Compiled by Joseph Back 10 ….

Posted 7/14/21

Compiled by Joseph Back 10 Years Ago July 14, 2011 Obituaries Stanley E. Lawcewicz 1926 – 2011; Wesley W. Peterson 1930 – 2011; Edward C. Holub 1929 – 2011 Death Notice: Anthony J. Madlon 1929 …

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Compiled by Joseph Back 10 ….


Compiled by Joseph Back

10 Years Ago July 14, 2011

Obituaries Stanley E. Lawcewicz 1926 – 2011; Wesley W. Peterson 1930 – 2011; Edward C. Holub 1929 – 2011 Death Notice: Anthony J. Madlon 1929 – 2011 Churches listed in directory: Epiphany Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod – Pastor Daniel Welch Maple Grove Bible Church- Pastor Steve Mohr Our Savior’s Lutheran Church – ELCA – Pastor Sarah Semmler Smith Holy Family Catholic Church – Father Joseph Raja Stanley United Methodist Church – Rev. Young Choe St. Peter’s Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod – Pastor Raymond Bell, Jr.

Remnant Church of God – Pastor Ruth Tetzlaff St. Joh the Baptist Orthodox at Huron – OCA – Fr. Wojcik (helped with the Orthodox Study Bible and listed in it) Sacred Heart St. Joseph’s Catholic Church at Boyd – Father Joseph Raja Faith Evangelical Free Church – Pastor Ron Bergman Church of the Brethren – Interim Pastor Laurie Natzke, Deacon Jim Shock Heritage Baptist Church – Pastor Tyler Ewer Calvary Covenant Tabernacle – Pastor Barry Acker Trinity Christian Fellowship – Pastor Luke Geraty (helped transition TCF to the Vineyard movement as Trinity Vineyard Church) Lions aim to recruit new members in latest effort Update on pavilion in Fandry Park given at recent meeting Stanley Lions President Dave Winkler has announced a recruitment drive for new members would be undertaken by the local organization. Winkler noted at the clubs July 11 meeting, that the local club had lost several members and needed to recruit replacements in order for the Lions to remain a viable community organization. To that end the local club will be sending a letter to a number of potential members inviting them to the club’s August 11 meeting, that will be held at the Rod and Gun Cuilding at Chapman Park.

Besides being a social event the club will be offering prospective members a glimpse of what the Lions organization does at the international, state, and local levels.

Recent high school graduate Daniel Williams was the club’s guest speaker and gave an enlightening report on the Senate Scholar Program that he participated in at Madison, thanks in part ot financial assistance he received from the local Lions Club. In sum total, Daniel was provided great experiences in preparing legislatyion and received other real hands on, up close experiences at the State Capitol. He expressed his appreciation from the Lions, which afforded him this opportunity.

In old business Dean Boie reported on the Country Fest. Various Lions also offered their perspective of this year’s experiences with frustration expressed related to the new changes that were implemented related to getting fans into the grounds and traffic backups which lasted over 3 hours. There was concern about people being paid since they had sincerely attempted to get to work. Lion Jim Jones reported on the Fandry Park Pavilion Project. The old pavilion has been removed and the crew that will be working with Jones has been recruited. Once the coordination is done, the project should be moved to completion rather quickly.

In the area of new business, it was reported that the various tasks associated with the Watermelon Festival are pretty well in place. More watermelon and chicken have been ordered…(Watermelon Fest is against coming up Sunday, July 25)

20 Years Ago July 12, 2001

Polish History, Legends Covers 1,000 Years (unattributed) The History of Poland derived from written records covers only 1,000 years. Earliest archeological evidence exists from 180,000 years ago animal husbandry, stone implements, etc, with more advanced beginning of over 4,000 years ago.

There is much that needs to be said and written about the melding of the various tribes, influences and the conflagrations that eventually resulted in the formation of the Slavic Tribes’ states and territorial acquisitions resulting in the formation of Poland.

We know that the Goths, Vandals and Huns due to severe winters in the third century moved through Slavic Territory which comprises present-day Polcand in the 4th and 5th centuries colliding with the Roman Empire on their migration south and west. Also, subsequent influence of the various Teutonic Tribes predominantly; the Fr4anks, Lombardi, Burgundi, Saxons, and Suebi pushing east to escape Roman subjugation.

With that explained, legand says Poland began when a powerful chieftain had three sons that came of age and had sent them out to form their own kingdoms. The three sons, Lech, Czech, and Rus wandered into a beautiful land.

Lech, whose name is an ancient word for field in Polish – Pole. Therefore, Poland (Polska) or Polanie (field dwellers). He looked up and saw an eagle in its next. He came to a decision, saying, “This is where we should stay.” His brothers argues with him. Finally, the Tribe split into three groups. Czech’s went southwest to form Bohemia what is referred today as Czechoslovakia.

Rus’s part of the tribe went east to form Russia and Lech’s stayed in the Plains. There the people of Lech’s group started a city called Gniezno which means nest in Polish. They made the white eagle their symbol – Poland was born.

Years passed and the brothers were notified of their father’s ill health. They were returning to their father’s homeland when they met each other’s opposing armies. Preparing for battle, they realized they were brothers and therefore held a feast in remembrance of their families and the location of this feast became a city. Today it is known as Poznan in Polish meaning to acquaint, to recognize. They journeyed on together and paid their respects to their father and departed in peace to their kingdoms. This is one of several versions of this legend.

This first rendition of Polish historical accounts is dedicated to Dorothy Zakrzewicz, our friend in passing and founding member of the E.E.C.S.

30 Years Ago July 11, 1991

Peterson’s Moves Gas Tanks (photo) Peterson’s Stanley Oil was the site of the removal of four 10,000 gal. tanks on Tuesday, July 2nd. The tanks, moved by Stone-Crane of Chippewa Falls, will be used in the Peterson’s new bulk plant above ground containment system in the Industrial Park. Two-thirds of the tanks are already in operation, with the project to be completed by fall.

School Parking Lot & Drive Ready For Blacktop This Week (photo) The curb and gutter work at the Stanley site has been completed recently. Now all that awaits is the blacktop which will be applied by Senn Blacktop. Company representatives planned to begin blacktop application sometime this week.

STANLEY Locals Call 644-**** when you have a local item Mrs. Herman Rabska of Owen and Mrs. Theresa Powers of Prairie du Chien were Monday evening visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Berseth.

Mrs. Velma Kiraly, daughter Debbie and granddaughter Jeanette; Mrs. Arlene Palomino, son Jimmy and daughter Michelle; Janice and JoAnn Kirally, all of Chicago, IL; and Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kiraly and Lori of Oshkosh, spent the fourth of July weekend with their mother Agnes Kiraly and other relatives. They all also visited Louis Kirally at the Chippewa Manor.

BOYD AREA News Boyd Police Report ACTIVITY FOR JUNE The totals handled by the Boyd Police Department during June were as follows: 26 calls, 39 complaints, 4 citations, 9 warnings, 1 vacation check and 7 special detail, for a total of 86.

Fireworks Complaint Complaints were filed concerning the use of fireworks on June 25 at 120 N. Jackson Street. Those involved were warned of the ordinance violation.

Skate Board Found A skate board has been found and turned in to the Boyd Police Department. The owner may claim it by identifying the skateboard.

40 Years Ago July 9, 1981

Jay Thorpe, Stanley-Boyd High School’s first representative on the North’s Shrine Bowl team, leaves Sunday for Oshkosh as the squad begins practice for the July 25 North-South All-Star High School Football Game.

Thorpe was selected from over 300 senior players nominated for the honor. Young men were selected for the squads on the basis of their credentials and their coaches’ recommendations.

Thorpe said he had been a bit surprised when it was announced he was selected…

50 Years Ago July 15, 1971

Rita LaMarche – John Licht Wed June 15 At Boyd (photo) Miss Rita LaMarche became the bride of John Paul Licht in a double ring ceremony on Tuesday June 15 at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.

Priscilla Licht – Donald Daniels Married at St. Joseph’s June 12 St. Joseph’s Catholic Church was the setting chosen by Miss Priscilla Licht as she exchanged wedding vows with Donald Daniels on Saturday, June 12.

How to Halt Road Erosion The use of asbestos as an asphalt pavement additive has proved its effectiveness in a test conducted on heavily traveled intersections in California.

The Los Angeles County Road Department in a threeyear project evaluated several proprietary products and concluded that using asphalt concrete overlays with asbestos fibers developed by John Manville was “the most promising method of control.”

60 Years Ago July 13, 1961

HAMILTON FALLS Locals Neighborhood is improving By Mrs. Rose Sliter Our neighborhood is improving. A nice blue and white trailer house owned by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lein has been parked on the east side of our river. On the west side a cute little white house owned by Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Shilts and stands where the old log house once owned by Manfred Shilts was. He has the new wall all built for a new addition and then it will be much nicer and more attractive.

Little Garry Shilts spent Wednesday with his cousin, Michael Shilts.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Leitzke called at the Karnes Sliter home last week.

Dale Shilts and Dennis called on Ben Tarbox Sunday evening.

70 Years Ago July 12, 1951

Death Comes To Mrs. Arthur Long Tuesday Morning (photo) Mrs. Arthur H. Long died at Victory Memorial Hospital at 12:45, Tuesday morning. Death came as an end to many weeks of suffering. When it was known that it was futile to hope for her recovery, the concern and sorrow of the community was everywhere evident.

She was born in Greenwood, Clark county, August 2, 1902, and moved to Stevens Point with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otto A. Anderson, when she was ten years old.

She attended Stevens Point elementary schools, graduated from high school there, and from Stevens Point Normal, with a major in home economics. She continued throughout her life to develop and practice the qualities that made her teaching successful. She taught home economics in Mosinee, Belmont, and Stanley High School, coming here in 1924. Many of her former pupils, now with homes of their own, refer to her as an outstanding teacher.

Devoted To Her Home On May 30, 1926, she was married to Arthur Long at Stevens Point. They have lived in Stanley and she was devoted to their home, which become a center for family gatherings and social activities with friends, all of whom have many precious memories of happy occasions with Thelma Long, ever the gracious hostess.

120 Years Ago July 13, 1901

LOCAL HAPPENINGS J. T. Barber was in the city Thursday.

Miss Dora Solie returned Tuesday from Albertville.

Anson Green delivered the oration at Boyd on July 4th.

Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Davies are at 26 Cherry St., Oshkosh, Wis.

And. Korn Jr. has accepted a position as salesman in the North Western Store. Emil Berg has resigned his position in the North Western Store and on Monday departed for Colorado in search of health.

The Village of Thorp, our progressive little neighbor to the eastward, is about to set an example for Stanley by passing a fire limit ordinance which


prohibits the construction of anything but solid brick buildings on its main business street hereafter. The effect of this will be very noticeable in a few years and will make some of its neighbors, of greater pretensions, look like fifteen cents.

Also 120 Years Ago THE MIRROR

Put out by the inmates of the Stillwater Prison Stillwater, Minnesota Motto: “It is never too late to mend” July 11, 1901 A Ten Minute Reverie.

What does the prisoner think about? In making an attempt to answer this question I will try to set down in regular order the thoughts that come to me. Sitting here in my cell this dark and cloudy afternoon, thoughts of the independence and freedom of this country—for which this day is commemorated— come to me, followed closely by the memory of brilliant achievements, heroic deeds, and battles won since our first celebration of the fourth day of July. Then the thoughts of happier Fourths come surging up, accompanied by the faces of friends near and dear; then comes the inevitable thoughts of home. But only for an instant, for right here I draw the line, I say to myself: “Stop right here, young man. It will not do you or anyone else a particle of good to worry about what is already done, or for the present irredeemable, and if you allow yourself to brood over these things you will soon be a fit subject for the asylum. Think about something good to eat, it is a great deal better for you and just as profitable.” All right I will think abouty pie. I have attacked a good many different kinds of pie; some that were delicious and some that were burglarproof… I do not know what it is, recalls to my mind that beautiful story of the “Picture of Dorian Gray,” and that brings thoughts of that notorious esthete, the author of it (Oscar Wilde)….and—but my ten minutes are up. D.

129 Years Ago THE DAILY INDPENDENT April 23, 1892

REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS The following real estate transfers were recorded in the office of the register of deeds yesterday: Bernard Speth and wife to Jacob Thull, of Washington county, 160 acres of land in the town of Edson, $3,500.

The Northwestern Lumber company to Fortunat Charest, lots 1 and 2, block 2, Northwestern Lumber company’s addition to Stanley, $150.

Joseph Brounard and wife to Alex D. Cameron, lot 8, block 9, Mansfield & McBean’s addition, $200.

Northwestern Lumber company to Louis J. Roe, northewest quarter of the southwest quarter of section 25, township 29, range 5 west, $600.

Northwestern Lumber company to Elizabeth A. Allengton, lot 18, block 2, Northwestern Lumber company’s addition to Stanley, $650.

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