To Whom / All of ….

Posted 1/12/22

To Whom / All of Us Concerned: Dave Zien pays tribute to Scott Harris Dear Editor, The Lord certainly works in mysterious ,supernatural & multi-dimensional ways . At the Celebration of Life for …

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To Whom / All of ….


To Whom / All of Us Concerned: Dave Zien pays tribute to Scott Harris

Dear Editor,

The Lord certainly works in mysterious ,supernatural & multi-dimensional ways . At the Celebration of Life for Dr Scott Harris yesterday January 4,2022, a spiritual awakening occurred.

The Lord certainly works in mysterious ,supernatural & multi dimensional ways. At the Celebration of Life for Dr Scott Harris yesterday January 4,2022, a spiritual awakening occurred.

Multitudes of Souls of the Faithfully Departed were re –

joicing with Scott, "the boun tiful blessings so beautifully bestowed upon the Stanley re- gional community!" So many of those we knew well were there – waiting for us.

Most often successes are overlooked & forgotten. Try ing to remember or be in- formed is difficult. Absorbing the Stanley Area Historical Society & Stanley Republican Newspaper is a godsend.

Dr Scott Harris weaved many remarkable threads. He helped people feel good about themselves in fulfilling full po tential —while pursuing good health.

Often they became either informal or formal commu- nity leaders. Scott initiated & developed synergistic community cohesiveness for many projects.

My very first phone call to alert the possibility for the Stanley Prison —was to Scott. He set up the very first commu – nity support meeting & other efforts there after. Often the value of our efforts made are not realized until long after.

It was because the Super max Prison had considered Stanley a possible location due to the efforts initiated by State Rep Dave Plombon & myself – that the Stanley site was even remotely considered.

Scott was a mover & doer , a shaker & a quaker! His inge – nuity, creativity & passion was interlaced with super charisma & humor. The early years of the Stanley Industrial Devel opment Corp included helping bring Ike International here. Many people then couldn't fantasize a Hardee's or Mc – Donald's in Stanley . Scott sent Christmas flowers to the Al & Mary Williams Hardees franchise, trying to bring a Hardees to Stanley. Creative efforts went way beyond need- ed phone calls & support let ters.

Other major regional area projects Dr. Harris helped spearhead include; -The Wisconsin first etha –

nol plant(Ace) ——advancing four lane Highway 29 from Green Bay to Elk Mound ,a proposed 2020 project – completing it in year 2006

— Chippewa Veterans Home —Chippewa Valley Correctional Treatment Facility — Wis Veterans Tribute/ Citizen Soldier's Monument — to be continued— During the Stanley Prison construction , CTH H south of Stanley to Fairchild was researched to be a state highway. Even though the Stanley prison was built to be doubled in size to house over 3000 inmates, that idea was scrapped because of pressure from the Adminis tration other legislators.

The total unadulterated fiscal reports of the Waupun & Green Bay prisons being a “bottomless pit of expenditures “ was never properly revealed. Nor was the hazard – ous waste potential identified. Taxpayer dollars could have & could be much better spent here Stanley.

Thanks to Scott & this com – munity, the Stanley prison is one of Wisconsin's best oper ated prisons. The per-prisoner expenditures, community rela – tions, Service dog training, in house programs, purchase of area products & services, etc. could be a national model for other correctional facilities!

Always Scott, wife Pam & family were helping out with various school, church, Vet – eran, patriotic & community events. The Stanley Rodeo, Watermelon Festival, parades etc. We all remember Scott's amazing smile & twinkling eyes!

If you see Pam , don't ask her about their honeymoon on a 450 cc Honda- unless you want to be truly entertained!

Then there's the miraculous survival from a motorcycle ac- cident. The Hand of God is real as evidenced by Scott's whole life.

Today I'm sending a dona –

tion to the Stanley Area His torical Society -Trust Fund in honor of Dr Scott Harris. Sup porting such an awesome pub- lication, museum & remember ing prominent individuals — is an honor!

Also paying my subscrip tion to the Stanley Republican. This is an amazing newspaper! Mayor Dave Jankoski & Al Brown deserves a raise/ $$ for their weekly volunteered free articles.

If you want appreciation, discovery & inspiration, please subscribe to & review past is –

sues of the Stanley Area His –

torical Society & Stanley Re publican. The coverage about the Stanley Tornado was/is outstanding!

Such enlightening would be the same for the readership of other newspapers that I receive including; Cadott Sentinel /Cornell Courier, Chippewa Herald, Eau Claire Leader, Medford Star News & the Wall Street Jour nal.

It's therapeutic to be chomping on the various pop- corn flavors, purchased from the Stanley Theater. Often I travel from Eau Claire just to buy that popcorn & meet with fellow patriots at the gas sta- tions & stores. Besides the gas is cheaper in Stanley!

By the time I also visit my Dad & others at local cemeter –

ies, the Stanley Soo Line Vet – erans Memorial & other parks – it's half a day plus well spent. "Scott – your life , Along with so many others in your presence , had lives well lived & legacy's well loved. We pray to be inspired by -while emu- lating your/ those examples!" God bless you , your loved ones & our troops!

Dave Zien former State Senator Million Mile's' Motorcycle Man 1716 63rd St., Eau Claire 54703 Cell/ text 715-829-9436 P.S. Scott – that chiropractic pil- low I bought from you 27 years ago is still being used nightly.

Perhaps this & some unused nutrients are examples of unlimited extended warranty – as is prayer!