Posted 8/4/21

If you’re looking for something to do this coming weekend, consider attending some of the events at the Owen Jr. Fair, Au – gust 6-8. The theme of this year's fair is, "The Roaring …

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If you’re looking for something to do this coming weekend,

consider attending some of the events at the Owen Jr. Fair, Au –

gust 6-8. The theme of this year's fair is, "The Roaring 20's." To that end, the Friends of the Old School in Owen will be offering free 1920's style dance lessons on Saturday, August 7, at 1 pm. Attendees will be introduced to the Charleston, of course swing,

and the foxtrot. And while there check out the "Roaring 20's"

exhibit of clothing, some of which has been loaned to them by

the Stanley Area Historical Society.


The Military Convoys visit to Stanley on Saturday, July 31, was a great success. There was a nice turnout of people and due to the organizational skills of Marthamae Kottschade, the hard work of American Legion Commander Bruce Wozniak and other helpers, it was all a very successful undertaking. Convoy Com – mander Terry Shelswell conveyed that, "… it was beyond what

their group has seen in other communities and they were honored

by the warm welcome". +++ Seen among the crowd was Wis consin American Legion Auxiliary, President Diane Weggen who

was handing out flags to the young kids in attendance. This too was a nice salute too our veterans and the convoy.


Leftovers from Wisconsin Farm Technology Days, held July 20-22 at Huntsinger Farms, in rural Eau Claire. Pat and I vol – unteered in the Clark County Tourism tent on Tuesday, July 20. After 4.5 hours of time at the Stanley table, we visited a few tents and booths as we made our way to the parking lot. While there we visited with a considerable number of Stanley area folks who went through the Clark County tent or we met on our way out of

the grounds. We did get to hear Chris Kroeze sing a few songs in the Rural Events Center. There were so many people that we had to stand outside the building but did see and hear him well.


Here is some highlights from the follow-up report on Farm Technology Days 2021. Initial estimates are that over 32,000 visitors attended during the three day event. Over 18,000 at –

tended the first day. +++ 1,532 volunteers made the show pos –

sible. +++ There were 520 exhibitors from 26 states showcasing their latest products. +++ Sixteen buses shuttled at least 3,837 people for entertaining and educational tours of the Huntsinger Horseradish Farm, Nellie's Holsteins Dairy Farm and Ferguson's Orchards. +++ The food tents served 14,000 hamburgers, and 15,000 each of brats and hot dogs. There were 10,000 Big Rigg sandwiches sold. The sandwich, which consisted of a hamburger, pulled pork, cheese, bacon, coleslaw, and horseradish sold out

each day. I would have liked to have tried one, but it seemed like a heart attack in the waiting. +++ If you have a 2022 calendar ,you can mark July 12-14, as the dates of the 2022 Farm Tech nology Days, and it will be held in nearby Clark County at Roehl

Acres, Loyal.


Are you ready? Football season is here. Monday, August 2 -Football equipment is handed out. Tuesday, August 3 – Practice starts. August 13 – Scrimmage at Stanley-Boyd with Abbotsford, Chetek-Weyerhauser, Elk Mound and Marathon. August 20 – S-B at Cadott, August 27 – Marathon at S-B, September 3 – Durand at S-B, September 10 – Fall Creek at S-B, September 17 – Mondovi at S-B, September 24 – S-B at Osseo-Fairchild, October 1 S-B at Neillsville, October 8 – Regis at S-B, and October 15 – S-B at Elk Mound.. October 22 – Football playoffs begin. Hope to see you at the games this year.


Some sound advice?? Lock your car doors if you live in the Midwest this week or people will put free zucchini in your car. +++ In our neighborhood, this advice might be extended to don't answer your doorbell if you see a man carrying a pail approach-

ing. Your likely to be left with a pail of beans!


I admit that I am attracted to articles that do comparisons. A recent article entitled, "All 50 States Ranked by Livability," by Samuel Sibbens and Grant Suneso caught my eye, and I was sucked in. Here is what the article revealed. The worst state to live in was Mississippi and other worst states were West Virgin – ia, Louisiana, Arkansas and Kentucky. According to this article, Mississippi got the worst rating due to its having the highest pov –

erty rate in the nation and its low life expectancy (the 2

nd lowest). Mississippi also had the smallest population increase between 2010 and 2019 and the second highest rate in unemployment in 2019. The five best states to live in were listed as 1.) Massa – chusetts, 2.) Colorado, 3.) New Jersey, 4.) Connecticut and 5.) Hawaii. What about our neighbors? Minnesota ranked number 6 th best and Illinois was 18th best. And Wisconsin ranked number 20th best in the nation to live in.


I attended the S.C. Swiderski LLC groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday, July 28. The event was held on the northwest cor –

ner of Pine Street and Junction Avenue. The impressive ceremo –

ny included the shoveling of the first shovels of gravel by Swid –

erski dignitaries, plus Stanley Mayor Al Haas, Stanley Chamber President, Ron Haas and Clark County Economic Development and Tourism Director, Sheila Nyberg. After the ceremonial groundbreaking, the Swedersk's had a small tent set up and of – fered a sweet treat, bottled water and a number of mementos. As a whole, it was a classy entrance into our community. The 48 apartments being built will be one, two and three bedroom units and rents include Cable TV & Wi-Fi, snow removal and lawn care, heat, sewer/water, private entrances, private washer

and dryer, detached garages, and garbage service. It is expected

that one bedrooms rents will start around $850, two bedrooms

$1,050 and three bedrooms around $1,250. Check the company

website to sign up to get alerts when rates are published and tours

become available.


Have you noticed that the former Plombon Furniture Store

windows have been papered over and the front window trim and

door have been painted blue? A Grand Opening Extravaganza will occur on Wednesday, August 11, 10 am to 5 pm, at this 314 N. Broadway St. location in downtown Stanley. The new busi – ness is called WhispyTKreations. They will be offering for sale

custom clothing, sunglasses, fashion accessories, athletic leisure

wear and much more. They are saying: "A whole new shopping experience."


Smile time. Life isn't a race, it's a dance. Every step forward

and every step back, stepping sideways, and twirling in circles,

are all part of the dance we call life. +++ Maybe we should retire

the expression, “avoid it like the plague” given how little effort

people put into avoiding an actual plague. +++ What's the differ ence between a politician and a snail? One is slimy, a pest, and

leaves a trail everywhere and the other is a snail. +++ What's

the difference between a pickpocket and an empire? One steals

watches and one watches steals. +++ Why can't your hand be 12 inches long? Because then it would be a foot. +++ Choosing

to spend time with people who build you up, accept you, and

love you is a sign of emotional health and intelligence. +++ A foot is a device for finding furniture in the dark. +++ "I must do something" will always solve more problems than "Something must be done." +++ The easiest way to figure the cost of living is to take your income and add ten percent. +++ Practice does not make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect. –Vince Lombardi.