turn into a present or ….

Posted 12/22/21

turn into a present or something else. When he disappears so will his bag.Then, when he reappears so would his bag. When he is done delivering the presents he can press a button on his belt and out …

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turn into a present or ….


turn into a present or something else. When he disappears so will his bag.Then, when he reappears so would his bag. When he is done delivering the presents he can press a button on his belt and out comes a cookie on a tray with milk. By: Harley G.

I think a re, water, invisible, and ice proof suit will make Santa a better Santa because it is a safe suit for him. It is not good for Santa to get hurt on Christmas Eve before delivering everyone’s presents.

To: Santa From: Kylie L.

Santa could wear a new Christmas Tree shaped suit because if a kid was coming you could blend in with the Christmas tree. Nobody would know, it would save a lot of close calls and lights would help blend in way more. By: Cameron M.

Santa should wear a jet pack.

He could y to the moon. He could y through the clouds to give the presents to the boys and girls. By: Devon O I would like to change Santa’s suit to all black so we can’t see him and his hat all white because the hat would be warmer. By:Alex S.

Santa has had the same boring suit for a very long time…until now. Introducing the new Heat Warming Suit and Sack. Do you feel a cold gust of air at night while getting a drink of water on Christmas Eve? Or have cold presents on Christmas day? Well not this year because Santa is wearing his new Heat Warming Suit so he doesn’t have to worry about being cold while delivering cold presents.

Instead he’ll be warm delivering warm presents. By: Lucy S.

Santa has had the same suit over the years until now! Santa is now going to have a red, green, gold, and black suit. This suit will t with Christmas and it will look cool on him and his original suit is missing green and he is the king of Christmas! So what kind of suit do you want Santa to have and why? By: Thomas S.

To:Santa, Over the years Santa has had the same boring suit until now. Introducing The Transporting Suit.

It has everything Santa needs.

When Santa had his boring red suit he had to climb into people’s chimneys. That must be hard. He is too fat. Instead, he can think where he wants to go and his mind will take him there.

Also it will be super fast. So Santa if you get this letter please consider it. By the way you need to cut back on the cookies that is why you can not t through my chimney! From: Ruby S.

Introducing the one and only magical suit! It will be helpful because If someone is coming Santa could shapeshift into something else, blend into something else like a chameleon, or turn invisible.

Or if there is a ginormous storm Santa can make everything glow up including himself. He can make his suit do everything he wants it to except if it is not a good deed.

If Santa wants his suit to make him a mansion it will not let him and it will make his suit weaker.

And if he does something really really amazing it will upgrade his suit and give it a new trick. So if someone has a horrible sickness and Santa makes him or her better that is an example for an upgrade. But it is a hard spell.

Santa has to make sure that he can do the spell. If it is too hard Santa will have to keep working on it with Mrs. Clause. And if she doesn’t, they will have to go to a store and get a book on how to.

By:Alexis T.

Sants suit was plain until now.

What if Santa could have a suit that could have green/white and camo or white so he can blend in with the snow. The green is for trees and the camo is for everything else! By: Alivia P.

Santa could get on top of the homes quickly with his robot legs and be able to get up the chimney very easily.And so he can get the presents to the right owner but robot legs will help him get to the places that he needs to go.And it can help by walking over building to building. By: Nathan W.

Santa should wear a lepord suit because Santa will run faster and Santa will put presents under the tree faster. By: Malakye Z.

Mrs. Kryzanowski, 3rd Grade If I could design Santa’s suit, he would be wearing feathers so he couldn’t get hurt going down the chimney. He would have an invisible suit so he could hide from children when they wake up.

By: Cooper A.

If I could design Santa’s suit, his suit and hat would be gold, red, and green. I think those are good for Santa’s suit and hat.

Gold, red and green are Christmas colors. I think that Santa likes those colors.

By: Rylee B.

If I could design Santa’s suit, it would be a Green Bay Packer suit. It would be green and yellow.

In the middle it would have a big G.

On the back, it would say Green Bay Packers. It would be silky and grippy.

The gloves would be football gloves. The hat would be a Packer helmet. I think that is the best because Packer fans can see Santa in a Packer suit. I also think that because that is a really good football team.

The last reason is because he would look funny. By: Treyton C.

If I could desingn Santa’s suit, he would have a jetpack to get up the chimney. By: Jaxson G.

If I could design Santa’s suit, it would be orange, black, and gold.

His hat would be orange, black, and gold. His beard would be blue and white. His boots would be gray.It might be Stanley-Boyd colors because Santa has school spirit. By: Leland H.

If I could design Santa‘s suit, it would be blue because it looks good. He should have feathers all over his suit to help him y and stay warm. Santa should have feathers on the tip of his gloves.

By: Maudery L.

If I could design Santa’s suit, his hat would be red and white stripes. His shirt should be blue and with white stars. His pants should be black. Santa’s hands should be sticky. His clothes show the American ag. His hands are sticky to help him climb up the chimney. By: Camdyn L.

If I could design Santa’s suit, I would make it a green suit. He has an umbrella to go down the chimney much slower. Christmas color red? How about green and an elf that can help with presents.

It would be better. By: Henry P.

If I could design Santa’s suit, it would be red, green, white, and brown. He can have his soft suit to keep him warm. His hat can have feathers faced up. His gloves can be black. By: Arya S.

If I could design Santa’s suit, it would have green on the top and red on the bottom. He should have snowakes on it. It should be soft and warm. I think that because the colors of Christmas are red and green and because you can see snowakes on Christmas. His hat will be warm and also red and green and all of his stuff should be red, green and warm so he is warm. I picked those colors because I like them.

By: Gabriella S.

If I could design Santa’s suit, it would be black because if the children wake up they couldn’t see him. His suit should have glow sticks so he can see where he’s going. His suit should also be silky so he can slip down the chimney.

Inside his suit there is cotton in his coat and hat. His suit should have gloves so his hands don’t get cold. By: Aubrey S.

If I could design Santa’s suit, the hat would be orange and white. The suit would be orange and the pants too. The inside would be oriole orange feathers. On the outside it would be slippery. I think that it is a good suit because it will slip down the chimney and the orange is for Santa to see well in the dark. By: Bentley W.

Mrs. Lager, 3rd Grade

I decided that Santa needed some changes. One of them is that he has 2 bags to carry the toys in it so it is not that heavy.

Another change is that his coat is made out of silk so he can slide down the chimney faster and one more change is that his shoes are made out of fabric so his shoes don’t make noise. By: Amilee S.

Santa has a big job to do, so I thought I could change his suit to help him so what he does will be easier.

So here are the changes I made. My santa’s suit is blue velvet with a milk and cookies container so he can eat them later.

My santa’s suit also has a cam- ouage button and x-ray glasses so he can hide when he sees children. My santa’s suit has a present bag shrinker with a back to normal mode so he doesn’t hurt his back. By: Lincoln L.

I helped make Santa’s suit better by changing the material to silk. That will make the suit better because Santa can slide down chimneys faster. Another way I helped Santa make his suit better is giving him pockets. This will help Santa because he can put dog treats in the pockets so that the dogs are distracted and don’t bite him. The last way I changed Santa’s suit to make it better is to give him a zipper. This will help Santa because it will make his suit easier to put on. Santa has always had buttons and a zipper will make things easier. This is how I helped Santa make his suit better. By: Norah K.

Santa’s new Suit The elfs made Santa’s suit better so he can do his job easier like camouage. I think camou – age is helpful because no one will see him. The yellow hat and boots could act like a shooting star. The black and dots of white can help make the suit look like the night sky. When the suit is made of silk he could slide right down the chimney. He could slide right to the tree to deliver presents. When the suit is lighter the sack will be lighter. He could jump from the sleigh right into the chimney. He could jump from building to building. By: Brekken L.

I wanted to make Santa’s job easier, so I changed his suit to help him. The rst change I made was I added pockets on Santa so he can carry more presents at a time. Then, I gave him a black suit with stars on it so at night kids won’t see him. Next, I added a jet- pack to him so Santa can y from house to house.

Next I added silk clothing to Sata so he can go down the chimney and up the chimney without making any noises. From By: Blake T.

I changed Santa’s suit by making his hat pompom a microphone to talk to Rudolph and the 8 other reindeer. Another thing I changed was giving him two pockets on his belt to hold extra cookies and making his suit out of silk to slide down the chimney easier. Next I dyed his hair, eyebrows and hat navy blue to cam- ouage. Then I put snowakes on his coat to camouage to. Finally I put a zipper on his coat. By: Emilu G.

Santa has to do a lot in one night, and I want to make it easier so I could change his suit. First santa needs to have silk clothing so he can slide down the chimney and not have to crawl down and it would help santa if he cut his beard so it doesn’t get in his way. Then Santa should have tall brown boots for the snow on the roof so it doesn’t get in his boots.

If santah hands get cold Santa can have pockets on his outts in case his hands are cold. It would help not to get people sick. So he could use sanitiser because he touches the chimney and presents so it would be safer. By.

Isabella N.

I wanted to help Santa with his job so I decided to change his suit. I made his belt slippery so he can slip down a chimney better. I also put a microphone on his hat so he can use the microphone to call his elves if he needs help. By: Pedro G.

Santa’s suit color will stay but add white strips for more children will believe in Santa Claus. More pockets to keep the small presents safe. A remote control to control the robot arms. A square metal box to hold the robot arms.

Metal arms and metal hands for when he places down the presents It´ll be faster. Jet pack boots so he can get out faster. Secret pockets on the boots. Straps to carry the sack. By: Josslyn M.

I made Santa a new suit. It can camouage so the kids can't see him! And the suit can slide down the chimney. He can go fast so he can’t be seen. By: Gage M.

I xed Santa's suit so he stays in his work and it goes quicker.

Milk holders will help by if Santa has extra milk he can put it in a milk holder. You don't want the oor to get dirty. If he gets ashes on his shoes the wipers can clean it up. You don't want to waste cookies so if he has extra cookies he has cookie holders.

You don't want to break the toys so if his bag is too heavy he can hook it on his coat. He should have a light coat so its easy to go up chimneys. By: Neil Pilgrim Santa has a big job to do, and I thought that I could help him out.

I made some changes to his suit to make his job a little easier. The frst change I made was I made his whole suit blue so he blends in with the sky. The second change I made was I added straps on his bag so he dosint have to carry it all around the place. The 3rd change I made was I made rocket boots so it’s easter to get into houses. The 4th change I made was i made a pocket to hold his cookies because he needs to hurry up so he can give presents to the children. By: Tempe P.

One day Santa wanted a new suit so I made some changes to his suit. I gave the suit extra pockets to hold cookies and I gave the suit cup holders to hold cups of milk and Santa liked it in the end.

By: Jace G.

Santa Needs a New Suit Mrs. Mahr’s 3rd Grade Class

Dakota S.

I would put Santa in a dog suit so he blends in if there is a dog barking. If he hears a dog barking, Santa will press the button on his suit and he can go on his hands and knees and turn into a dog. He would look like the same dog that is barking. Once the dog stops barking, Santa will press another button and then turn him back into Santa with a red suit.

Aubrey W.

Hi! I’m Santa and I need a new suit because this one gets stuck in chimneys. So I made a new suit with uff on the inside and velvet on the outside so it’s slippery, and there will be a button that will give out dog treats so the dogs won’t distract me and they won’t be angry.

Claire W.

Santa had a problem so he came to me and said, “Hi! I am Santa. I have some problems delivering toys. I always get cold and I have trouble getting down the chimney.” So, Santa asked me to help him. I told him to make a suit that was uffy on the inside so he can stay really warm. I also told him to make the outside out of velvet so he can slide down the chimney quickly.

Collin O.

Santa contacted me and said “I need a new suit. Can you design one for me?” I said yes. I picked out a black suit to blend in with the night. I added wheels on it to help him slide down the chimney.

Natalie L.

Hi! I’m Santa! My suit isn’t really working out for me. I wanted a new suit so I came up with an idea. My idea is the suit will be a dark red, so I can blend into the night! I want it to have glitter to twinkle like the stars so I won’t be as visible at night. My new suit is awesome! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Isaiah K.

I am helping Santa make a new suit and I think he needs a dark red suit so he can blend in with the sky.

The way it would help him is that some people won’t be able to see him because some kids do stay up late. They try to see Santa or try to get a glimpse of Santa or try to take his picture because not that many people have seen him. When he is in the sky, and has a darker red suit on, and a darker red sleigh, you can kind of see him, but it would be harder because it’s a darker red.

Quinn H.

Santa wants a new suit but he doesn’t know what it should look like. He wants the suit to be one of the Christmas colors.

Why can’t he do both? I think the suit should be both red and green because then he doesn’t have to pick one, and it will look festive.

Maybe he could put a design on it. He could add silver and it will still be festive and nice. Maybe he could add snowakes and spar kly silver.

Brantley B.

Santa will wear a cowboy hat.

Cowboy boots on his feet. His shirt has buttons and he wears jeans. Santa rides a horse to give presents to kids.

Eli B.

Hi, I’m Santa. I want a new suit. Here’s my idea.I should have a black suit because it will help me blend in so people or animals could not see me at night.Like if a dog saw me but did not see me because my suit was black.

Audrey B.

Hi there kids, I’m Santa and I have a big problem: all my suits are too small. So I made a new suit that’s better than my old one.

Here’s how I did it. First,I made it soft on the inside so I’m not so cold.Next,I put velvet on the outside so I slide through the chimney quickly.Then,I made it black to blend in with the night sky.

Last,I put glitter to twinkle like the stars. I love my new suit! Bye kids! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Jace L.

Hi, I am Santa! I am making a new suit. It is all different kinds of colors. When you push a button it changes to different colors so I can blend into walls. Whatever color the wall is, my suit would turn that color and blend. This will help because if people wake up in the middle of the night, they won’t see me.

Brody O.

So Santa made a new suit! It looks like his old suit, but there’s a little pouch to store water and matches.

So let me explain. If someone leaves the replace on, he can pour water on it to put the re out. Then, he can get some re wood from his sleigh and relight it with the matches when he is done delivering presents.

Mason D.

If Santa couldn’t decide what color suit to wear- red or greenhe could just wear both. He may like his green suit and maybe he tried on other colors but couldn’t decide which one to wear so he could combine the suits so it was a red and green pattern. He would be happy because he would match Rudolph’s nose and have both Christmas colors instead of just having one.

Mr. Steenport, 3rd Grade

I want Santa to wear an Ironman suit so he won’t fall off his sleigh and destroy bad presents and boost him with his thrusters.

I also want him to wear it to ex how smart he is and gently go down chimneys. I also want him to wear an Ironman suit because he can give the reindeer a break and to y into houses to deliver presents easier. I also want him to wear it because he can get out faster if he gets caught. I also want him to wear an Ironman suit so he can get to the north pole faster.

Drake Pilgrim Santa needs a golden suit.

The suit needs to be like a cape because santa doesn’t like Red and the cape can help him y down chimneys. His hat needs to sparkle because he wants to be seen. Santa needs a belt because he wants the kids to ask how his pants don’t fall down!

Easton Nelson I think that Santa should wear black because that way he does not get his red suit all dirty.

That way, Mrs. Claus does not get mad at him. His belt is black too. He should paint his reindeer black. His sleigh should be clear or invisible so people don’t see his sleigh.

Rylan Jessick I think Santa should wear an orange suit. Also his hat is orange but the white uff stays white. Also his buckles are black. His bag is black too. Also his buttons are black too. I think his boots should be black still. I Think I will like him even more. I think his sleigh should have a christmas tree on it for decoration.

Bethany Henderson Santa’s new suit should be orange and black because that is the school color. Santa’s boots should be black. His belt should be black. His hat should be black and orange. His buttons should be black and orange. Santa’s pants should be black.

Reid Krizan I want Santa to wear a re- ective suit. The reason I want him to wear a reective suit is so that everyone can see him, so he doesn’t die, and so that his reindeer can see him going down the chimney. He should either wear green/yellow. He should have a yellow hat and a light green suit.

He should wear black boots with reective polka dots. He should also have a reective sleigh. He should also have a radio that is red but is jamming Christmas music. His belt should be white with green, yellow, and red polka dots. His belts to hold his reindeer together should be reective. Ru dolph’s nose should be the same color as Santa’s suit. He should also have ashing lights on his suit and sleigh!

Kylee Seidl Santa should wear a christmas tree on him so he doesn’t get cold. Plus he wouldn’t be noticed in their house because he’s a christmas tree and he can sit down. Plus his belt is a whole tree on his belt. Plus he won’t die because he will get warm because he has sticks that have little leaves on them.

Tyler Weltzin Santa should wear a new suit.

It should be sparkly red and sparkly white. With sparkly yellow and sparkly black for the belt. Rudolph should be on santa’s suit and his suit should say I love my reindeer.