Booth and Beyond

Posted 2/9/22

FROM THE CORNER BY DAVID JANKOSKI The National Weather Service and Storm Protection Center officially classified the December 15, 2021, Upper Midwest se – vere weather event as a "serial …

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Booth and Beyond




The National Weather Service and Storm Protection Center officially classified the December 15, 2021, Upper Midwest se – vere weather event as a "serial derecho." This is the first known December derocho on record to occur within the United States.

(Derocho defined: a large fast-moving complex of thunderstorms with powerful straight-line winds that cause widespread destruction. An inland hurricane like wind storm.) In Stanley’s case we were declared as having had an EF2 tornado. *** Tornado aftermath: Kelly Grill, 314 E First Avenue, reopened on Tuesday, February 1. Even with the severe damage that the tornado inflicted on the building, Kelly's has managed to get open. If you drive up to the building there are still signs of the severe damage as considerable siding and a new roof still need replacing in the spring. Kelly’s regulars are happy to see her back cooking the best breakfast in town. *** The Stanley Community Fund did not receive any applications for funding this year. The committee met on Wednesday, February 2, and decided to let the funds available be added to the corpus. This means there will be more funds earning dollars for distribution next year. Members of the committee attending this year’s meeting were: Mayor Al Haas, Council Member Jacob Huff, Community Members – Dan Plombon and Dave Jankoski. Clerk-Treasurer Nicole Thiel was also present. *** Clark County Economic Development Corporation and Tourism Bureau is gearing up for being a part of the hosting of Wisconsin Farm Technology Days 2022. Farm Tech 2022 will be held July 12-14, just outside of Loyal. Promoting the growth of industry and tourism opportunities in communities throughout Clark County and showcasing those communities with banners and rack cards will make a stop at the Clark County Economic Development Corporation tent worthwhile. Expect to also see highlighted Clark Counties specialty products and countywide features. *** As a former antique collector, the Antique Emporium, in downtown Eau Claire, was occasionally visited to see what they had in stock. My recollect is that a few items were purchased from the location, but it was never a real “treasurer trove” for Wisconsin souvenirs and postcards that I was looking for. However, it was always worth one’s time as the shop had a large assortment of odd and unusual items. After 37 years in this location, Hugh Passow the owner, has sold his historic building to Pablo Properties, that has lead considerable redevelopment that has occurred in downtown Eau Claire in recent years. The antique shop at this location will be gone by July 1. The owner is currently conducting a sale to reduce the inventory and plans an auction to be held later. *** While on downtown Eau Claire several things come to mind. I remember what a special event it was to make a trip to Eau Claire when I was a kid. Perhaps once a year we adventured that far for a special reason – fall school clothes shopping at Penny’s or a birthday celebration at the Elk’s Club Sunday smorgasbord. I also remember the special trip we made, with our neighbors the Brandvold’s, into downtown Eau Claire to visit the new Woolworth’s, that provided a chance to ride the novel escalator that took one from first to second floor of the store, to see the new dine in lunch counter with its many stools, and the large bird cage with parakeets that were being sold at the store. +++ Today we venture into downtown to attend an event at the beautiful Pablo Center or to view the most recent sculptures that dot the streets there and on Water Street. Interestingly, I read recently that there are about 55 sculptures that currently rotate in and out of Eau Claire annually. However, the plan is to grow the number of sculptures to 80 or 85 by the end of 2022 and the major hope is to grow to 160 within three years. To accomplish this, the Eau Claire organizations that make this happen will be extending the stay for the sculptures from one year to three years. *** Word has reached Stanley, that Fr. Robert Nelson, a retired priest, and former pastor of Holy Family, Stanley and Sacred Heart-St. Joseph, Boyd passed away on Wednesday, January 26. In recent years his health had deteriorated due to serve complications of diabetes. *** Have you ever heard of ABECS Global? If not, it is a Stanley manufacturer of animal health supplements, located just to the south of Reit’s Garden Center. Perhaps a little more than a year ago the company held an open house to showcase their business. I attended and was impressed with the cleanness of the operation. The company’s President is Dr. Vijay Sasi, who received his veterinary degree from Madras Veterinary College, India and his Masters in Dairy Science from Utah State University. With his strong research background, Dr. Sasi’s company strives to create innovative, science based products that will increase productivity of livestock, improves the quality of life for farm and companion animals, and brings forth the fullest benefits to producers and pet owners. I mention this company because in last week’s The Stanley Republican the company was advertising for two Production Associates to work with the owners in production, packaging and cleaning. The company obviously is growing and this is good to hear. *** From Understanding Compassion: Now more than ever; we need to be able to offer each other grace. Grace for having different opinions. Grace for not knowing the answer. Grace for making mistakes. Grace for doing the best we can. That’s how we get through tough times like these, by lifting each other up, for giving each other’s humanness, and loving each other even when it’s hard. *** Smile time. Folks complain about $3 plus gas prices, while standing in line for a $5 cup of coffee. +++ A little boy heard praying: “Lord, If you can’t make me a better boy, don’t worry about it. I’m having a good time like I am.” +++ A wife invited some people to dinner, she turned to her six-year old daughter and said, “Would you like to say the blessing?” “I wouldn’t know what to say the girl replied. “Just say what you hear mommy say,” the mother replied. The daughter bowed her head and said, “Lord, why on earth did I invite all these people to dinner?”