Booth and Beyond

Posted 12/1/21

FROM THE CORNER Congratulations to Stanley-Boyd wide receiver Brady Potaczek and kicker Michael Karlen first team all-state picks at the small school level. Their laurels included Potaczek hauling in …

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Booth and Beyond



Congratulations to Stanley-Boyd wide receiver Brady Potaczek and kicker Michael Karlen first team all-state picks at the small school level. Their laurels included Potaczek hauling in 12 touch downs catches and 933 receiving yards, while Karlen made four field goals, including a 52 yard kick to set a school record and 21 extra points. Potaczek also earned honorable mention as a line –

backer. Karlen was also named 2nd team All State as a P kicker. *** Also, congratulations to the Stanley-Boyd football team members named to the Wisconsin Football Coaches Association All-Re- gion teams. Stanley-Boyd lead the way with five selections. In the quarterback position was Carsen Hause, wide receiver and line – backer Brady Potaczek, defensive end Jacob Nesterick, defensive back Lucas Smith and kicker Michael Karlen. *** A couple of area football players have also been named to the All-WIAC First Team. Thorp native Kameron Kryzanski, now at UW-Stevens Point, was a first team line backer and Ryan Ponick, former Stanley-Boyd standout and now at UW-Whitewater was selected as a First Team special team’s player. *** Last week I noted the loss of Marian Walsdorf, as a member of the Stanley-Boyd Alumni Association. This week I want to share some of the accolades from those who worked alongside her in advancing the Alumni Association, and specifically her role in de veloping the Silent Auction into a Scholarship Fundraiser of note. * “Her successes with the Silent Auction will continue to challenge us going forward.” * “For many of us associated with the SBAA, Marian is fondly remembered for her many contributions. Always helpful and caring, sharing her organizational skills, contributing to the growth and success of SBAA." * "She was a remarkable woman. Kind and intelligent.” * “She was a delightful dedicated lady willing to work very hard for the Stanley-Boyd Alumni Asso ciation. She will be remembered for the many contributions to the success of the Association. It will be very hard to replace what she has done. The Association will dedicate the 10th Annual Alumni Reunion in her honor.” *** According to U. S. Census data, the percentage of women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) has nearly quadrupled over the past 50 years, however they still only comprise 27% of employees in the field.

*** Did you know? Here is something that Wisconsin shouldn't be proud of! According to the United Health Foundation, Senior Report 2021, in 2019 nearly 8 percent of Americans age 65 plus reported excessive drinking. A focus in on individual states indi – cates that the share of older adults who reported binge drinking, or heavy drinking, Wisconsin came in with the highest percentage at 12.1 percent. West Virginia came in with the lowest percent at 3.8 percent. Overall, by gender 9.3 percent of men and 5.9 percent of women reported binge or heavy drinking. By race, the percentages are Asian 3.8 %, Black 5.1%, White 7.9% and Hispanic 9.5%. In case your wondering about the definitions used for binge, or heavy drinking, here is what was used in the survey: 4 or more drinks for woman, 5 or more for men on one occasion in the past month. Or 8 or more drinks for women, 15 or more for men per week.

*** This is not an investment advice column but from what I am reading these days, investments in the space industry have grown considerably in recent years. According to an article I recently read on the Mosaic Financial Group, part of Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company, one recent estimate puts the size of the space industry at a boggling $366 billion in annual revenue. And the largest chuck of that figure belongs to the satellite sec tor, which includes devices powering navigation, television, and internet connectivity, as well as all the technology to keep them humming. Space tourism, while a high profile currently, accounts for only at tiny $1.7 billion of revenue. Obviously, space travel, by the well to do, is pointing to a successful adventure for some and a profit for others! *** Here are a couple of seasonal quotes: “For it is good to be children sometime, and never better than at Christmas, when its mighty Founder was a child himself.” +++ “It is a fair, even-handed, noble adjustment of things, that while there is infection in disease and sorrow, there is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” It is hard to believe that both are quotes from Charles Dickens in "A Christmas Carol." *** Since I still have a little more room in this week's column, here are a few stories from the “Blooms” in Bloomer column published weekly in the Bloomer Advance newspaper. A pilot landed a plane with a rather bumpy landing. As a part of his job he was required to stand by the terminal door and say goodbye to the passengers as they exited the airplane. He was afraid that someone might say something about his rather less than perfect landing, but everyone left without saying a word except for one passenger, an elderly lady, who slowly approached the pilot after most passengers had exited the plane and asked, "Did we land, or were we shot down?" +++ A customer at the counter of a garden ornament shop said to the ca- shier, "Give me four of those pin wheels, two of those pink flamin – gos, two of those sunflowers, and one of those bent-over grandmas in bloomers.” The cashier replied, “That will be be eight dollars for the pinwheels, ten for the flamingos, six for the sunflowers, and an “apology for my wife!” *** Smile time. Voice Greeting: “I am not available right now but thank you for caring enough to call. I am making some changes in my life…. Please leave a message after the beep. If I do not return your call, you are one of the changes." +++ When making his rounds, a doctor points out an x-ray to a group of medical students. As you can see, he says, the patient limps because his left fibula and tibia are radically arched. The doctor turns to one of the students and asks, "What would you do in a case like this? “Well, ponders the student, “I suppose I’d limp too.” +++ At a meeting, the Boss told a joke. Everyone on the team laughed except one guy. The Boss asked him, "Didn't you understand my joke?" The guy replied, "Oh, I understood your joke, but I resigned this morning.” +++ Signs of Aging: 1.) You don’t hold in your stomach when someone young and attractive enters the room. 2.) You can live with out sex but not without glasses. 3.) You are proud of your lawn mower. 4.) Your friend is dating someone half your age, but not breaking the law. 5.) You can sing along with elevator music. 6.) Someone calls your house at 9 pm, and asks, "Did I wake you up?” +++ There is a subtle but important difference between the words "complete" and "finished." When you marry the right one you are complete. When you marry the wrong one you are fin ished. And if the right one catches you with the wrong one, you are completely finished.