Booth and Beyond

Posted 1/5/22

FROM THE CORNER Last week, if you drove anywhere in the city affected by the tornado, you had to have seen work being done on proprieties that were damaged. One only hopes that they were reputable …

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Booth and Beyond



Last week, if you drove anywhere in the city affected by the tornado, you had to have seen work being done on proprieties that were damaged. One only hopes that they were reputable contractors and that their work had been checked out by those hiring them. I was certainly seeing names of contractors that were not at all familiar. On the one hand it is commendable that they have made themselves available for hire, but it is also a time when people in need can be taken advantage of by shoddy contractors. Be cautious. If you hire a contractor you’re not familiar with get references.

*** You asked and I tried to find the answer. Word out of Kelly Grill, 143 E. First Avenue in Stanley, is that they hope to be back up and operating their tornado damaged restaurant in about three weeks. The building is structurally sound, but cosmetically it has many exterior repairs needing to be done. A new metal roof, replacement of broken windows and missing or damaged siding are among the repairs needed. The windows are on back order, so they will likely need to be replaced after the reopening. That is good news for the restaurants loyal patrons, who are missing the restaurant’s breakfast and lunch specialties.

*** I had a terrible nightmare one night last week. It started with a call to local citizens to come to the railroad track by the depot on First Avenue as there was a reported need for volunteers to help roll over what was labeled as a dangerous box car and a tank car.

I turned out feeling the need to help my community by being a volunteer. Following instructions, all the men put their shoulder to the railroad cars and were able to tip them off the tracks. Then we were told to get away from the cars as quickly as possible in case they exploded. Everyone scattered at amazing speed and there was no explosion, so we all returned to only learn the box car was full of lutefisk and that the tank car contained melted butler. In fact, the railroad officials opened the box car and then gave all the helpers as much lutefisk as they wanted. The butter was drained out and given away in milk jugs to anyone wanting it. As I was about to return home with my reward for helping, I suddenly had the thought that my wife is going to be mad at me for bringing the lutefisk home, as she has a strong dislike for it. Thus, a real dilemma faced me. Then I woke up! That kind of a dream could only happen to a lutefisk starved person. In fact, I think it was contributed to by Dave Endru telling me that he was going to Sokup's in Chippewa Falls to get fresh lutefisk for his families Christmas Eve dinner. The lack of lutefish dinners this past fall has been one of the tragedies that can be attributed to the pandemic. Let's hope for their return this fall, so lutefisk starved people can stop having nightmares!!

*** Here is a great “human interest” story. Two organizations, Ashley’s (Furniture) Hope to Dream and Sleep in Heavenly Peace, are programs that are making it possible for children to have a bed of their own to sleep in. Since its founding in 2010, the Hope to Dream program has given away over 125,000 beds to underserved children in the United States and Canada. During its 11th Anniversary Year (2021), Hope to Dream has been successful in donating 15,800 beds to children in need. Ashley’s Hope to Dream Program gives children in need of a bed frame, mattress, sheets, pillow and comforter. Referrals for worthy recipients usually come from schools and religious organizations. +++ The Sleep in Heavenly Peace Program has over 200 chapters in the United Sates and is dedicated to helping keep children from sleeping on the floor. The organization is based on the belief that a child needs a bed for proper physical, emotional and mental support. Volunteer groups are dedicated to building, assembling and delivering top-notch beds to children and families in need.

Both programs have an application process that can be found on their websites.

*** Perhaps you were one of the frustrated patrons of the local post office who tried to use a credit card to mail a package or make a purchase of stamps between December 16 and December 27, when their computers were down – due to the tornado on December 15. Can you believe the post office doesn't have a repair service available to them to make repairs at such a critical time of the year. On December 27, I was told they were expecting service the next day because the company employees were all on vacation on Monday, December 27. Believe it or not, wouldn’t you think a company of this nature would have service people on duty every day? If it was my private business, I think I would be looking for a different provider and service provider.

Electric service was restored over four days, why not telephone and Internet?

*** Perhaps you noticed the article and photographs in the December 30 edition of this newspaper on the Spirit of Christmas gifts that Stanley-Boyd area children received for Christmas.

In total, 46 families received gifts this Christmas. The Spirit of Christmas of Chippewa County is a large volunteer operation that deserves a big applaud for the work they do on behalf of Chippewa County children. The countywide support and generosity to the program made it possible for 474 homes, with 1,286 children, to have a brighter Christmas. The Stanley Lions support this program both with an annual monetary donation and as a Service Project by transporting the gift to Stanley and handling the distribution locally.

*** Smile time. A boy who was a witness to a crime was called to testify in court. He was approached by the defense attorney who asked, “Did anyone tell you what to say in court?” “Yes,” answered the boy. “I thought so,” said the attorney. “Who was it?”

“My father, sir.” “And what did he tell you?” the attorney asked accusingly. “He said that the lawyers would try to get me all tangled up, but if I answered the questions truthfully everything would be all right.” +++ Whether a man winds up with a nest egg, or a goose egg, depends a lot on the kind of chick he marries.

+++ Trouble in marriage often starts when a man gets so carried away earnin ’his salt, that he forgets his sugar. +++ Too many couples marry for better, or for worse, but not for good. +++ When a man marries a woman, they become one; but the trouble starts when they try to decide which one. +++ On anniversaries the wise husband always forgets the past – but never the present.