Lane Tank to inspect Boyd water tower in five year followup

Village Board looks at televising water and sewer mains


It’s been five years since the Boyd water tower was painted inside and out,—and that means maintenance!
Due for an inside paint checkup, the water tower will be drained halfway down so that pictures can be taken, with the inspection being performed by Lane Tank at a bid of $1,950. Motion to approve the bid by Lane Tank was made by Michael Eslinger and seconded by Dale Isaacs.
Also in monthly board discussion but underground, the village is looking to get Patten Street televised, with the possibility of other streets as well depending on cost.
“If they have a minimum fee to come in it wouldn’t hurt to get a few streets that we’re thinking of doing in the next couple of years,” trustee Dale Isaacs said. With Ayres Associates recommending Hydroclean and Flourite for televising means, the planned televising job would be bid out to a subcontractor.
In more aesthetic news, meanwhile, signs in the village might soon be overhauled, being in a state of wear and tear., village president Bob Geist expressing interest in having better signage. Geist was to see what Ron Duncan might bid on the proposed project. Duncan owns Ron’s Designs and Signs in Cadott.
Also in signage news, the T-ball field could soon have a recognition plaque, interest expressed by several trustees in making acknowledgement of the many who contributed to the project at Lotz Park.
Closing out the April village board meeting, outgoing village trustee Dale Isaacs was thanked for his service, being his second time on the board. As of May, the seat will be taken by Josh Walters.
“We thank you for your years of service, both as a community member and board member,” Geist said to Isaacs at the meeting.