Stanley-Boyd Varsity Girls Basketball

Orioles face off with Spencer Rockets at home


Syleen Seichter is back. The junior forward out for a knee injury earlier this year, was back on the court Thursday against the Spencer Rockets, making the tip off as the Oriole defense worked hard to hold the Rockets down, the final score 44 -30 in the Rockets favor.

As for Oriole game points Aaliyah Allard led the way, scoring 11 of the 30 total, followed with Bailey Sikora, who scored 8. Of the remainder, Lauren Potaczek and Lula Chwala each scored 3, with Addyson Mahr and Ella Nitz scoring 2 points and Ava Prahl scoring one.

Starting at tipoff the Rockets took the ball for a quick 6 point lead, with Allard scoring 2 points with just under 13 minutes followed by 2 from Ella Nitz to bring the score 6 - 4 Rockets. A 3 point attempt by Kamryn Derks fell short, a timeout then called with 11:27 in the first half.

Coming out of the timeout, a pass in and ref’s whistle saw Allard make 2 free throws to bring the score to a 6-6 tie, before the Rockets gained 5 in quick succession to bring the score 11-6 Rockets. This pattern would hold for the night, with the lead shrinking, then growing as the Orioles worked to close the gap.

Come 2:48 left in the first half the score stood at 20 - 11 Rockets, a three pointer by Sikora putting three on the Orioles score chart while the Rockets added points as well. Come the half the score was 24 -14.

Entering the second half the Orioles were able to control the Rockets somewhat as to scoring but hampered in their ability to capitalize on basket attempts, leaving the point gap in place as time wore down. Allard scored 2 points to bring the Orioles to 16 total game points, while 3 pointers by Lula Chwala and Sikora bring the Oriole point total to 22 points, the game score 31-22 in the Rockets favor. With two free throws by Sikora then adding additional points to the Oriole score chart the rest of the game was Allard, who scored the remainder of the points for the night on the Oriole side.

Now headed into the postseason, the Oriole girls varsity stands at 3 - 12 overall, playing Viroqua Tuesday after press time at Viroqua for the Regional. The winner of that game will then go on to play Aquinas Thursday.