done and for everyone to ….

Posted 12/22/21

done and for everyone to get there. When it is done we pray. After praying we eat. When my grandma, my dad, my brother and I are done eating we have pie for dessert. After that we open presents and …

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done and for everyone to ….


done and for everyone to get there. When it is done we pray. After praying we eat. When my grandma, my dad, my brother and I are done eating we have pie for dessert. After that we open presents and we hang out for a while, have fun with our toys and play outside for a little bit. Then we come back in. If there is a parade on tv we watch that for a little bit. Then we go home and go to sleep.

Every Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, my family and I go to my grandmas. When everyone gets there, we eat and then we go and play for a long time. Then we open presents and hang out. Then we go home and when we wake up we sort the presents. When my parents get in from the barn, we start to open all of the presents. First we open the stocking and then the bigger presents. We start with the girls and then the boys. We play with some of the presents and then we talk and eat. We eat ham and potatoes. We bake cookies.

By Drew My Christmas Tradition On Christmas Day we eat breakfast, open presents and then get dressed in fancy clothes. We go to my grandma and grandpa’s house. We eat and then open presents. We stay for a littlie bit. Then we go to my other papa and grandma’s. We eat there and open presents. Lastly, we go to my aunt and uncle’s and we open presents and play there for a bit. Finally we go home and watch some movies. Then we go to bed and sleep.The next day, we go to my mom’s and we eat there and open presents. We watch Christmas movies. Finally, we go back to Dad’s house and sleep there.

By:Khloe Mr. Wagner, 4th Grade My favorite Christmas tradition is every Christmas Eve my whole family goes to my Nanny and papa Dean’s house and eat lots of food like ham,green bean casserole and mashed potatoes. We do secret Santa so we open those presents from our cousins then we all leave their house and go back to our houses and go to bed.

James Mahr One day my Daddy told me a story about him getting in trouble. He told me”One Christmas I was very naughty and my family did a prank. They put rotten veggies for gifts in front. The rst one I opened was a rotten veggie. The second one was also a rotten veggie. I began to cry and they all laughed.” I asked” Is that all you got,” He answered” I got something at least.” Now I always wonder if he will do that to me. Or if Santa will do that if I am naugty. Have a Merry Christmas!

Emilee Kramschuster My favorite Christmas memory is when I got a Nintendo Switch Light. On Christmas I got a swichlight from my mom and dad. My sister and I played Just Dance.

I played Mario 64. When we all were done opening presents my friends came over and played too.

By Clay Kletsch One Christmas morning my brother woke me up at 6:00 and we ran to my sister’s room to wake her up. We woke her up and ran to the christmas tree and there were 3 suitcases, and a bunch of other stuff under the tree. There was a note on one of the suitcases. It said we were going to Punta Cana and we were so excited to go.

By Landon Klisiewicz My favorite Christmas tradition is going to my grandpa and grandma’s house about 2 days before Christmas. My brother and I eat stuff like corn and ham there. Then we get to open presents. Second we play saran wrap ball. We play some pool and then leave at about 11:00. By Trace Potaczek This is a Christmas memory. We woke up and opened presents. After, we went to the garage and we saw a four wheeler. We were so happy! After we went to my grandma’s house and opened presents with our family. We had a lot of fun with our new toys. That was one of my favorite Christmas memories. By Will Chwala My Christmas tradition is we pack our bags back and then we go in the car and then we go to my grandpas for Christmas. We eat a lot of good food when we are there. Then we get to open presents. Then we check our stockings. By Kyleigh Nichols My favorite memory is when I was in rst grade and it was 6:00am and I went downstairs. I saw a Santa boot print, and there was a bigger surprise! I think it was reindeer poop! I woke up my brother and then we woke up my parents and we were all laughing and then my dad said who is going to clean it up.

Everyone looked at my dad to clean it up! My dad was mad because this is not what he planned to do on Christmas Day! Merry Christmas!

By:Mikalena mertens I remember that we always make Christmas cookies for Santa so he can eat them and them when he brings our presents. My mom and dad wake us up and we get to open 2 presents after Santa comes, then we go back to bed. In the morning my brother Eli and I open the rest of the presents.

BY CHRISTIAN LOVE My favorite Christmas memory is when my parents got me a Wii U. How I got it is my parents gave every other presents which are also Wii U games but then I tried and tried to put it in the wii But we realized that it didn’t work so we were really sad then my parents were laughing hysterically. Then my dad pointed to the table and then we looked under my sister’s blanket on the table and then we found the Wii U. Then we started playing the Wii U for a little while but then my mom said it was time to go 0utside. That is my favorite Christmas memory!

By: Ian Wehlnig When I was born I started baking with my mom. Every Christmas, we would bake together.We would bake pretzels with rolos and pecans on top. We would also bake cut out Christmas cookies and decorate them with frosting. I was always the one to put too many sprinkles on mine. They always taste sugary but good. My favorite Christmas tradition is baking with my moms.

By Kimberleigha Walters My favorite Christmas Tradition is getting meat from my grandma and grandpa. We have a freezer full of meat. We have sausage, ham, polish sausage, and some soup. That is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! By Josie Kitchell My favorite Christmas tradition is baking and frosting cookies.

First, we make the dough. Next, we roll the dough. After that, we cut out the dough into fun shapes. A little while later, I added frosting to the cookies to make them look fun. Finally, I ate the cookies. That is my Christmas tradition By Kaynen Steinbach Mrs. Edwards’ 5th Grade Class By Samantha Gully Christmas People gathering ‘round the table.

Cookies baking in the oven. Everyone giving a speech. Grasshopper ice cream Passing ‘round gifts. Christmas By Parker Bates Christmas Christmas Trees Ham Happiness Cookies Gifts Christmas By Eli Jackson Christmas Family unwrapping presents. I smell my mom baking cookies.

I hear thanks.

I taste my mom’s cookies. I feel my mom’s hugs. Christmas By Vaidia Chwala Christmas Piles of presents The frosty air lled the room. Everyone was laughing and talking.

Tasting the candy you got in your stocking.

Hugging family members happily.

Wishing God a Happy Birthday.

Christmas By Aidyn Reid Winter, Winter, Arrives I play in the snow all day and night.

I sniff the fresh air. With the snow falling down in my ears Snow falls in my mouth and is made of water.

Winter, Winter, Thank You By Khloe Schneider It is winter. The snow falls and blows. I smell pine trees. I hear deer trotting. I taste peppermint candy cane. I touch the Christmas tree and all the needles are messy.

Yay, Winter By Aaron Lew Santa Giving, nice Singing, shouting, giving Old person that is magical By Daisy Reigel Snow falls. Winter is here. Animals hibernate. New smells Lots of lights Up on the housetop New memories Candy canes Have a great Christmas. Family and friends Rudolph Inside Endless happiness New traditions Deer By Mitchell Milas Reindeer Brown, furry Dancing, prancing, ying Rudolph with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my sleigh tonight.

Rudolph By Xander Rembleski Christmas Snow falling Peppermints Deer Candy canes Presents Christmas By Kylie Ryba Christmas I see lights The smell of Christmas cookies baking. Christmas songs are sung Eating delicious pie. Opening gifts. Christmas By Mayonna Hannah Christmas Family on the couch Pancakes cooking Everyone opening presents. Eating Christmas cookies Simba, my cat, is playing with me. Christmas By Sierra Ramsier Snow falling Family gathered together. The smell of cookies baking. Big sleigh in the sky. My favorite holiday. By Aaron Johnson I like winter. I like it because I see snow. I smell food. I hear laughter. I touch presents. I love winter. By Avery Slowiak Snow is cold. Winter is fun. Air in winter is cold. Nice cold winter air. Leaves are under the snow. Under the snow they are. Nice snow cave Chilly snow How cold is snow? Fires to eat s’mores in the snow.

Rain is snow after rain gets cold.

Ice in winter is slippery.

Every snowake is water. Nice feelings of snow. Dive and sink into the snow. By Tristen Ciokiewicz Friday is my favorite night Watching movies and laughing a lot.

Home Alone, Elf and Santa Claus By Xander Moyer Santa Giving, nice Love Ho, Ho, HO Man Mrs. Mahr’s 5th Grade Class

Frosty By Hunter Ogle Frosty Cold, cool, snowy, happy Son of Old Man Winter and Madam Snow He loves NOTHING, he’s cold hearted! He fears melting.

He needs cold temperatures. He gives happiness. He would like to see the day it snows again.

Resident of Snowman Street.

The Snowman WAR By Malina Czubakowski Snowball ght Fun, Exciting Reading, Aiming, Firing Solve everything with just one throw Packed – Snow war! Christmas By: Channing Lewallen Christmas Presents getting raped Cookies in the oven Talking in room from parents Mashed potatoes Putting ornaments on the christmas tree Christmas Sneaking Into My Stocking By Max Acker It was Christmas night I went to my brothers room but it was a problem his door was too loud. The door creaked but I didn’t hear anything upstairs then I woke him up and he said, “What” pretty loud and I told him to follow me. He asked, “Where?” I said upstairs. We went upstairs but the stairs creaked. We didn’t hear a door upstairs so we were good. We went to our stockings there was nothing in them but then… We heard something on the roof!

We hid behind the island. We heard something in the chimney It was Santa! We were silent. We waited until Santa was gone. Back by our stockings Taking the stuff out in order one by one. We had to be as quiet as we could because the wrappers were loud! We put items back in one by one. We heard a door and ran into our bedrooms. We went to bed. We woke up I yelled, “Christmas!” Bolted up the stairs and took everything out of my stocking. Auggie By: Bentley Shilts Auggie Hubble, Loyal Playing, Loving, Caring Best dog in the World Dog Swinter By: Abby Weltzin Swinter When winter turns to spring Snow falling from the sky The hot chocolate brewing Birds chirping The hot chocolate in your mouth

The cold snow Winter Poem By Alison Summereld Winter White snowakes falling from the sky Hot chocolate brewing in the kitchen The loud crunch of snow The warm hot chocolate The feeling of the warm re place lit in the living room Winter Christmas At School By: Caitlin Collins “WOW!” The whole class said. The teacher pulled out a big box of ornaments… AND A GIANT TREE! “This deserves a OHHH AAHH,” the teacher said.

“OOOHHH AAAAAAA,” the class said.

"GO CRAZY KIDS!!!!" the teacher yelled. We all went crazy!

We used the whole box and all the ornaments.

The teacher came over to see the tree… “The other side of the tree is empty. You silly little kids" she said.

We all xed the tree up. (STORY NOT TRUE) THE END Christmas Morning By: Kylee Kroeplin I woke up with excitement early in the morning….. because it was CHRISTMAS! I ran down the stairs as fast as I could and I saw presents.

I saw the tree glowing with the decorations The shiny glowing presents calling my name.

I smell the Christmas’s pine needles on the tree.

I hear the Christmas presents wrinkling under the tree.

I taste hot chocolate with candy I touch my presents to see what’s inside.

X-Mas Morning Poem By: Kellen Lechlietner WAKE UP, KELLEN! Ahh! It’s me, Aden, your brother Ok sorry [yawns] It’s christmas! Oh yeah. Is mom up? I don’t know. We listen to Santo saying ho ho ho for 2 minutes And we see reindeer on the window.

Merry Christmas says mom. Let’s open presents! I say.

No, we will eat rst. Ok. Yum. Ew.

We have cookies. I see presents, I said. We open presents. Then I head to my dads. Wrapping Presents By: Michael Grady It was a dark night and the snow was falling on the ground.

Christmas lights shining through the house.

The Christmas candle that smelled like cinnamon was lit on the table.

The rewood was crackling. I grabbed the brown box that was as big as a lunch box.

I started unrolling the crisp blue snowake wrapping paper. I started measuring the length of the box so I can get the right amount of wrapping paper.

I found a noisy roll of tape. I started tearing pieces off. I started making perfect folds. I was admiring my work of art. I grabbed the teal ribbon and started tying it around my box.

To top it all off, I made a aw less bow.

My big green tree with a lot of colorful lights and sparkling ornaments that’s all different sizes.

I place my masterpiece under the tree, awaiting Christmas day until my mom can open it.

When I was done I sat down and enjoyed Christmas sugar cookies that tasted like candy canes And drank some cinnamon hot cocoa.

‘Tis the Season By: Annelysse Kramschuster The snow is falling. The tree is lit with bright lights. Presents are under the tree. December is the best month. I will love Christmas forever. Christmas Tree By: Hadley Bourget The fresh smell of pine. Silky presents under the tree . Blue, red, green and cool ornaments on the tree.

A fancy star, gold and silver, on top of the tree.

Christmas Morning By: Seth Lilla I woke up one morning in a moment’s know, Soon my excitement starts to