fitness Center, 24-7 Fitness Center on South Broadway or one of the exercise groups offered at the Stanley Events Cen ter. 7.) Help your friends or neighbors who need help. There are plenty of yards needing cleanup after the December 15 tornado. 8.) Pray for peace – the world needs it! *** You asked? When are the S.C. Swiderski Apartments on East Pine Street opening? The first unit, the 16 apartments the furthest east, were ready for occupancy March 15.. The complex avail able houses only two bedroom units. The rent for two bedroom units is $1,125. Rents include heat, water, sewer, trash receptacle, and snow removal. Each apartment has a washer/dryer, there are individual unit thermostats, Wi-Fi and cable are included and you get a one car garage. One bedroom and three bedroom units will not be available until May. Rent for a one bedroom is $895 and three bedroom units will be $1,250. The information for this report mostly came from the owners website *** It's state basketball tournament time and all longtime Stan ley-Boyd fans have are memories of a one time state appearance in a semi-final game in girls basketball in 1979. In the early years, few small schools had a chance to reach Madison, be cause the road there had to get beyond the larger schools. Once there were Divisions based on school size the chances of a small school reaching Madison increased considerably. It was with in terest that I read recently that only four of the eight high schools in Chippewa County have reached the girls state basketball tour- nament. They were Chippewa High, McDonnell, Bloomer and Stanley-Boyd. Bloomer has made state tournament appearances four times, the most of any county schools. Congratulations to the McDonnell Mack's on their back to back state tournament appearances. *** I am often asked how does one write a column week after week? I am not a trained writer and only got into writing to keep Stanley residents informed of what was happening while I was mayor. That column became "The Mayor's Perspective," and went for nearly 14 years. It was a time of significant develop ments including opening of the prison, considerable replacement of the city’s infrastructure in the city center, building the ethanol plant, opening a new hospital in an undeveloped part of the city, and considerable development south of Highway 29. There was plenty of activity and much to write to inform residents of happenings. It was a busy time and the greatest contributors were the city employees and city council members who worked very hard in pushing these projects forward. Back to the original question. Once I left the mayors position my column’s name changed to "The Corner Booth." After leaving public office I had little to do with any of the city happenings and the column changed to a potpourri of information. That requires a great deal of reading on a daily basis and the clipping of items of interest or things that bring back memories and trigger thoughts of something I would like to say. Thus, I am always on the lookout for items of interest during most of my waking hours and constantly making notes. I can assure you a writers desk is not a neat desk! It is cluttered with a great deal of paper. *** Last week I mentioned some of the statistics related to Wisconsin’s processing vegetables and a few fruits. One was that Wisconsin processed 59% of of the nations cranberries. Cranberries have nearly a $1 billion dollar annual economic impact on our state. It is interesting to note that the cranberry growers have joined together under the banner of the Wisconsin State Cran berry Growers Association. There are 250 producer members who raise cranberries on 21,000 acres in marshes in central and northern Wisconsin counties, To assist the growers the Wisconsin Cranberry Research and Education Foundation has purchased a cranberry production operation near Millston and have built a research center there. To be continued next week. *** This time of the year it is really necessary to watch out for potholes. That is especially true as you travel through Stanley on County Highways X and H. Otherwise, be prepared to see an alignment specialist or your favorite tire shop! *** Smile time. This weeks Smile time is from the Bloomer Ad – vance "Blooms" In Bloomer, March 2 edition. Real Signs: We'll always be best friends because you know too much. * All guests must be approved by the cat. * Swimming Notice: Minnesota state law prohibits underwater smoking. * No soliciting: We are to broke to buy anything, we know who we are voting for, we have found Jesus. Seriously, unless you are selling thin mints, PLEASE GO AWAY! * Welcome to my loose interpretation of clean. * We’ll be friends until we’re old and senile. Then we’ll be new friends. * A sign posted on a ski hill: CAUTION: Trees don’t move. * Warning: Drinking alcoholic beverages before pregnancy can cause pregnancy. * And … a sign outside a gas station reads “This is a private sign. Please do not read.” +++ A lady was walking down the street when she was approached by a lady beggar asking for money. The lady took a $20 bill out of her purse, and asked, “If I give you this money will you spend it on chocolate?" "Don't be ridiculous," the beggar replied. "Does it look like I have nothing better to spend money on?" "How about shopping?" she asked. "No," the beggar said. "Don't you understand I need money just to stay alive.” “Will you spend it on your hair?" the lady asked. "No, I just need money for food and shelter. “In that case,” the lady said, “I don’t want to just give you money I would like you to eat out with me and my hus- band tonight." "Why?" the beggar asked. "Well," the lady said, “I think it’s important for him to see what a lady looks like after she gives up chocolate, shopping and hair appointments. “